Bold red french manicure withpatterned

French manicure has long surprised no one, and sometimes very
I want to. By modern standards in the classic version he
It looks pretty faded and boring, which is not entirely satisfied
stylish fashionistas. That is why nail art masters are trying to
diversify, using including bold colors. AT
In this case, it is proposed to issue a french jacket in red.
It’s amazing that in this version it can be worn both in the office and
and for the holidays.

Some features of the “red jacket”

It has long been known that the most simple manicure designs require
high professionalism and accuracy of execution. To french
manicure in red – the requirements are even higher, because the bright shade
alone draws extra attention to the hands. For
creating the desired effect, you must competently work through all stages
creating this design, otherwise the result will be

Red, like everyone else, has many shades.
Each of them should be chosen depending on the upcoming
activity. For повседневного образа больше подходит насыщенный
dark cherry, wine and burgundy shades. And festive and
gala evenings successfully brighten bright scarlet and coral

Finished bright French manicure can be left in his
the classic version, or decorate the decor. It can be
drawings in the form of geometric shapes, waves, simple patterns. Nearly
always this approach is an accent on a pair of nails,
especially in combination with such a bright base. Pattern most often
quite modest and consists of several light lines. AT редких
cases on the surface of the nail can be depicted whole compositions
from leaves, flowers or other elements.

If you focus your attention on a suitable length of nails, then
preference is given to large or medium length. Short Marigolds
This case is not very relevant, because there is practically
it is impossible to isolate the free tip which is decisive
element of french.

Some professional advice

Among nail art professionals, certain
rules for creating this or that type of manicure, and they willingly
shared with us your notes. AT первую очередь большинство из
they are recommended to pay attention to several major

  1. Bright red color combined with jacket draws attention to
    hands, so it is ideal for women with beautiful long
    with your fingers. AT противоположном случае следует подходить к такому
    design carefully.
  2. Somewhat defiant design is more suitable for young girls
    rather than adult women.
  3. The free edge of the jacket can be of different widths, and it
    directly depends on the length of the nail plate: the larger it is, the
    wider arc length. Small arc suitable for short nails and
    It goes well with the pictures in the style of “minimalism”.
  4. The free edge of the nail is recommended to leave the tradition –
    transparent. Such an approach will avoid unnecessary vulgarity and
    without that bright manicure. AT качестве прекрасной альтернативы кончик
    can be painted beige or white.
  5. For долговечности и стойкости готового маникюра рекомендуется
    use gel polishes, rather than the usual varnish, because it is very
    Chips and cracks appear quickly.

With the implementation of these simple rules, the design will be stylish,
modern and will last a very long time.

Basic decor options

Most often, additional decorative elements are used for
add a special zest to the manicure, or a festive mood.
Traditional “decorations” for nails glitter and shimmer on
the sun, but this can be abandoned in favor of a simple pattern or
ornate lace pattern.

  • Different types of rubbed. Most often rubbing is used to create
    Special coating on accent nails. Now developed
    techniques that allow you to select on the nail only some areas
    for example, separate zones in a geometric figure – they are obtained
    brighter and more dense than the rest of the nail surface
  • Glitter – stylish shine. This has long been a favorite way.
    girls express their individuality and mood with
    manicure Glitter is able to add to the design a stylish and
    at the same time unobtrusive shine. Most often, masters resort to
    �”Silver” or “gold”. Everything will depend on the saturation and
    primary color subtone: for rich and dark shades of red
    Golden glitter is more suitable, and for light or scarlet –
    colder, silvery. Glitter isolated or a separate
    Element of a nail – a free tip, or a basis. Besides,
    Perhaps applying a similar color of a certain pattern.
  • Rhinestones and stones. AT данном случае отлично смотрятся совсем
    small pebbles and rhinestones, with which they spread
    individual design elements or pattern. Most popular
    a variant of their placement remains – the tip of the nail plate or
    cuticle area.
  • Drawings in other colors. Here important attention is needed.
    give the appropriate shade. Harmony with red can create
    the following colors are white, black, gold, etc. Drawing is applied
    over the pitch and then fixed with a finish.

Red french has quite a few restrictions, as in
used for design shades, and in quantity and quality
applied decor.

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