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This summer, not only yellow, turquoise and
pink, but also a noble purple shade of manicure. Thanks
the existence of a huge number of manicure techniques,
which every year becomes more and more, you can create the most
разнообразные варианты дизайна nails в фиолетовых тонах. For
day manicure perfectly suit rich and light shades
purple, and for a more extravagant evening – matte
lilac or dark purple lacquer that can be decorated with foil
gold-colored or space-style patterns.


  • With stickers
  • Moon manicure
  • Matt
  • Pink purple
  • With design (drawing)
  • Sequined
  • Black and purple
  • Cat’s eye
  • With rhinestones
  • French

Purple manicure with stickers

Pastel shades of purple varnish always look on the nails.
very feminine and romantic, but you can enhance this effect with
using lace silver labels. For создания такого
manicure need:

  • varnish pastel shade of purple;
  • base and top cover;
  • silver decals – as covering the entire nail,
    and in the form of individual patterns.

Before starting to perform manicure should be engaged in the preparation
of stickers. Images that should cover the entire plate
следует обрезать по форме nails, а отдельные изображения –
cut out from the general background. On prepared nails
apply a clear base coat. Thanks этому поверхность
the nail will be smoother, and the manicure will last much longer.
Then cover all the nails with a basic color.

To achieve a good overlap and durability – apply varnish in
two layers. Completely dry it, and you can begin to glue
stickers. For этого опустите картинку в теплую воду на несколько
seconds, separate it from the base and put on the nail. Caution
spread it with a cotton pad so as not to leave air bubbles and
folds. Cover the nail with fixing agent on top.

Moon purple manicure

In the purple range of moon manicure, a feature of which
is an outline of the moon, it looks especially bright and original. AT
The new season, this trend has not lost its position, which allows
Perform purple manicure in this interesting variation.

AT классическом варианте фиолетовое покрытие завершается
transparent hole. But nothing limits your imagination, and for
wells can use any colors that go well with
the main ones, for example, are gold, silver, yellow, white or black.
You can make the reverse option: “smile” lavender color, and
the rest of the nail – any other shade. Combination allowed
different shades of purple color like using
additional fashion tricks: a combination of matte and glossy
coverings, decoration with rhinestones or rubbing.

Matt маникюр

At the peak of popularity still remains matte finish
nails. This phenomenon is not easy to justify, but without gloss
manicure is a real hit. Every day a great option is
monochromatic purple coating, but also in the fashion of gold painting,
black and white. But the most interesting matte varnish looks
in combination with shiny elements – powder or rhinestones. For
diversity can distinguish the ring finger burgundy color and
gold patterns.

Purple manicure with pink

Another hit of the season – a combination of purple and pink flowers in
manicure Thanks использованию этой контрастной комбинации можно
добиться очень интересного дизайна nails. AT этом случае большое
the value has the correct proportion of colors, otherwise
get a result more like a child’s drawing than
stylish manicure. The most simple version performed is print in
leopard style.

For такого узора понадобятся два оттенка розового лака – более
saturated and more pale, and also a violet varnish for drawing
leopard spots. You can draw a pattern using a special
fine brush for a manicure or a regular toothpick. AT этом случае
purple color can be easily replaced by any other suitable
by gamma.

Manicure with a pattern

The decoration of the nail plate pattern – the most expressive
a way to demonstrate your taste and express individuality.
Neatly decorated nails, decorated with a pattern, always attract
attention to its originality. Manicure with various images
can complement your image and reflect your mood.

Its relevance in the field of nail design (as in the fashion world in
whole) retain floral and flower drawings. Manicure can
revitalize the delicate flowers of sakura, chamomile, orchids or roses. Many
modern women of fashion prefer geometric patterns on the nails, and
also classic peas. Make a manicure feminine and
romantic will help lace tie. AT летнее время ногти, покрытые
purple lacquer, can be decorated with images of bright berries or
funny animals.


Spangles on the nails are always relevant, especially in combination with
contrast coating. For example, the French looks very fresh.
manicure in shades of purple, and dark purple manicure with
sparkles will look like the night starry sky.

Black and purple маникюр

Черный и фиолетовый цвета прекрасно сочетаются в дизайне nails,
especially if you use them in creating still relevant

Before making your design, prepare your nails, giving them shape and
getting rid of excess cuticle. Cover the nails with a base, and then –
purple lacquer. For прорисовки полосок можно использовать
special stickers or regular scotch tape cuts. They can be like
same or different widths. Secure stickers and cover
nails black lacquer. Wait until it is completely dry, remove the stickers.
sharp movement. Secure the coating with a finishing coat of transparent

«Cat’s eye» в фиолетовых оттенках

One of the fashion trends still remain iridescent
nails Its name “cat’s eye” was due to the external
similarities with the same kind of quartz. For основы предпочтительно
use deep dark shades of purple to effect
most expressive.

Try indigo or eggplant tint and you will get very
beautiful manicure, so self-sufficient that he does not need
no additions. If you wanted to experiment,
You can highlight one nail in white and add a pattern or
Combine the cat’s eye with a matte finish.


Rhinestones являются одним из наиболее универсальных инструментов
masters of nail service. They can be used very quickly and without
Special effort to create great design. Rhinestones can
lay out geometric patterns, holes, imitate precious
stones and jewelry. For этого удобнее всего покупать
rhinestones immediately sets in which the stones are matched in size and

Purple french manicure

Самым востребованным вариантом дизайна nails остается френч,
which does not lose its relevance over the years.
It is easy to understand: this manicure is very simple and elegant,
thanks to what is combined with any daily or evening
outfit French manicure has many interesting variations and
almost any fashion trends fit easily into it – from
Fine rhinestones to playful kamifubukov. No exception – and French
manicure in shades of purple. It looks great on nails,
Looks fresh and original. Yes, and there are very variations

  • The classic version – purple edging on the edge of the nail
    instead of the usual white color. Another popular purple background with
    black or white edge. Very original purple french
    смотрится не на полукруглой, а на квадратной форме nails.
  • Romantic looks french, made in two shades
    purple when the nail is colored light, and the free edge –
    dark tone.
  • Draw the line “smile” can not purple varnish, and
    special textured powder.
  • This season is very important to use decorative
    gold or silver elements – dots, ribbons, etc.
  • One of the most modern and bright trends is the drawing
    the edges of the nail in the form of frames.

Violet shades of manicure – it is very comfortable and stylish.
ATыбирайте из множества оттенков, у каждого из которых свой
unique character. What do you like more: tender lavender, juicy
blackberry or romantic lily? ATыберите наиболее подходящий
shade, and feel free to embody the fresh ideas of manicure!

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