Body scrubs with oils: how to take careyour skin. The best recipes for body scrubs with oils

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Every woman wants her skin to continue over the years.
stay supple, soft and tender. To achieve this, you need
regularly care for your dermis, remove from its surface
dead cells.

Body scrubs with oils – this is just what you need. Now their
can be found in a wide range on sale. However cosmetologists
recommend preparing care products at home by yourself from
natural fresh ingredients.

Benefits of using body scrubs with oils: effects
on the dermis

Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin. how
to choose the best for scrub individually for yourself? It all depends
from the desired effect.

1. If the goal is to get rid of the orange peel,
scrub is recommended to add essential oils of citrus (grapefruit,
lemon, orange), cypress, rosemary.

2. If the goal is to get rid of stretch marks, essential oils are used.
lavender, rosewood, incense.

3. To moisturize the skin and maintain its elasticity are used.
oils of fennel, jasmine, patchouli.

The benefits of using body scrubs with oils

1. Scrubs remove not only dead cells from the skin cover, but also
any pollution. These funds “pull” from the pores grease plugs,

2. Scrub cooked at home will help you quickly and efficiently.
get rid of cellulite. Add the “correct” essential oils as well
You can get rid of postpartum stretch marks.

3. Essential oils nourish and moisturize the skin, saturate it.
vitamins, support elasticity and healthy appearance.

4. Regular use of home care products
preparations, will allow to smooth skin, to keep its velvet

5. Essential oils not only solve the problem of cellulite, but also
fight skin problems like excessive sweating,
dry dermis, acne, acne and inflammation.

Frequency of use of body scrubs with oils

Use body scrubs with oils can afford
almost all the fair sex, if not
allergies to a specific product composition means. but
it must be remembered that too often it is impossible to “chic” like that.
It is important to take into account the characteristics of your dermis, on the basis of this,
calculate the frequency of bath procedures with scrubs.

1. Owners of combination and normal skin allowed
use scrubs once a week. This will be
enough to maintain the elasticity and youth of the dermis.

2. Women with dry skin are not recommended body peeling more often than 1 time.
in 2 weeks, as it is possible to provoke excessive peeling
the dermis.

3. Owners of oily skin can afford to use
body scrub with oils a little more often – 1 time in 3-4 days.

Body scrub with lemon essential oil and honey

Honey-lemon scrub will make women’s skin tender, give it
бархатную softness. Components of the composition impregnate the dermis
complex of minerals and vitamins that improve its overall
state. Lemon essential oil also helps to finally get rid of
from the hated “orange peel”. Honey will give the skin elasticity and
elasticity, even its tone.

Ingredients for making scrub:

• pre-melted honey (50 ml);

• lemon essential oil (4-5 drops);

• fresh lemon juice (10 ml);

• Almond essential oil (50 ml);

• brown sugar (100 grams).

Initially, in a large deep bowl you need to mix the sugar with
almond essential oil. After that, fresh juice is also added there.
lemon and citrus essential oil. Ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
until a granular paste is formed. Body Scrub with
oils массирующими движениями наносится on the dermis во время банных
procedures. Rinse off with warm water.

Scrub with citrus essential oils against cellulite

Citrus essential oils are helpful if a woman
I want to get rid of excess weight and “orange peel”. Part
scrub also includes sea salt, which removes from the dermis
лишнюю жидкость, шлаки и toxins.

In order to prepare a nourishing anti-cellulite scrub
for a body with oils you will need:

• essential oils of grapefruit, orange, lemon – 10 each

• coconut oil (approximately 100 ml);

• white sugar or brown (100 grams);

• sea salt – about 50 grams.

At the first stage, sugar and sea salt are mixed. Coconut
the oil is heated in a water bath until
liquid. There are then added essential oils. All ingredients
mix to the consistency turned out homogeneous.
The use of the finished scrub once a week will quickly
get rid of cellulite and excess weight, improve overall condition

Scrub with olive oil and sea salt

The recipe perfectly cleanses the dermis from dead cells. As a result
skin becomes silky and elastic. Body Scrub
characterized by rejuvenating effects.

To prepare it you need to prepare:

• the finest sea salt (200 grams);

• olive oil (100 ml);

• 50 grams of brown sugar;

• rosemary and rosewood essential oils (7 drops each).

First, in a deep tank all the oils are mixed. Need to
stir them thoroughly to make the mixture homogeneous. Then go there
the remaining components are added. Ready scrub applied in
shower time. If at the end of the bath procedure
not all of the funds are used up, residues can be stored in
Refrigerator no longer than 10 days. After that, the essential oils in
Scrub lose their beneficial properties.

�”Green” body scrub with oils and sugar

The tool is obtained by the consistency of a cream. Does not remain
unnoticed pleasant fresh mint flavor. Such a body scrub with
oils will envelop the skin with special care. It can be cooked in
gift for a close friend or relative.

From the ingredients you will need the following:

• 250 grams of plain white sugar;

• 1 large spoonful of milk powder;

• coconut oil (100 ml);

• essential oil of mint (15 drops);

• for beauty, you can add 2 drops of food dye green

All components fold into deep container and mix.
between themselves in such a way that the consistency becomes homogeneous.
�”Green” scrub can be used weekly. It feeds well
and tones the dermis, envelops it with pleasant freshness, launches
cell regeneration process.

Coffee scrub against stretch marks and cellulite

Cellulite and stretch marks can appear on the skin not only after
childbirth, but also because of the presence of excess weight. Look at the dimples in
The hip area is not very nice. but, избавиться от целлюлита не
so simple. Pharmacy expensive cream does not give the desired
result, and to engage in sports constantly can not afford
every woman. Body Scrub with oils и кофе — отличный способ
give your skin a gentle care, it will help get rid of
hated stretch marks and cope with the “orange peel”.

The recipe includes the following components:

• ground natural coffee (100 grams);

• the same amount of sugar;

• hazelnut oil (approximately 100 ml);

• rosemary and lavender essential oils – 10-15 drops each.

In one container, the oils are mixed, in the other sugar with coffee. Then
ingredients combine and blend well. Scrub is superb
nourishes the dermis, nourishes it with vitamins and other nutrients
components. Coffee particles cleanse the pores, eliminate cellulite.
Essential oils regenerate the dermis, due to which over time
stretch marks disappear. Hazelnut oil, which is in the recipe,
find in the pharmacy is sometimes difficult. Do not worry, you can
substitute with almond, jojoba or macadamia essential oil.

Body Scrub with миндалем и маслом апельсина

The recipe means different from all the others in that in the form
abrasive particles there will be crushed almonds.

Ingredients for Scrub:

• 1 handful of peeled almonds;

• 200 ml olive oil (you can take grape oil

• 15 drops of orange essential oil.

Almonds with the help of a blender are crushed until
turn into a fine crumb. Do not rush to accidentally
do not make flour out of it – it will not be confused. If there is a combine,
it would be better to use it, not a blender. In almond
the rest of the ingredients are added to the crumb, everything mixes well and
You can go take a shower.

Contraindications to the use of body scrubs with

Despite the benefit and effectiveness of the above recipes,
be careful with them. There are some contraindications to
использованию скрабов для тела с oils, о которых нужно

1. With изготовлении скраба для тела с oils важно подбирать
ingredients that a person is not allergic to, otherwise
косметическая процедура закончится покраснением the dermis.

2. Scrubs are not recommended for owners too sensitive
skin, abrasive particles can injure it.

3. The use of scrub is strictly prohibited if
the skin surface has wounds, cuts or any dermatological

4. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also best.
to wait a little bit with the “promise of beauty”.

Скрабы для тела с oils являются самым простым и доступным для
women are the way to care for their skin at home. Every lady
can find the best recipe for the tool and enjoy it
воздействием on the dermis. Essential oils nourish the skin, make it tender,
keep youth and elasticity. Small abrasive particles clean
body from accumulations of pollution in the pores and sebaceous plugs. With
When preparing a scrub, it is important to follow the recipe clearly and use
его не чаще того, как позволяет тип skin.

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