Black manicure with sparkles – more than 30ideas

A neat, beautiful manicure is able to decorate and complement any
form. This season, designers offer different types of nail art,
but black nails decorated with sparkles deserve special attention.
This design will look beautiful on nails of any length and
forms. When creating it, it is important to choose the right way

Design features

Black nails have long ceased to be associated with informal
style and gothic. Made by glossy or matte finish
Black manicure today is popular not only in
girls who identify themselves as youth subcultures, but also among respectable
will give

Glitter is a simple and inexpensive way to transform any
monophonic manicure. Even such a strict color as black, after
glitter decoration takes on a completely different look – more
feminine and solemn. In this case, the image created
sparkles, maybe the easiest. Every woman can create
nail art to your own taste.

  • Before covering your nails with black color, you need to carefully
    to prepare. Any dark color emphasizes bumps and
    roughness of the nail plate, and it spoils even the most
    original nail art.
  • Although this design seems rather simple,
    There are a huge number of options for black design
    manicure with sparkles. For example, decorate only free edge.
    the nail plate or its base, cover all the nails with black lacquer,
    and only nameless or nameless and middle supplement
  • Beautifully on nails the opaque manicure looks. On such
    glitter surfaces have a more expressive appearance. To locate
    glitter can be in the form of two thin lines or in the center of the nail.
    In the middle of the nail plate, you can draw a line wide
    bases and thinning to the tip.
  • It looks good nail art, suggesting spraying spray on
    the entire surface of the nail plate.

Long black nails with a brilliant decor

Using black lacquer to create a design on long nails,
it is important to consider their shape. The black coating looks good on
almond-shaped and sharp nails. Square nails can also be covered
black lacquer, but you need to think about the location of the decor.

When creating a black manicure, you can position the triangle on
matte surface silver sparkles. Also on a glossy basis
triangle can be laid out multi-colored sparkles. On long and
rectangular nails will be smoother and sharper.

Black tone does not necessarily cover the entire nail, you can
draw a black french smile or cover the main part
plate, leaving a transparent moon. On top of black lacquer
place the decor in the form of sparkles.

Short nails

Especially carefully you need to select a design for the design of black
varnish short nails. Created nail art should not be defiant
and vulgar. Masters suggest using the following options

  • Apply a black coating on the entire nail, top up
    маникюр sparkles.
  • Cover your nails with the best varnish, black paint
    a shape or a heart that is decorated on the edge with a scattering
  • To apply a black varnish only on one half of a nail plate,
    cover the other half with small silver or gold
    sparkles. Leave an unfilled strip at the base of the nail.

Variants of black manicure with sparkles

Glitter adds a special charm to black manicure, make it
more refined and feminine. Black manicure is an excellent base.
для реализации практически любой дизайнерской ideas. Glitter can
apply on black nails in any order and quantity or
reserved – only one or two fingers.

The following are in high demand among the masters of nail art:
options for a combination of black nail covering and sparkles:

  • Create a starry sky effect. As a base to use
    black lacquer, on top of which you can distribute small sparkles
    воспользоваться прозрачным лаком с sparkles.
  • Sequins to place on the tips of the nails in the form of geometric
    shapes, stripes or openwork curls.
  • Black varnish to cover only the free edge of the nail, dilute
    черный цвет sparkles. So beautify all the nails of the hand except
    nameless or nameless and mean. They should be fully covered
    black color and decorate with the same sparkles as on other nails.
    A very beautiful look has such nail art on long nails.
  • Make a black matte manicure, and select only one finger –
    nameless. It can be fully decorated with sparkles or create
  • At the base of the nail plate draw a small triangle,
    above it draw two lines parallel to the sides of the triangle.
    Glitter is applied in the space between the triangle and
  • You can make a french or gradient using dark ones that are close to
    black color tone. Suitable for decoration sparkles of different sizes and
    any colors.
  • Black manicure, gel gel can be decorated
    blue spangles that do not necessarily apply to all fingers.
    The decor can be placed selectively on some fingers. handsomely
    This design looks on long nails oval forms.
  • Apply shiny crumbs to a fresh varnish and fix with a layer
    top cover
  • Silver and gold sparkles perfectly complement the manicure on
    nails of any shape and length. A scattering of small spangles can be
    spread over the entire surface of the nail.
  • Using sequins to create a honeycomb pattern. Sequins different
    shape, color and size attach to the nail, positioning close to each
    to a friend. The result will be an original flickering manicure.
  • Brilliant elements can be painted with a thin brush. It can
    be lines arranged in strict sequence or
    arbitrarily. They are first painted with clear varnish, then carried out according to
    ним кисточкой с набранными sparkles. This method is suitable for
    create monograms, hearts, cells or flower motifs.

Showing imagination, you can create your own, unique
black nail art based on nail art.

Rhinestones and kamifubuki

Brilliant elements on a black background is not necessary to draw
brush, you can use the ready-made decor – rhinestones and
kamifubuki (shiny confetti for manicure). To locate их на
nail plate can be in several ways:

  1. place the rhinestones on only one nail, the rest just
    to scatter small spangles;
  2. combine in one design several elements of decor, for example,
    rhinestones place at the base of the nail plate, and sparkles are closer to
    free edge;
  3. combine sparkles and rhinestones when laying out the picture.

Such a manicure will harmoniously complement any outfit.

A sequined manicure will never lose its
relevance. Such a design always looks festive, spectacular and
attracts the attention of others.

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