Beauty – January trend – knitted manicure

How and when the “knitted design” appeared on the nails, we no longer remember
for sure: the last few years he has not gone out of fashion, worrying with
each new autumn-winter period new rounds of popularity. Can
do such a manicure on weekdays and on holidays. Especially successful
This design at corporate or party, if planned
celebration somewhere in nature, in a country house, among
these forest trees, powdered with snow. Just one look at
�”Knitted” pattern on the nails will add a sense of warmth.

What can you wear with such a manicure to look stylish?
Perhaps a brilliant dress of thin fabric with a seductive neckline
will not work. But it will look great:

  • bulky scarves;
  • sweaters;
  • cardigans;
  • jackets;
  • long knitted dresses.

More recently, to make such a manicure yourself was difficult,
therefore, in the beauty salons, the masters kept records of clients wishing
add new original notes to your winter look starting this
do well before the New Year. Today there are ways
draw a knitted pattern at home, without the help of nail specialists

First of all let’s think what length of nails is
optimal for this decoration? Designers believe that the most
advantageously painted loops will look on long nails.
But this, as they say, is a matter of personal preference: short nails
also good for creating an interesting pattern.

As for the form, it can be any: square,
rectangular, oval nail plates – all suitable for
knitted manicure. The only exception may be sharp
nail-stilettos: eyelets in this case will look somewhat
strange because stilettos suggest the creation of the image of a vamp,
Knitted same pattern – soft, unobtrusive, “cozy” decoration.

Methods for creating a knitted manicure

There are several ways to create a “winter” manicure. It can

  1. gel polish;
  2. ordinary colored varnish;
  3. using sliders.

Consider each in more detail.

Gel polish

This method was the very first of the tested fashionistas. If you
you want the picture to be really big, what will be
create the full illusion of a “warm sweater” on the nails, then take
gel paint.

The first step is to cover the nail with a base color.
Next, proceed to the creative part: draw a pattern. What details
will help create an image of “knitted” pattern? This is all kinds of:

  • stripes;
  • diamonds;
  • �”Pigtails”;
  • �”Bumps”.

You can give free rein to your imagination if you have a natural gift.
the artist. If you come up with a pattern, it’s not an easy task,
do it easier: get your favorite sweater or dress out of the closet and
repeat its pattern on the nails.

Important nuance: each line must be drawn several
time. This should be done to give the image volume.
We draw one layer – we dry the image. The second layer is again
dry as it should. And so you need to do as long as you
you will not see that the picture looks “real.”

As a working tool, take a thin brush.

What colors to use? It depends on the purpose you are facing.
yourself put. If it is important for you to show off for a few days and
make a great impression on colleagues and friends, then take
light shades: pink, beige, white. Note: on a light background
dirt and dust are remarkably visible – and they will inevitably be
pile up on the nails, penetrating into all the details of your
Images. The pattern, made in darker colors, will last in
impeccable look longer.

Ordinary varnish

What if you are allergic to gel polishes? Or, for example, you
not ready to work with this complex material that requires some
skill and experience? Do not worry: you are quite capable to create
�“Knitted” pattern using ordinary colored varnishes. True, he will not

No need to apply varnish in several layers and wait
drying each layer so that the pattern application time is shortened.
To achieve maximum effect, apply on top of varnish
acrylic powder. And, you can add small shimmer particles.
Here you have the brilliance and visual deception – the effect of volume.

The colors for such a manicure are almost always pastel. In fashion in
2019 remain:

  • ash rose color;
  • beige;
  • gray (light);
  • pale yellow;
  • blue;
  • light green.

Do not forget to sprinkle with a beautiful pattern of acrylic powder, because your
the goal is the effect of “fluffiness”, the presence of “wool particles”.

It is not necessary to take only one color with a couple of shades. Completely
It is possible to arrange 2-3 colors, as long as they are harmonious
complement each other. Fine, if you perform a pattern with a smooth
the transition of one color to another – ombra today in a big fashion
designers. Take a closer look at the combination of white, pink and gray.
They perfectly complement each other, while unobtrusive and give
opportunity to reveal all the beauty of the pattern.

You can optionally replace pink with blue – this
wonderful “winter” color, the color of the sky on a clear frosty day.


The third option to create a “knitted” manicure – use
sliders. This is special glue-based stickers. On one
the side of such a “piece of paper” is a drawing, on the other – glue. With
in contact with water, the adhesive becomes soft and provides
strong connection with nail polish.

Keep in mind: you can buy different types of sliders. To the first
These are the pictures that need to be fixed with varnish after
gluing. To the second – those that you want to cover, but they
will be nice to hold and without such anchorage.

Sliders первого типа надо вырезать, соблюдая большую
accuracy, so that they are exactly the same size and shape
each nail.

Sliders значительно облегчили задачу тем дамам, которые мечтают
portray on the nails something unusual, but draw not too
OK. They can cover all the nails, and not choose one or two
fingers, as is often done when using varnishes.

Knitted manicure is not such a novelty for designers, rather,
This is the usual way to decorate your nails in the winter. But every year
brings its own characteristics, therefore, to always remain in
trend, see photos of the latest creations of the masters of nail service
and experiment – you will probably also have a great
�”Warm” winter manicure!

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