Basic wardrobe for spring

Spring wardrobe should include items suitable for
cool weather and warming that look nice and stylish and
successfully combined with each other, that is, they must be
universal color and style.

From outerwear the most universal thing can be considered a trench coat
– it may be of inconspicuous color: beige, gray, blue,
sand, white or black. With him all things will look
is appropriate. For cooler times, a short cashmere suit
пальто светлого оттенка, а  для более теплого – ветровка
neutral color.

The basic wardrobe in the spring must necessarily include
трикотажное платье —  оно должно быть по фигуре, иметь среднюю
length It can be complemented with a cardigan, jacket, bolero, wearing it
with neckerchiefs and various costume jewelery for a change.

It goes well with a coat, raincoat, high boots,
shoes, ankle boots. Be sure to wear tight under it
tights black or patterned.

Another dress that will make your life easier is a sheath dress,
which forms the shape and suits the ladies of all builds.

Skirts should also be at least two – strict straight skirt from
thick black fabric (can be a pencil skirt), up to
knee or slightly below, denim skirt.

Basic wardrobe for spring Warm formal suit, sewn from
wool fabric will help you out in cool weather and at work when
the central heating has already been turned off – the jacket should be slightly
fitted and skirt straight. If the suit is trouser, then trousers can
be slightly flared.

It will be great if you add a couple to the base wardrobe for spring
blouses of different colors and several turtlenecks. With their help, you can
refresh your daily look.

К джинсам или брюкам прекрасно  подойдет джемпер, он так же
It will be nice to look with skirts.

Basic wardrobe for spring был бы неполным без джинсов  —
This may be classic jeans of the color that will be successful
combined with trench and turtleneck sweater.

Basic wardrobe for spring Speaking of spring shoes, it’s hard not
say about boots – it can be universal models as per
the style and the color that could fit any
combinations of your basic things.

It is best to choose practical boots from black or brown.
skin to the knee or slightly lower, tightly covering the lower leg, on
steady heels or low platform.

As an option, you can also consider ankle boots that are suitable for skirts,
trousers and even dresses.

Basic wardrobe for spring As for shoes, they should
to be several pairs – for going out, for walking through the streets, for
work. Each pair must be appropriate for its purpose.
– evening should be classic, but decorated with buckles or
with working or finishing, the workers should be strict and comfortable, and for
Walking shoes must be simple and very comfortable.

Spring is the time to forget about warm jeans and change clothes
in skirts and dresses. For this metamorphosis we need tights – not
too dense, but such, to protect from spring slobbery.
It is best to choose warm knit tights with a little
percent wool, microfibre tights. In such tights you
will be reliably protected from cold and hypothermia.

Basic wardrobe for spring If the spring wind penetrates to
bones, take advantage of the protection of cashmere scarves – they can be
somewhat to make successful combinations.

From spring accessories it is worth noting belts decorating as
платья, так и брюки в брючных костюмах,  они могут быть
leather, with metal elements, made of textiles and
other materials.

Basic wardrobe for spring

For spring, you need a completely different bag from the winter – she
a little less winter, made of suede or textile, convenient for
carrying a netbook or documents. Для вечерних  мероприятий
need to get a clutch or a handbag a little more.

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