Bagel hairstyles: elegance is back in fashion.To suit the hairstyle with a bagel, how to choosebagel

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Hairstyle “bun” has experienced a fashionable peak in the 50s of the last century.
Волосы, уложенные при помощи bagelа — визитная карточка ветренной
heroine Audrey Hepburn from the “Roman Holiday”.

The girl with a high volume of bunches embodied the image of the elite
society: in a hairstyle, elegance combined with elegant
minimalism. For a long time the bundle remained a favorite way.
brides, teachers and ballet dancers.

Кому подходит прическа с bagelом

Some girls associate hair “bump” with a strict
teacher of the Soviet period. Consider in more detail who
will have to face a high bundle.

Укладка волос при помощи bagelа действительно задает сдержанный
tone, especially when combined with a classic business suit. But she
can be playful and romantic next to the lace flowing
tkayami and dresses of gentle pastel shades.

Top of elegance – a long evening dress, tiara or pearls
and a smooth neat hairstyle bun.

Laying is ideal for women with tight work schedules,
who do not have extra time in the morning to create more complex

Формируем прическу с bagelом в зависимости от типа фигуры и
face shapes

– If your face is shaped like a regular oval, make
the base of the hairstyle top, and the bangs comb back.

– For a face like a triangle are great
various options with bangs.

– The big bunch goes into dissonance with wide cheekbones and sharp
facial features. The right choice: a bun of medium size,
located slightly below the crown. Balance the proportions you
long thin earrings or strands that are carelessly curly

– for girls of short stature fragile build is better to do
cones proportional to their build: too voluminous structures
will seem like a bird’s nest.

– High ladies and women aged advise to give
preference for low trim beams.

– For girls with medium-long hair, bunches collected on
back of the head.

– High hairstyle is recommended to be done only by tall girls with
perfectly long neck, otherwise a massive bump
focuses the attention of others on the defects in the neck and

– The careless bundle is very demanding: they can afford it
only thin girls with a regular face shape and long
perfect neck.

Виды причесок с bagelом

Girls whose hair is too short to fully cover
ими bagel советуем прибегнуть к помощи шиньона.

Classic or retro style

Retro style necessarily implies accessories: kerchief,
tied with a bun, brooch, silk ribbon, stud, barrette or
tiara, depending on the time of day or the purpose of the exit.

Прическа с bagelом в стиле модерн

Since Audrey Hepburn, women of fashion all over the world have come up with many
ways to beat the usual strict “bump”. List some
of them

— Отделите по прядке в районе висков и сплетите of them 2 простых
spikelet. After you form a bundle, encircle it with spikelets,
and fasten the ends of the hair stealth.

– The classic version of the beam looks interesting on
pre-combed or crimped hair.

– Girls who are not obliged to strict dress code of the school
institution or office, can afford to perform asymmetric
a bundle or two small bundles symmetrically arranged
regarding the parting

– Braid your head with a French braid, completing its small
гулькой на back of the head.

– The second option with the French braid: start weaving from
neck to the crown, stop at the right height and collect hair
in the tail. Next, follow the standard hairstyle scheme with

– Braid a bump, previously left a strand of hair: let
it will replace the retro kerchief or ribbon.

— Разнообразить детскую прическу с bagelом очень просто: после
того, как bagel надет на хвост, отделите прядь волос, скрутите из
нее жгут и оберните им bagel. Do the same across
circle. Spread flagella and get the most unusual bump on

– Decorate your hair with a hairpin with a delicate tip: after
Once the beam is assembled, insert the pin into its middle.

French beam

Elegant hairstyle for evening and business outlets more
known as the “shell”. Perfect choice for everyday
hairstyles businesswoman with medium length hair.

Splash clean combed hair with styling spray. Collect
hair in the tail at the back of the head and twist them into a bundle clockwise.
Lift the harness up and wrap it around the resulting shell.
Secure the design with studs, gently tucked hair ends
under the “shell”. Lightly polish.

Как выполнить прическу с bagelом у себя дома

Еще одно неоспоримое достоинство прически с bagelом — легкость
execution. It can even perform a beginner.

If your hair is thick and does not fit, we advise
perform “bump” on the second day after washing the head.

Carefully comb your hair and collect it in high tail.
Try to fix it tight with a small rubber band. Stretch
волосы сквозь bagel.

Do you have too thin hair? Bouffant with small
scallop at the base of the formed tail.

For convenience, you can tilt your head down to carefully
распределить волосы по bagelу. Tie the hair ends in and out.
lock them with studs. Удостоверьтесь, что участки bagelа не
protrude from under the hair.

So that the unexpected weather does not nullify your efforts
When styling is finished, lightly spray hair with varnish.

Как выбрать поролоновый bagel для прически

Поролоновые bagelи различаются по размеру: большой, средний и
little. Pick up an accessory, focusing on the length of hair. Than
короче волосы, тем тоньше должен быть bagel.

Если размер не соответствует длине волос, bagel не удастся
mask it will be viewed and spoil the whole impression
from hairstyle. В случае сомнений, остановитесь на bagelе
slightly less.

The accessory is found in two colors: dark and light.

По дизайну bagel бывает 2 типов:

– one-piece ring;

– the oblong roller.

How to work with the first option, we have indicated above, and with the roller
the situation is even simpler: it is enough to twist curls on it,
pre-assembled in the tail at the crown or nape like this
happens in the process of curling curlers. After all
the volume of hair is twisted, the roller is closed in a ring and fixed

You can create a variety of beam options with the help of once
Sophist Twist’s popular hairpin.

High beam – hairstyle, which is specially selected
wardrobe. With her, you can be a low-key boss, strict
teacher, frivolous romantic “chiko” or secular
a lioness – it all depends on the style of clothes and accessories. Well,
We leave the choice to you!

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