Baby Foot Socks, or Allow Yoursleg!

Wed, 01 Jun 2016 Each foot can hold five times its weight
more than the mass of our body. Foot like a good rubber on
the car. It allows us to keep balance, walk, run
and jump, quenching most of the shocks and loads. Throughout
life of the foot withstands enormous loads, and the skin on it is thicker,
than any other place of our body.

Take, for example, women – charming, elegant,
unusual and unpredictable. They are created to be beautiful, and
emphasizing their perfection, they like to walk in heels. AT
As a result, the body weight is redistributed unevenly, and all the work
foot performs exclusively the toe, there are natoptysh and

And the better men? Which can take place in some sneakers
winter-spring-autumn and summer to boot, absolutely not caring about comfort
their legs and neglecting salon pedicure. Their lot – horny
skin of the feet and rough heels, scratching even through socks.

What to do and how to live with it?

Japanese miracle

– the most ancient country with its own life philosophy and special
attitude to their own comfort and health, erected in a cult.
Perhaps that is why it was here that the world’s first invented
fantastic socks for home pedicure.

A few years ago, Baby Foot unique socks could be
buy exclusively in Japan itself, and they were a significant part
gifts returned from the eastern tour. Today all
has changed.

The company “Scandi Line”, which successfully works in Russian
market by offering an effective line of protection against
sweating dry dry got exclusive right to be official
distributor TM Baby Foot in our country. Now we can
take advantage of this unusual wonder tool from Japan.

ATосточный рецепт и современные решения

The secret of Baby Foot socks lies primarily in their
special composition. AT этом средстве семнадцать органических
components – from an extract of sage medicinal and camellia to
infusion of meadowsweet and grapefruit oil.

The main component by which is achieved stunning
the effect of exfoliating dead skin particles of the foot are
fruit acids. A special place in the composition of the ingredients “Baby Foot”
takes lactic acid, known even in times of incomparable

Socks you just need to wear and sit for two hours with your favorite book
or watch a new movie in a comfortable home environment. Then you
go to the shower and wash off the gel-like composition from your feet. AND
here the fun begins. Effect of the use of baby socks
Foot will be visible only after a few days. First on the skin
feet will appear small cracks, which under the influence of
warm water will form in shreds. These skin scraps need
gently remove while taking a shower. You can speed up the process
cleansing keratinized skin using a variety of scrubs. Little
patience – and as a result you will get perfectly smooth and gentle
skin, as after a pedicure salon, with the only difference that the effect
from the use of Baby Foot socks will last much longer
The procedure is carried out at home and does not cost much money.

ATсе гениальное, как обычно, чрезвычайно просто, что
once again enchantingly proved the Japanese, creating the first unique
socks “Baby Foot”. Easy walk you!

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