Awesome effect – face masks with soda.We clean the face with soda – features and rules of care,contraindications

Ср, 14 сен 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Perhaps you can not find a cheaper and affordable product,
which would be so effective and popular in

I think you have long known that the use of baking soda for the face
– real salvation!

What is so special about this unique product?
secrets you need to know that face masks with soda improve their tone
skin, and cleaning the face with soda, made her soft like velvet?

In what cases, and with what problems the use of soda for
persons relevant

Основные свойства соды питьевой (пищевой) — это
help the skin in getting rid of toxins, slags that lead to
a lot of problems, because they prevent them from falling into deep
layers of nutrients. She fights well against violations
acid-base balance in the skin layers. Soda is wonderful
antiseptic. With its help, cells are intensively updated.
(regenerated), which has a positive effect on smoothing

Soda perfectly softens the skin, enhances the work of the capillaries,
refreshes the skin of the face, gives it a healthy look, brightens

With the help of soda it is easy to cope with burns to the skin of the face, remove
inflammation, relieve itching and swelling. Soda is applicable for cleansing

Most often, clean the face with soda to remove visible
inflammation. And face masks with soda are a great salvation from
flabbiness and dryness.

One of the secrets of water softening for washing is
adding baking soda to it.

A teaspoon for a glass of water is sufficient concentration.

Precautions in using soda for face

Although soda is widely used in
косметологии продуктом, у неё всё же, есть contraindications к
application. It is very important to take them into account.

Thin, dry skin

If your skin is very dry or you see obvious flaking, then
soda procedures desirable to set aside.

Skin damage, cuts, scratches

If the skin of the face has clearly defined damage, then
use soda for the face is not recommended until full

Sensitivity test

Before using soda, it is advisable to do a kind of test:
apply the resulting mass or solution to the inside of the fold
elbow This area of ​​the arm has very delicate skin. If she
reddening or burning stinging
running water. After a while, when discomfort
disappear, try the test again. If he gives again
negative results (discoloration and sensations), then
refuse to use recipes with soda for face.

Rules to Consider When Face Masks with

One of the main indications for improving skin condition is
маски для лица с soda. Masks are widely applicable for any age.
the main thing is to take into account some features of the components included in
their composition. Since we are talking about masks with soda, then
We will focus on this.

So that the skin does not get irritation and negative results –
использование масок для лица с soda должно быть ограничено до
one procedure per week. It is with normal skin. If the skin
oily, the use of masks can be frequent (every other day or even
every day as an emergency).

It is not recommended to keep a mask on the face for more than ten minutes,
because soda can cause excessive dryness.

Apply the mask, excluding the area around the eyes and lips. These zones
so tender that thin skin on them can get

�”Save” soda masks only if necessary.
Preventive masks are best excluded.

After the mask you have removed from the surface of the face necessarily
apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream. Soda can dry
skin, which will lead to its “tightness.” This is not necessary to allow.

Особенности чистки лица с soda

Each time when choosing recipes for cleaning (peeling), consider
состояние и потребности вашей skin. Active use in cleaning
лица soda могут получить и дополнительные полезные ингредиенты,
широко применяемые в cosmetology. Soda, loved by the owners
problem, oily skin, including, with acne rashes. And not
in vain After all, the chemical composition of soda is very effectively struggling with these
problems and their causes.

The water that is part of the soda, takes a very small percentage.
This suggests that you should not put high hopes on
enhanced hydration.

Ash or, as is commonly believed, coal, endowed with the ability,
reduce the effect of pathogenic bacteria. He cleans the cells from
toxins, contributing to the rapid healing of inflammation. Normalizes
кислотно-щелочной баланс skin.

Better digestibility of the components that make up masks and compresses
from soda, provides sodium, which is part of it. He plays very
important role in intercellular metabolic processes.

Proper use of soda soda recipes in cosmetic

In order for the use of soda for the face to give a positive
results, you need to use the generally accepted daily schedule
�”Struggle” for beauty.

Stages face care should be such: cleansing, peeling
(peeling, mask), toning, nutrition (hydration). In the summer
the time when the sun is most active, skin peeling is done
in the evening, so as not to cause unnecessary pigmentation, and then you have to
resist her hard.

Действенные рецепты масок для лица с soda

Masks with the addition of soda, there are countless. With
proper selection of ingredients skin of the face you will be very
grateful for the care and care. Previously, steam face over
boiling water, with the addition of some herbs, the effect of the mask will increase.
After application, it is recommended to remove the mask with a wet swab or
rinse with cool water. Consider some of them, more
affordable and effective.

Nourishing and moisturizing

  • С мёдом, маслом, soda. In equal proportions we take honey, any
    cosmetic or vegetable oil (without alcohol), soda. We mix
    Ingredients. The more oil you add, the softer the effect will be.
    masks. Мёд усиливает вывод токсинов из клеток skin. More often than three times
    month mask is not recommended.

  • С мёдом, глиной, soda. The mask has a whitening effect, in
    including. Two tablespoons of clay, milk (whey), according to
    one tablespoon of honey and brewed herbs (chamomile, mint,
    calendula), half a teaspoon of soda. For very dry skin, the mask is not
    fits Withменима для нормальной и жирной. With желании можно
    exclude clay or replace it with flour.

  • С яичным желтком, пивными дрожжами, soda. One yolk, dining
    a spoonful of yeast, a teaspoon of soda (without a slide) mix. Very helpful
    для отбеливания skin.

  • Со сметаной и soda. Two tablespoons of sour cream (cream)
    mix with a teaspoon of soda. Apply to skin for 10-15 minutes. If a
    used as a scrub, then the amount of sour cream should be reduced
    double, add a few drops of water and circular motions
    apply on face.

  • С кефиром (сливками), мукой из риса, soda. Rice grind in
    coffee grinder. Add two tablespoons of flour and a teaspoon of soda in half
    glasses of kefir. If a маска окажется жидкой, добавить больше муки,
    to get the density of sour cream. With желании усилить увлажнение
    Kefir can be taken with a high percentage of fat or cream.


If a кожа обгорела, используем раствор. Teaspoon soda
Stir in a glass of cool water. We wash the burned areas
face, then, impose cotton soaked in this solution
napkin. We leave the compress for 15 minutes or until
will not pass the pain.

Очищающие — чистка лица с soda

  • С soda и овсяной мукой. Grind oatmeal, add soda
    and some water to make a thick sour consistency.
    Apply to the skin in a circular motion. Enough rubbing over
    2-5 minutes. Proportions can be arbitrary. Oatmeal and soda three to
    one for normal or dry skin, or equally for oily.

  • С соком апельсина (лимона) и soda. Squeeze the juice of one
    fetus. Add a teaspoon of soda. We grease skin with a gentle brush
    or with a soft cotton swab until the skin is
    �”Saturated” solution. Wash off, splashing water on the face. Fine
    cleans the skin. Suitable for fat and problem.

  • С детским мылом и soda. A great remedy for dark points and
    eels. You can rub a little soap on a large grater, add
    a teaspoon of soda and as much water. Apply gruel to the skin.
    Hold, not paying attention to light tingling. Withменять маску
    can be in a day. See on sensations.

  • С лимоном, soda, яичным белком. One egg protein, half juice
    lemon and a teaspoon of soda mix. Apply to face with a brush.
    Leave for fifteen minutes. The mask makes the pores less noticeable.
    Helps remove blackheads and dark spots. It looks like a film
    mask on sensations. Withменяется два раза в неделю.

  • С маслом, сахаром, soda. Calendula oil (it will increase
    antiseptic action) or any vegetable, mixed with
    a teaspoon of salt and table sugar. Apply for 10-15 minutes. With
    removing the mask with light massage movements creates a scrub effect.
    Wash off with cool water. The mask helps to cope with problem
    inflammations and black spots on oily skin.

  • С глиной, soda и перекисью водорода. One tablespoon
    soda and clay mix, add the same three percent peroxide.
    Rinse with cool water. Mask perfectly cleans skin from comedones
    (чёрных точек) и eels.

Add recipes for masks and facial cleansing formulations
soda in your notebook can be infinite. This product
so versatile that it can be a great helper in
your beauty as you dare to make sure. The main thing in this quest
to be beautiful – not to overdo it and to strictly observe everything

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