Armpit hair – how to get rid of themforever: laser, heat ray or current? Armpit hair -destroy radically!

Пн, 20 июн 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Underarm shaving is tedious and unproductive.

Need to shave every day, from which the delicate skin is not in

Wax, shugaring, cream or depilator give a temporary effect to
have unpleasant consequences.

Are there any other ways to fight armpit hair,
get rid of them forever?

Armpit hair – how to get rid of them forever with

Ten years ago, when Russia just began to take root
high cosmetology technology, pioneers appreciated
возможности laser для избавления от нежелательной растительности
on the body. Today, there are already four types of laser
nozzles that successfully cope with the hair under the arms. how
get rid of them forever know perfectly experienced
cosmetologists. Depending on the capabilities of a particular
apparatus, they offer the following options:

1. ruby ​​laser (works well on dark hair);

2. alexandrite laser (most demanded since it is deep
penetrates and copes with dark and light hairs);

3. diode laser (similar to a ruby, but slightly deeper

4. neodymium (the best beam at the moment, which
works with any type of skin and hair).

The essence of the method is that the laser beam generates heat, acts
on cells producing melanin (skin pigment), and destroys them. AT
As a result, the hair falls out safely. Melanin is found in any
skin, but in different quantities, so there are limitations when
laser processing of armpits and in general any part of the body.

Neodymium laser works on a different principle: it stops
nutrient access to the hair follicle that causes it
doom ATолоску неоткуда расти, поэтому пропадают все волосы под
by mouse – to get rid of them forever in this way the easiest way.
ATажно, что нет ожога и боли, ведь луч не воздействует на ткани.

The procedure for processing a single axillary cavity takes half an hour.
ATоздействие проводится под местным обезболиванием. Customer feels
discomfort, burning sensation and a characteristic burning smell (ray to act
only a hair length of not less, but not more than 1-2 mm).

Not all hair will disappear after the first session. AT течение двух
weeks the gradual fallout will continue. First procedure
allows you to get rid at best of 60 percent of the hair that
at the time of irradiation were in the active phase of growth (simply
speaking, made their way to the surface through all layers of the epidermis).

Repeat the procedure will have another three to five times with
intervals of several weeks. The more procedures, the more
more time will have to wait for the active growth of the remaining hair

Armpit hair – how to get rid of them forever with

The principle of photoepilation is very similar to laser exposure.
The difference is that the hair follicle is sent
directly heat beam, bypassing the energy conversion phase
laser radiation into heat.

Then everything is the same: melanin absorbs the energy of heat,
the hair shaft is heated to extreme temperature, the bulb
dies, hair falls out and no longer grows. All are gradually dying
hair under the arms – how to get rid of them forever young lady more
not interested because the onion will not recover. And that means
hair just nowhere to grow.

The same active and passive growth mode operates
hair. New hairs make their way in about three weeks (
each person the rate of renewal of hair is different).
Accordingly, for the complete disposal of the vegetation under the arms
require three to eight procedures performed through
month and a half. If you stay on three treatments, the hairs again
will begin to appear in five years, or even earlier.

Photoepilator acts faster: on the processing of both armpits
It takes half an hour. Just as with the laser, there is a risk of getting
skin burn, especially if the skin from the prirda is dark or tanned. Few
the fact that the ray penetrates the skin deeply, so the skin itself
underarm area is very tender and sensitive. Local
Anesthesia does not always help, so you have to suffer. If ray
will not be powerful enough, the reverse process may begin: heat
wake follicles, and hairline growth will accelerate.

Photoepilation is ineffective if the hair is gray, red or
light Ideal – dark, well-pigmented hair
and very fair skin.

Armpit hair – how to get rid of them forever with
electric current

What works flawlessly is an electric current.
A gilded needle that sinks into the bulb and burns it,
absolutely no difference, bright, black or red hair grows.
Moreover, due to the influence of current, an unpleasant problem is solved.
excessive sweating.

An electric impulse is supplied through a needle into the follicle, the bulb
perish. The pain is felt. But if in the previous two techniques
the effect can not be seen at all or get much less than
it was expected, in the case of electrolysis at least understandable, for what
are suffering. The technique gives an exact answer to the question of what to do with
armpit hair and how to get rid of them forever.

Another thing is that there is still no absolute guarantee
absolute safety of this method of hair removal. In the armpit
the cavity is located many lymph nodes. And how will they respond to
electric current – God knows. The consequences can be dramatic, and
tragic, so it is worth thinking a hundred times before deciding
for the procedure.

Since the treatment is done pointwise (a needle is inserted into each
a bulb, while a laser or a photo beam irradiate several
follicle), time is spent more. Thick hair rods
difficult to process, if the hair is tough, you have to go
several procedures. One course requires at least four
visits, there can be from three to eight such courses.

Armpit hair – how to get rid of them forever with
Elos treatments

The method of Elos hair removal is not by chance still called
innovative. It combines two ways to affect hairs:
laser beam and electric current. Through a special nozzle
the pulse current is directed to the hair shaft, and the laser beam
affects melanin located in it and is absorbed by it.

The procedure is almost painless, and the device works with
any hairs, regardless of their pigmentation and thickness. On
The number of procedures, these are not affected. To get rid of forever
from the hair under the arms, you need to come to the beautician at least
thrice. To guarantee a half to two months is recommended to pass
another two or three treatments.

Freedom from ugly hairs on the body will cost a decent
amount of. Given that we are talking about several courses, you need
carefully weigh your financial capabilities. It’s a shame will pass
one or two procedures and refuse further course on financial

By the way, before the advent of miracle devices, our mothers and grandmothers, too
wondered what to do with the hair under the arms – how
get rid of them forever. Onстаивали семена крапивы, пытались
discolor and thin peroxide. Helped weak.

So if you really want to part with problem
hairs, you first need to go to the beauty salon with
reliable reputation. Specialists with diplomas must work in it.
doctors After talking to the beautician, the decision will be made.

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