Appearance color types – SPRING (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type”Spring”: hair, clothes, makeup

Appearance color types - SPRING (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type"Spring": hair, clothes, makeup

Spring is a wonderful time of the year when nature wakes up.
after a long winter sleep, it just comes to life.

The colors of nature at this time are gentle, subtle, light. Exactly
This image will suit the spring color type girl.

Spring color type girl, what is she?

In the spring, nature plays with colors, it flows and shimmers.
color type girls spring congenital facial features – smooth, lines
rounded. They glow like the first March sun after
long winter sleep.

The shades of appearance are warm, bright, with

• Eyes: green, blue, heavenly, blue with green

• Skin: apricot, with freckles, peach, porcelain;

• Hair: brown, blond, light blond, with yellowness.

If a girl of this color type wants to drastically change her image,
then she should think carefully. If she chooses winter shades,
it can achieve a very unpleasant result for yourself – skin
faces will get a grayish tint, eyes will look
tired As for the lips, the nasolabial folds only
deepen, if you use lipstick shades tsvetotip winter.

When using shades of other color types, there will also be no
positive result. The best option would be to use
girl color type spring of their innate shades. They will allow
refresh your complexion, emphasize the shape of the eyes and their brilliance, make
the image is even more tender and feminine.

What hair color to choose for girls of color type spring

Tsvetotip spring has a subtle natural hair color. Often,
makeup artists and stylists think about whether it is worth it dramatically
change? Probably not. Many innate brunettes dream of golden
curly strands of hair. In spring color type girls, they are from
of birth.

If you really want to change the hair color, what is better to take?
The ideal option would be coloring. You can make it small and
slightly different from the main tone of the hair, you can do
strands larger, but also far from the natural

What tones to choose?

• Light red;

• warm golden;

• Nut;

• Amber.

If we talk about the length of the hair – then short haircuts will spoil
image, it is better to use various tricks in creating hairstyles on
average hair length. Beautiful and elegant look bright
combs in golden hair, voluminous hoops and wreaths. Pretty
beautiful hair braided in small braids, especially
if they are colored by coloring.

Clothing for girls of color type spring

Clothing should emphasize the tenderness of the image of the girl color type
Spring. It should be light, airy. Without bright contrast and

What is better to use? Warm, clean

• cream;

• Cream with yellow;

• Apricot;

• Cornflower;

• Gentle green.

Tsvetotip spring produces a natural golden shade of hair. They
They have delicate and velvety skin, so choosing clothes for them also
It stands with light shades. Do not choose avant-garde style in
clothes, classic style is best.

Bright accessories also will not look advantageous. Bulk
belts and bags will make a sophisticated figure and image cumbersome.
Bright scarves and shawls – will undoubtedly attract attention.

Black color in clothes betray excessive mourning image. Not
worth wearing gray. It will highlight the paleness of the skin,
may highlight dark circles under the eyes, focus on
imperfections of the skin.

It is better to pick up casual clothes in one color,
then it will be possible to combine it. Evening dresses are already possible.
select individually using bright additions. But also not
It should be carried away by the contrast and cold colors.

Bright red color in clothes will not enrich the image, but on the contrary –
make it vulgar, accessible, frivolous. Clothing is important in
The process of creating the image of the girl of the color type spring is also
Correctly selected makeup.

Makeup for girls color type spring

Nature has given these girls bright and at the same time gentle,
exquisite appearance. They are not peculiar to the whiteness of the skin, they have
its winning, golden and peach shades.

Makeup is worth choosing, based on natural, innate
color palette. It is worth avoiding contrasts and abrupt transitions. For
expressiveness and clarity of the image should use other ways
rather than the brightness and flashiness of make-up colors. Where to start
picking the perfect makeup? With tonal framework and powder.

Powder, tonal basis

Since, the skin of the girl of the color type, spring itself is light, even
transparent – do not use tons of powder and proofreaders, for
to change that. The best option would be vibes, preferably
transparent, powder, also transparent, which even out the tone, but not
change its shade.

It is better to use:

• Warm shades of tonal foundations;

• Golden shades of tonal bases;

• Beige and light powder;

• Bronzers exclusively for evening makeup.

What to avoid in make up Especially not looking winning
grayish powder – they impair the appearance of the skin. Cool shades
tonal framework will emphasize skin imperfections and wrinkles;
will create a fresh, young image.

Eye shadow

For того чтобы правильно подобрать оттенок теней, нужно
gaze into the iris. Exactly здесь и
All possible shades for application to the upper eyelid are hidden.

It should be avoided:

• Blue;

• Black;

• Violet;

• Pink saturated;

• Other dark tones.

It is worth choosing a combination of colors:

• Gray with blue;

• Lilac with turquoise;

• Brown tones of warm shades;

• Cream and beige;

• Cream and sand;

• Salmon with greens;

• Salmon with brown.

Eye pencils are better to pick gray, green, brown.
Black eyeliner weights. You can draw an eyelid pencil
black, but do not draw the arrow much better
shade, or use a gray pencil. Mascara can be
use brown, green, blue. Rich black mascara
better to use only in the right combination with the shadows.

Lipstick, gloss

It is best to use soft, inconspicuous tones.

• Apricot;

• Salmon;

• Beige;

• Champagne;

• Golden;

• Coral;

• Red-orange.

Not стоит слишком выделять губы, достаточно их подчеркнуть.
Red, scarlet and lilac shades in lipstick –
contraindicated. As for lip gloss – he does not have them
weight down. The best option would not be bright pink, and beige shine
for lips. You can use glitter with a slight shimmer. Brown
glitters also look good on spring color type girls,
especially if they have a matte finish.

If you were born with a color type of appearance spring, then you do not
will have to experiment for a long time in clothes and makeup, enough
will stick to the innate palette in order to emphasize
its refined, gentle image. Not стоит использовать яркие и
cool colors in makeup. Brightness and contrast do not decorate, but
on the contrary, they make an image heavy, overly elaborate. Everything should be
subtle and simple, no frills.

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