Appearance color types – AUTUMN (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type”Autumn”: hair, clothes, makeup

Appearance color types - AUTUMN (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type"Autumn": hair, clothes, makeup

Autumn is a great time.

When the foliage of the trees is painted in rainbow colors, with
predominance of fiery-red hue.

This is the period when nature prepares for winter sleep and its outlines.
become graceful and refined.

The same can be said about the girls of the color type autumn.

Color Type Girls Autumn

Redheads, passionate – so can be described
representatives of this color type. It is worth noting that they are enough
few. But to determine its representatives is enough

• Their hair is bronze, brown with a golden sheen, light brown
with copper shimmer;

• Eyes – green with a blue and brown tint, brown with
tinged with amber;

• Leather – with a peach shade, beige with yellow and pink

It should be noted that representatives of the color type fall
typical paleness of the skin. They have
sophisticated and sophisticated appearance. Their appearance is so bright and
expressive that does not always require even everyday makeup.

Clothing for girls of color type autumn

Clothing should emphasize the exclusivity of girls color type
Autumn, so it’s best to think a few times, and then just wear
favorite thing. Having an already bright and expressive image,
the main thing is not to overdo it.

It should be meticulous about the selection of shades in clothing. What kind
of flowers fit most? Worth to prefer warm
shades that emphasize individuality. Do not move away from
natural autumn colors. One has only to present all the autumn tones.
and choose from them – this is the golden color with which it is executed, and
red and yellow shades. The appearance of this color type is better emphasized.
not bright, but rich tones.

So what shades in clothes should I choose?

• Brown;

• Copper with a golden sheen;

• Plum;

• Gentle green;

• Aquamarine;

• Olive;

• Brown with red tint.

These tones emphasize the individuality and sophistication of the image.
What kind же оттенки не стоит применять? Better not to experiment and
Do not use cool summer shades. They will only lead to
dull appearance, tired eyes. Using your color
gamma, the woman of the color type autumn will just begin to play in the rays of the autumn
the sun. Her image will be amazing.

.Что делать, если очень хочется использовать другую палитру
shades? You can try to pick them up. So:

• White can be replaced by white with a light peach.

• If you really want to use black color – its better.
replace with olive or brown, with a reddish tint;

• Blue is easily replaced with deep blue and green.

• Purple is better not to use.

What kind оттенки красного подойдут лучше всего? Do not choose
bright red matte color – it will look very strange and
not winning It can be easily replaced with scarlet. But
orange and all the tones and shades that come from him are the most
best option to use. It may be colors
bright carrot, mango. Neon ebb in the orange palette is better
do not use.

Autumn Color Girl – Choosing the Right Shade

Изначально, женщины этого цветотипа наделены hairами глубокого
copper, red color. He is strongly advised not to change to
darker and colder tones.

What kind цвета не подходят категорически?

• Bright hues;

• Ash tones;

• Black and blue black.

If a woman of the color type, autumn decides to repaint in
the above tones, its natural freckles will stand out,
they will seem to burn with fire. Will effect
skin burnt in the sun.

What kind оттенки лучше использовать?

• Red warm shades;

• Copper shades.

This is the only color type that really goes.
исключительно природные оттенки цвета hair. As shows
practice, even after repainting this woman
Color types return to their natural tones.

Tsvetotip autumn – makeup

Having a truly expressive appearance of the representatives
Color type autumn make-up is needed just to emphasize your
Individuality and beauty. How to start makeup? With the selection
foundation and blush. They emphasize the sophistication of the image and make
correct accents.

Foundation, powder, blush

The tonal basis is very important for the representatives of this
color type. The thing is that their skin is sensitive and has
property to redness. It is best to pick the tone
the basis of warm shades to brighten up skin imperfections

• Peach tone;

• Beige;

• Transparent tones to smooth the skin;

• Conciller is better to pick a yellow shade – it will give the most
best effect.

Powder is to choose transparent. This advice is more than others.
will appreciate the girls with fair skin. If the skin is dark – then better
pick up beige powder. In order not to use
rouge, it is enough to highlight the cheekbones with a darker powder.

What kind румяна подобрать? Best fit apricot colors and
salmon If the skin is dark, it is better to use terracotta tones and
золотые с коричневым shade.

What colors should be avoided in makeup:

• Cold shades of powder;

• Gray shades in tonal basis;

• Pink blush;

• Powder dark brown.


The girls of the color type autumn have bright, expressive eyes. therefore
you should pay attention to their makeup, so as not to overdo it.
What is special about this color type – if the eyes are not painted at all – it is
will not cause inconvenience, on the contrary. Natural beauty only
will be underlined, if you use only mascara and pencil for
eye. Ink can be used as black and color. But here
eyeliner is better to choose brown and not black

Shadows are best used for evening
make up. What kind оттенки больше всего подойдут:

• Green shades;

• Emerald shades;

• Peach;

• Gold;

• Beige;

• Brown;

• Copper;

• Bronze.

Холодные оттенки теней лучше вовсе do not use. �Smokey Aiz
only make the image heavier. This makeup is better and do not try to put on
eyes – he will bring only disappointment.

Lipstick lip gloss

Lipstick should also be warm tones:

• Caramel;

• Coral;

• Orange;

• Copper;

• Creme brulee.

What kind тона совсем не подойдут?

• Purple;

• Violet;

• Pink.

In the make-up should focus only on the eyes
or on the lips, otherwise the image will be simply spoiled. If use
lip gloss, then it is also worth choosing a scrupulous. It is better
use warm matte shades.

If the girl of the color type autumn does make-up emphasis on the eyes –
then she should pick up such lip gloss, which is especially
it will not stand out against the general background of makeup, you can even use
shine is transparent.

The brightness and style of the innate image of women color type autumn
allows them not to puzzle over the choice of color palette in
make-up, and just use warm autumn colors. They will underline
Individuality and make the image expressive. The main thing is not
overdo it, especially in clothes and day makeup, otherwise the girl
just be striking their eyes too bright and not refined

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