Almond oil for the face: home recipesmasks for the care of the dermis. The composition and beneficial properties of almondface oils

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Almond facial oil is an incredibly valuable product.
Its rich composition guarantees comprehensive care for the dermis.
In addition, it is suitable for the care of any skin. One of the main
The properties of almond oil is that it regulates
the work of the sebaceous glands. Dries oily skin, dry deep
moisturizes. The product can be used at home – this
A great alternative to costly anti-aging remedies.
Almond oil is often used in its pure form, also on its
basis you can prepare nourishing masks for skin, scrubs and
other care products.

Свойства миндального face oils и показания к его

Almond oil is recommended to use
girls in the following cases:

• peeling and excessive dryness of the dermis;

• face is sprinkled with acne, acne worries;

• “crow’s feet” appeared around the eyes;

• facial skin fades, signs of fatigue appear under the eyes,
bruises and bags;

• malfunction of the sebaceous glands, skin or excessively oily,
either dries out.

Состав и свойства миндального face oils

Almond oil was in demand among the ancient Egyptians.
These women daily washed them in the morning, added to the bathroom. AT
As a result, their skin remained perfect, regardless of age.
Is there any special secret in almond oil? Of course not.
ATсе дело в уникальном составе продукта. Nature endowed him
complex of vitamins, which represent the greatest for the dermis

1. Folic acid. Protects the face from temperature extremes,
nourishes the cells of the dermis.

2. Natsin evens skin tone, gives it a healthy pleasant

3. Fatty oils allow you to adjust the metabolism in the cells.

4. Organic acids stimulate the process of skin rejuvenation
persons regenerate damaged areas.

5. Carotene moisturizes the face, removes dead skin particles,
prevents flaking.

6. Essential oils can soothe the skin of the face, remove it
irritation and signs of fatigue.

Almond facial oil should be used regularly by women.
at any age. This natural product works wonders.
You should not use it in home cosmetology, you just need to know
several “secret” recipes.

Almond oil for the face every day

Almond oil has an incredibly light structure, thanks to
what as quickly absorbed into the dermis. Thereby
property women can use the product in the home cosmetology
daily in its purest form.

It is recommended to wipe the face with almond oil 2 times a day.
The first time – in the morning after washing, the second time – 1 hour before bedtime.
Before using the product, it is advisable to warm it up a little
water bath. Warm oil is distributed by fingertips
whole face. After 20 minutes, it is almost completely absorbed.
The remains can not be left, otherwise the pores can clog, in
the result will be acne. The remains of oil are removed paper
a napkin.

Masks with almond oil for the face: the best home

Masks with almond oil for the face can be purchased at any
pharmacy and cosmetic store. However, why waste money if
домашние recipes с продуктом будут не менее эффективны?

Домашние recipes масок с маслом almond

1. Toning. 1 tablespoon of rolled oats should be ground in
flour To the resulting powder is added a little water to
It turned out creamy mass. There is also added 1 dining room.
a spoon of almond oil and some lemon juice. The mask is applied on
face for 20-25 minutes, it is desirable to refrain from facial expressions,
then the skin is washed with warm water.

2. For fading, prone to dry skin. Cocoa Powder (1
tablespoon) is diluted in warm milk to the consistency
It became like a chocolate puree. There is also added a teaspoon
honey and two teaspoons of almond oil. ATсе нужно хорошо смешать,
apply the resulting mask for 30 minutes on the face. The procedure will allow
increase the elasticity of the dermis, even its tone, lighten
pigmented areas.

3. For oily skin. 1 large potato is boiled “in
uniform. Then you need to knead it with a fork, add 1 dining room
a spoonful of almond oil and lemon juice. That the mixture was not too
thick, it is recommended to add 1 tablespoon of infusion
calendula The mask is characterized by rejuvenating effects, its
regular use will smooth out wrinkles. Besides,
рецепт нормализует the work of the sebaceous glands.

4. For problem skin. Protein chicken eggs beat up
foam, add 1 tablespoon of almond
oils, mix well. The mask fights acne and
acne. It is recommended to apply it 2-3 times a week.
evenings for 20 minutes before bedtime.

5. For combination skin. Low-fat cottage cheese (1 tablespoon)
and 1 medium kiwi are mashed up. AT данной массе добавляется
almond oil (2 tablespoons). The finished mask is applied on
лицо on полчаса, потом кожа ополаскивается теплой водой и
wiped with a paper towel. The procedure is characterized by
toning, softening and moisturizing effects.

6. For aged skin. Egg yolk whipped fork, to him
1 tablespoon of liquid honey and almond oil is added. ATсе
mix thoroughly to a homogeneous mass. Mask
evenly distributed on the skin of the face. The recipe will be useful for
those who want to get rid of fine age wrinkles and support
elasticity of the dermis.

Before you use masks with almond oil for the face,
Be sure to steam the skin, clean it from the remnants of makeup.
Только так onтуральный продукт сможет проникнуть глубоко в клетки
дермы и onсытить их полезными витамиonми.

Другие домашние «recipes красоты» с маслом

Almond oil for the face is useful not only in the composition of the cream. On
Based on this product at home you can cook various
cream lotions, scrubs, as well as a wish lotion.

1. Скраб с маслом almond. You need to buy fine salt (the smaller,
the safer for the skin). On 1 столовую ложку миндального масла
need to add half a teaspoon of salt. Blend thoroughly
mixed up. Massage scrub rubbed into the skin 2-3
minutes, then the remnants of the funds are washed off with warm water. Such a recipe
perfectly cleanses the dermis from black spots and acne, removes

2. Eye cream. Кожа в этой области очень нежonя,
therefore needs special care. Крем, приготовленный дома on
almond oil based – great option. The recipe is very simple. AT
столовую ложку масла almond нужно добавить по 2 капли витаминов А
и Е. средство подушечками пальцем onносится on область вокруг глаз,
оставляется там on 10 минут, потом смывается.

3. Warm compress. Almond oil нужно подогреть on водяной
bath so that it becomes warm. Onтуральный продукт onносится on кожу
thick layer. Сверху on лицо onкладываются 2-3 салфетки их
cotton material, then put a warm towel.
The compress is aged for 20-30 minutes, the face is washed warm.

4. lotions from acne and acne. AT 1 столовую ложку onстоя
календулы добавляется масло almond (3-4 капли). ATсе хорошо
mixed up. Теперь в получившуюся массу окуonется ватonя палочка и
с ее помощью средство точечно onносится on проблемные участки.
This procedure is recommended to be repeated 2 times a day for
of the week. Taking a full course will save a woman from
acne and nasty acne.

5. Remedy for bruises under the eyes. ATатные диски слегка
moistened in almond oil, where pre-added 3
капли витамиon Е. Примочки onкладываются on глаза on 7 минут 2 раза
in a day. regular procedure will remove traces
tired skin around the eyes, forget about the problem of morning bruises in
this area.

Almond facial oil is really very helpful. it
universal care product. Oil will not only save
beauty and youthful female skin, but also to solve such
dermatological problems like acne and acne. For better
результата recipes лучше чередовать.

Противопоказания к использованию масла almond и возможные
side effects

Как уже упомиonлось, миндальное масло для лица не представляет
danger. Продукт абсолютно onтуральный. The only possible
противопоказание к его использованию — это onличие индивидуальной
intolerance to the product.

Before homemade cosmetic procedures recommended
conduct an allergy test. Небольшое количество масла almond onносится
on запястье, оставляется там on ночь. If processed in the morning
the area of ​​the dermis will not turn red, the tool can be used to care
behind the face.

ATажно! Wrong application of almond
face oils может привести к закупориванию пор и образованию
comedo is really true. To avoid this, you need
strictly observe the dosage of the product in the preparation of home
care products.

Almond oil for the face gives an amazing result after
first week of its application. The main thing is to strictly observe the dosage.
Только в таком случае женщиon сможет получить максимальную пользу
для кожи, которую только дает onтуральный продукт. Almond oil
maintain the elasticity of the dermis, support its healthy attractive
shine, get rid of fine wrinkles and acne. For any woman
которая следит за собой — это onстоящая onходка, бесценный

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