All painted brunettes suffer from it! Mind youabout to repaint from blond to dark shades: forewarnedmean armed

Чт, 26 окт 2017 Автор: Анна Королёва

Dark hair is always popular. Regardless of the selected
you shade dark curls – look great, increase
Drama of your appearance and suitable for any time
of the year.

However, turning into a brunette is fraught
the consequences. Consider the problems to which you should be
finished if you dare to go dark
the side.

Great chance of allergies

Dark shades of dye contain molecules called
p-phenylenediamine. It is also used to make ink and
tattoos. This substance may cause a skin reaction:
blistering, burning and redness. Although full of allergies
reactions are rare, they also happen. There is no way
know in advance whether p-phenylenediamine will affect you, and allergies
may not occur immediately. The best thing you can do is hold
test for allergies before you start painting. If you feel
severe burning, if your face turns red, then wash off the paint
immediately and consult a doctor.

How difficult it is to keep the desired color!

It’s one thing if you change the color in the range of one or two tones.
Then it will be relatively easy to maintain color. However if
change is more radical, then you will struggle with bright roots and
leaching of color.

It is possible to become lighter, but it is difficult. Dark color imposes on
you commitments, because go back to the bright curls
will be very difficult. You cannot escape the stage where your
hair will be the color of a rusty piece of iron. Besides this, you are still very strong.
mess up your strands. If you are not sure that you chose a dark color
for a long time, better not paint at all.

Mass market paint is not the best option.

It has limited use. Store paint is great
suitable for toning hair, giving a light shade. But
if you want to turn from a blonde into a brunette, you need
professional. Why? Because in this case it is necessary
conjure over the developers of different strengths of action.

When you first see yourself with dark hair, do not be intimidated. Any
change takes some getting used to. Do not panic, look at
even if the first reaction is to recolour back.

You will need a new makeup

What looked at you with blond hair may look like
faded or ridiculous with dark hair. Pink blush can do
you Snow White, blue shadows will not add charm. Replace all
immediately and ruthlessly. The only way you can look beautiful.


You need to make sure your eyebrows match with the new color.
The best option – eyebrows one or two tones lighter hair. You
You can slightly tint eyebrows with a pencil or even paint

Dark hair is not so simple. Any colorist or just
brunette girl will explain to you that any dark shade of paint
It is a mixture of several colors. Anyway,
Before choosing a paint in the store, consult
specialist what color is right for you.

And a new wardrobe

Your old stuff may no longer suit you. therefore
will have to buy new basic things to have what to wear. Besides
of this, now you will need new rubber bands, hair bands and

Despite everything, dark hair will be your best
an experiment. Seriously. It will highlight your eyes, especially if
they are bright. Having picked up a good dark hair color, you don’t want to
look for something else.

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