Actual evening hairstyles with their own hands -a photo. Step-by-step instructions for performing your evening hairstylesby hands

Пт, 23 сен 2016 Автор: Лина Акимова

Every woman strive for a gala evening to create from
your hair is a spectacular hairstyle that will set it apart from the crowd,
and cause enthusiastic smiles among the people around them.

Trying to look her best, she often turns to the salon.
beauty to experienced craftsmen, not relying on themselves.

This setting is false. Having studied some simple ones
receptions and taking care of acquiring the necessary consumables
materials and accessories, any woman can create on her
head a masterpiece that would be appropriate to look even at the reception at
English Queen.

Today, hairstyles that use
various elements of weaving strands, high styling, various
bunches in the Pompadour style, as well as the classic tail on the straight and
curled hair.

Always attractive look hairstyles in the form of loose
curls. Consider some types of evening hairstyles made
своими by hands, способы их создания и необходимые для этого
accessories and materials.

Conditions for a successful hairstyle, tools, accessories and

When you want to look good and have an attractive styling,
you need to take care, above all, the purity of the hair. On the eve of
responsible event head must be washed with a means
which is commonly used. You can wash your hair directly
before laying and dry them with a hairdryer.

Для выполнения вечерней прически своими by hands нужно
prepare the following items:

– hair dryer;

– curlers or curling to create curls;

– styling products (mousses, gels, varnish, wax);

– accessories: headbands, bows, hairpins with decorations, flowers and

Создание вечерних причесок своими by hands на длинные волосы

Owners of long strands are lucky in the sense that they
can put them in different ways, why every time
hairstyle may take a completely different look. Will consider
some styling options.

1. Braiding

The classic version of collecting long strands in a braid now
especially popular. It is played up with the help of modern tricks.
and accessories and looks especially impressive in the evening version.

One of the ways of weaving is the so-called
�”French braid”

Will consider выполнение shown in the photo вечерней прически
своими by hands, более подробно. Sequencing
should be next:

– strands to comb and divide into 3 equal parts;

– Capturing strands in the region of the crown or slightly lower, perform a pair
steps of weaving ordinary braids;

– with further weaving follows each side strand
add an extra small strand of new hair taken from
the same side;

– reaching the end of the hair, you need to fix the woven braid
rubber band or beautiful hairpin;

– when weaving the strands do not need to stretch, the braid should
get air and volumetric, if it did not happen, you need
slightly pull the hair out of the weave, giving it pomp;

– fix the braid with lacquer of not strong fixation;

– the bang can be slightly combed and laid on its side, fixing
also varnish.

Weave is perfect for prom and any
celebrations. The braid can be braided not only directly, but also on its side.
To do this, strands need to be divided into parts, when on one side of them
much bigger.

Having decorated the head with a bow or a flower, there is no doubt that
an attractive and spectacular view is provided. At home for
weaving braids is better to attract a helper, but after a small
Workouts can be done by yourself.

2. Hairstyle “beam”

Such laying is performed on the basis of the tail into which it is collected.
all strands. It is suitable, both for special occasions, and for
business meetings. In the photo evening hairstyle, made
своими by hands, с элементами локонов:

It can be applied to long and medium hair using

Stages of work:

– strands collected on the crown, securing the tail with an elastic band;

– part of the strands of the tail is released for further
the formation of them curls;

– the number and location of these strands is chosen according to their own

– hair in a bundle combed and placed around the elastic with
subsequent fixing studs and varnish;

– the tail can be pre-curled slightly with a curling iron, then
the tips of the combed strands can be laid in curls and fixed

– loose strands curled curling and lay on your head around
beam, fastening studs;

– a few curled strands left carelessly loose, this
will give some spice;

– the laying should be fixed with varnish.

Создание несложной вечерней прически своими by hands за 15 минут,
shown in the photo

Sometimes it is necessary to make a hair out of your hair, with which
You can attend any event in the evening, and time is running out.
Here is an example of styling curls, which is suitable for any

Stacking sequence:

– apply mousse evenly on the basal areas of the strands
distribute it across all strands;

– hair dry hair dryer and split using oblique or
direct parting (as best suited) into two parts;

– to separate the front locks adjacent to the frontal part, with each
side and, twisting them with a harness, fasten with varnish in length and temporarily
pinned the ends;

— среднюю часть волос взбить by hands для придания объема, и затем
from above lay the harnesses along the temples to the back of the head, fastening them to the head
using studs;

– fix the ends of the hairs behind and put them in a beautiful knot, decorating
his hairpin with rhinestones;

– on top of all the hair is well fixed with lacquer.

Laying loose curls on long

Owners of long (especially thick) hair can always
demonstrate their beauty using a hairstyle with flowing,
curled into locks, strands. See photo:

Such styling always attracts the opposite sex and makes
a woman especially sexy and attractive. Perform such
вечернюю прическу своими by hands совсем несложно. Will consider

– for stronger fixing the shape of curls on slightly wet
clean hair apply mousse or gel and evenly distribute it
all strands;

– hair divided into four parts: two temporal, in the area
occiput and frontal region. A bang, if there is one, is also needed
to separate. Secure all areas with studs, rubber bands or
clothes pegs;

– using curling to twist successively small strands,
taken from one plot, in curls, which are then slightly
pin to form. You need to start the process with
occiput area;

– after the whole head is curled, release the curls from
hairpins and gently comb along the entire length, trying not to damage
their shape, and make a little bouffant on top;

– if you wish, you can simply dissolve the curls without combing;

– the hairstyle needs to be fixed with a varnish, having added it with the original
rim or other accessory if it is intended to
посещения какого-нибудь вечернего activity.

Loose hair looks especially organic in young
girls, therefore, are recommended more to them.

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