Accessories and jewelry to purpledress

Violet and its various shades are constantly found in
collections of fashion designers. Combining the powerful energy of red and
cold blue confidence, purple invariably attracts
look, fascinates.

Purple dresses are able to become a real jewel of wardrobe
any women. Depending on the fabric, cut and finish, they may
be office, cocktail, evening.

Подбор аксессуаров к такому dress часто становится сложной
fashionable puzzle. Purple outfits sometimes look just
amazing with the additions of contrasting colors, but at the same time
An ill-conceived combination can make the whole image tasteless.

Yellow, light green, turquoise blue, red, pink color
in accessories – a good option for dresses of purple shades,
but, more often, for light ones. Dark purple color looks rich
and saturated by itself and usually does not require such catchy
contrasts. However, timeless classics – black and white –
with all shades of purple will look elegant and

The simplest principle by which accessories are selected and
драгоценности или бижутерия к фиолетовому dress – это
focus on gold. Yellow metal in jewelry, shoes,
handbags and belts from golden materials – a win-win choice.
Silver items are also not taboo, but with them the outfit will be
make a more restrained, cold impression.

Looks great with purple dresses shoes open
with a toe.

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Какие аксессуары к фиолетовому dress предлагают дизайнеры в
spring season fashion collections?

Christian Dior collection involuntarily attract attention
combinations of airy purple dresses with spectacular bright
accessories: small gray handbags with fringe, orange
sandals with ribbons around the ankles and orange thin belts,
loose ends decorated with flowers and pompoms, massive
yellow-green neck ornaments in tropical style.

Lace-up sandals with laces around the ankles (though
more soothing shades) can be found in the collection of Diane von
Furstenberg – they accompany a purple dress with a hood.

Carolina Herrera к элегантному dress насыщенного
light-purple knee-length picks up at least
elegant open toe shoes combining gray and black
the details.

Unusually, but very elegantly beaten long, romantic
purple dress in the collection of Fendi: it is selected from accessories
thin red belt, olive and white sandals and a combination
white and brown bag. For lovers of brighter images fit
другой вариант: к летнему, легкому dress фиолетового цвета с синим
it is worth wearing bright orange-red sandals and a belt,
combining olive, dark green and brown elements. To both
dresses also need glasses with lenses of purple shades.

Красивая бижутерия к фиолетовому dress, безусловно, сделает Ваш
the image is unforgettable, but the whole impression can spoil too
pale skin: in the unanimous opinion of stylists, to excellent
look like in a purple dress, you must be naturally dark
or a little tanned (especially for blondes), otherwise
this color can give the skin a painful hue.

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