A unique natural remedy: tea oilwood acne. Methods of using tea tree oil fromacne

Пн, 05 дек 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

Oil has long been used by the oldest phytotherapeutists.
tea tree as a natural and effective antiseptic
means. The healing properties of natural oil are enough to
care for skin and hair, nervous and other systems
regulate metabolic processes and the body’s work


Useful свойства oils чайного дерева от acne:
universality of skin care

Tea tree essential oil is able to provide such
skin effects:

• antiseptic;

• antiviral;

• anti-inflammatory.

Due to the presence of these properties, tea tree ether
effectively fight pathogens, eliminate
fungi, staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli, pneumococci,
gonococci and other pathogens of skin diseases. Useful
properties of tea tree oil:

1. The cosmetic is able to eliminate minor and
major skin rash, relieve itching, eliminate inflammation and

2. Wound healing properties can be used for
устранении повреждений после выдавливания acne или для ускорения
their natural extinction.

3. Acne and rash as a consequence of insect bites or
allergic reactions can also be eliminated with
cosmetic oil. It quickly and effectively copes with poison
insects, eliminates external signs of bites, as well as unpleasant
sensations and itching.

4. It is necessary to apply the ether of tea tree and with such problems with
skin: warts, herpes, eczema, shingles, depriving,
chickenpox, measles and others.

Механизм воздействия oils чайного дерева от acne: как
cosmetic air works

The composition of tea tree oil is saturated with beneficial ingredients and
organic substances such as terpene-4-ol, cineole,
alpha-pinene, limonene and others. Thanks to them significantly
the symptoms of acne are reduced in the form of burning, dryness, tingling.
How does this happen?

1. When bacteria hit the skin, it starts to happen.
modification of the structure of the dermis.

2. This increases the work of sebaceous glands, clogged pores,
inflammations appear on the skin.

3. Такие изменения и провоцируют образование acne, угрей и
acne, which with the wrong treatment or lack of it can
lead further to the development of cysts and the appearance of nodules.

4. Likewise, viral lesions can arise
and fungal type.

5. When applied to the skin of tea tree oil antiseptic
viruses, fungi and bacteria there is no chance for further
the existence and spread of infections.

6. The oil gently cleanses the pores and has a seboregulatory effect on the skin.

7. Antihistamine properties, which are endowed with oil, help
remove puffiness in areas of bite or pimple formation, therefore
after using the tool, the disadvantages become less

8. A rejuvenating effect has been found on tea tree oil.
Active ingredients stimulate cell regeneration, due to which
исчезают заметные рубцы и следы от acne.

9. Любые бактерии, вызывающие появление acne, рано или поздно
become resistant to the effects of antibiotics acting on this
problem from inside the body. But the effect of cosmetic oil
they cannot resist.

Правила применения oils чайного дерева от acne

The main advantage of tea tree oil, as cosmetic
means that when using it the skin does not lose
natural protection. To use the ether was effective
you must follow some rules:

• it is necessary to put means only on places of education
pimples. Antibacterial ingredients in the composition are the best.
alternative to synthetic chemistry of deep impact. Small
a drop of oil penetrates deep into the skin, opening the pores and giving way
accumulated sebum, disinfects, dries acne and acne;

• to put oil on the skin, you need to drop a little
quantity on a cotton swab, napkin or disc, gently
blot problem areas with them and leave them for some
time or even overnight to reduce size and severity

• apply oil should always be on clean and dry skin;

• before use it is necessary to be convinced of suitability
the product, as well as the naturalness of its composition – the oil should be
100% pure without impurities, ready-made cosmetics with
the content of tea oil will not give the necessary effects;

• it will be much more convenient to use oil to combat acne,
if you pre-place and store it in an empty bottle from
lip gloss

Home use methods of tea tree oil from

Many may seem to use oil in its pure form.
too tough to deal with skin imperfections with aggressive
impact. Therefore, you can use oil as the main
ingredient home remedies for more gentle effects on

1. Natural mix – it is necessary to mix the mush from plants
aloe and a few drops of essential oil and then apply
consistency on problem areas with pimples. Alternative
honey can also be an option for aloe
wound healing and antibacterial properties.

2. Маска против acne:

• Recipe 1: Mix 4 drops of tea tree ether with green.
clay powder, add water to make a paste. Such a mask
apply evenly over the entire surface of the face and skin, keep
20 minutes to complete drying of the clay.

• Recipe 2: mix 3 drops of tea tree oil, 1 tsp. oils
jojoba and sliced ​​tomato halves. In the process
mixing should be mashed-shaped consistency, which
hold on problem areas for 10 minutes.

• Рецепт 3: смешать 50 г. йогурта и 5 купель oils, нанести на
skin evenly for 15-20 minutes.

3. Scrub to cleanse the skin. To combat acne is useful such
recipe home scrub:

• tea tree oil – 10 drops;

• half cup of sugar;

• 50-60 г оливкового oils;

• 1 tsp. honey

All ingredients are available, it is not difficult to find them in the kitchen
locker most housewives. The finished consistency is necessary
rub into the skin for 3-4 minutes. Massage movements should
be circular and neat.

Home scrub for such a recipe for people suffering from skin
severe acne will be rough and tough. However with
small and medium rash, he copes perfectly.

Plus the scrub is that its constituent components are
natural ingredients, which means he can for a long time
to be stored. Means can be prepared in reserve and taken with you
trips or vacations.

4. Ещё один способ смягчить воздействие oils на кожу — добавить
it in a cleanser that is used daily. 2-5
drops on a small bottle will be enough. Using
The remedy is important to avoid eye contact.

5. To get rid of rashes and acne on other parts of the body,
for example, back, chest, shoulders, you can drop before bathing in
water a few drops of tea ether. Such a bath would not be
only healing, but fragrant.

6. For owners of too sensitive and delicate skin, for
which in its pure form, little tea tree does not fit, it is worth
consider options for finished products. Manufacturers often
include tea oil with its ingredients
unrivaled anti-inflammatory qualities. Highly
popular and effective are gels for washing, moisturizers,
natural component based scrubs.

Меры предосторожности и побочные эффекты применения oils
чайного дерева от acne

The risk of side effects may occur when
using a fake product. To avoid it, it is necessary
learn to distinguish the true flavor of natural medicine. The present
oil has a pleasant smell, which is a little refreshing, fake
has a sugary sweet aroma. In the case of
подделки для лечения acne могут проявляться такие

1. Allergic reactions – a natural product is not strong
и распространённым аллергеном в отличие от поддельного oils.

2. Chemical burns of skin areas – natural concentration
agents are high enough to cause skin burns, but application
fake product may leave much more serious and
deep damage.

3. Skin irritations – chemical composition of unknowns.
components of a fake product may cause
skin irritation, increased itching, increased rash, swelling and

Secure yourself when using this
качественного oils помогут несколько правил:

• Avoid contact with eyes on mucous membranes.
body shell;

• do not use oil for internal reception, product
is very toxic;

• it is not necessary to apply on burned or too dry skin,
having eczema or burns;

• before going out in the sun, it is harmful to apply oil to the skin,
the optimal time for the procedure is evening;

• in cases of sensitive skin, you must hold in advance
an experiment with drawing on the wrist.

To effectively, quickly and permanently get rid of skin rashes,
it is necessary to use a complex treatment: along with
использованием oils чайного дерева отрегулировать рацион,
eliminate negative external effects and give the skin more

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