A calm manicure is a great option.office nail art

In women, a lot depends on the mood. For example, today she
I want to be bright and noticeable, a sort of vamp, and she
uses “war paint” and in cosmetics, and nails. And tomorrow
there is a desire to look cute and feminine – here to help
Manicure comes in soothing colors. Light pastel lacquer –
it is very convenient: it perfectly “adapts” to any bows, with
He can go to the feast and to the world: at least in a nightclub, at least

But before you buy pastel shades, you should
take into account several interesting features of this
manicure One of them – you need to carefully watch how such
colors match the shape and length of the nails.

Form is important

Despite the seeming versatility of soft manicure
shades, he is capable of a little cunning: visually varnishes
light colors expand the nail plate. Therefore, if you
for example, short wide nails, it is worth combining pastel
colors with contrast and not use them in isolation.

For narrow long or short nails such a manicure is simply
find Combining tranquil nude, pastel and any natural
tones with black, gray and white, you can create an interesting original

How to combine colors

Nude plus white is a great, safe bet. Designers
strongly recommend stocking up such varnishes, because in
next year they will lead among others.

  • It is advisable to remember that fashion this year is most supportive.
    to the minimum number of colors combined in one image. Two,
    a maximum of three colors is the amount that you can imagine
    allow, without fear of being branded as special, not watching fashionable
  • Looks great combination of light pink or
    light lilac combinable with white. This year in many
    Compositions lilac assigned the role of a full replacement of nude.
    Only you need to make sure that the lilac color is completely
  • Black color is irreplaceable. Let any chosen one serve as the basis
    you pastel shade, and the pattern must be applied black. Do not portray
    nothing fussy: with a nude manicure look best
    laconic drawings a la lace, inflicted with a thin needle.
  • Good french and moon manicure. Almost a classic of the genre – french in
    soothing shades, and across the entire surface of the nail plate is applied
    tracery pattern.

Picking up successful combinations for manicure in soothing colors,
pay attention to such:

  • mint with silver and white;
  • nude and blue;
  • white and smoky gray;
  • light pistachio and pinkish;
  • pearl blue and white;
  • celadon and nacre;
  • light blue and pink.

Always great coffee in combination with white, with milk.


If you just want to put on your nails, for example, French
Manicure two varnishes soft shades – please. But you can
allow yourself to experiment. Option: apply on 8 nails gentle
lilac lacquer, and 2 cover with some contrast: dark blue,
black. Or, on the contrary, take similar shades: blue,
pink, smoky.

  • Moon manicure – “outfit” for nails, relevant almost in
    any setting. The last fashion squeak is the elongation of the hole and the change
    its forms. Fancy elongated triangular hole, which
    starts at the base of the nail plate and extends, tapering, to
    its ending is an original idea. She relished
    to designers, and now they do such a manicure for clients,
    wishing to stand out against the general background. This pattern makes short nails
    longer visually and narrows wide plates. Calm manicure
    suggesting the use of delicate shades, perfect
    for such an unusual pattern.
  • Fine, if you decide to use the gradient.
    The effect of ombre is stylish, beautiful and fashionable. Try
    Temperature lacquer –it is particularly suitable for the gradient.
    You might like this trendy idea:
    translucent lacquer gradually “compacted” and completed
    saturated thick color.
  • A calm manicure can and even needs to be supplemented with drawings. AT
    Recently, the masters of nail art are trying to focus on
    time of year. In winter, they paint voluminous snowflakes and fir trees on their nails,
    in the spring – icicles, in the fall – fruits, leaves and spikelets, and in the summer –
  • Use acrylic to give expression
    powder and rub. ATтирки могут быть разными – они добавят
    metallic luster, velvet or nacre, depending
    from the desire for beauty and from the opportunities offered
    created image.

Broken glass design allows effect
expressiveness and novelty even in the case when you take under
The main background varnish is the most modest color.

ATнимание на детали

As you have seen, a manicure in soothing colors can turn out.
very beautiful and stylish. But you need to pay attention to
some little things. It would seem that these are minor details, however
disregard of the recommendations of the masters of nail art in the case of application
gentle, calm manicure will lead to errors in style
solutions. ATот эти рекомендации:

  • refuse to use bright colors for the pattern taken in
    large volume;
  • strictly follow the given theme – do not switch from lace to
    triangles on adjacent nails;
  • do not accentuate the volume too much;
  • be cautious with rhinestones (maximum area covered by them –
    partially one or two nails);
  • minimize the gloss, let it be present only in the pattern or
  • Do the drawing with the utmost care.

Sometimes designers are too addicted to creating original
of the image and forget that it must be in harmony with the inner
the world of women, and this is very important! Bright, determined beauty can
�”Wear” on the nails more bold pattern, such that the surrounding immediately
noticed her. Modest, graceful girl will feel
much more comfortable if there is a nail polish on her nails
soothing shades without clearly distinguished patterns.

AT заключение стоит сделать еще одно небольшое предостережение:
очень аккуратно обращайтесь с black. Yes, it is better than other colors.
emphasize the magic picture. Yes, he will always add style and
nobility. But an excess of black deprives manicure of ease, namely
we strive for it when using pastel shades –

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