60s hairstyles: back to the past orcurrent trends? Volume bouffant – the fall-winter season hit.2016-2017

Вс, 25 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Горячева

Today, the bright and expressive fashion of the 60s is relevant as

This phenomenon confirms the well-known expression that all
new – well forgotten old.

Modern eminent designers and stylists still draw
inspiration in fashion trends of the time.

Features hairstyles 60s, photo

This decade can rightly be called legendary in
fashion industry. Fashion trends are radically different from the style
50s, characterized by sophisticated glamor. In the world of fashion
rushing into miniskirts that produced real
sensation, dresses with a high waist, double-breasted jackets, boots from
vinyl, overalls, jackets with zippers, bright ethnic prints.

New expressive style required new hairstyles –
the bukli and smooth curls faded into the background.
In the 60’s
trend – graphic clear haircuts created by the hairdresser Vidal
Sassun, extremely stylish, modern and, importantly,
easy to maintain. For the first time, the bob haircut was demonstrated on
the show of the collection of Mary Quant, who presented to the world revolutionary
miniskirts, and the ultra-short “Pixie cut” (“elf haircut”) was
created specifically for actress Mia Farrow. �”Page” has become a favorite
Mireille Mathieu’s hairstyle, a kind of visiting card of the singer.

Jacqueline Kennedy, the spouse of the president of the United States has introduced a fashion for
разновидность «боба»
– объемный «флип», мега популярную в
those years hairstyle. Length differs from the classic “bean” “flip”
hair (they should reach the shoulders), as well as the way of styling
tips (twisted not inside, but out).

Today “bob”, “squeaks”, “page” are at the peak of popularity, and
volumetric “flip” many stars use to go to the red

An alternative to short geometric haircuts served
puffy voluminous hairstyles that became insanely popular after the release
In the light of the picture “Babette goes to war” with Brigitte Bardot.

Charming sexy blonde with casually whipped hair with
the fur made a real sensation. Despite the fact that the creation
this hairstyle took a lot of time, owners of long hair
wanted to by no means resemble a seductive
french film actress.

If clear graphic haircuts reigned on the catwalk and in
film industry, being very popular with models, film actresses,
singers, in real life girls were closer feminine hairstyles
With bouffant a la Bridget Bards in various interpretations. For
additional volume often used chignons.

Любопытно, что создатель
Geometric haircut Vidal Sasun does not consider hair with
ruffled bad taste and made them masterfully.

Hairstyles of the 60s, photos of the legendary “Babette”

About this hairstyle, which caused so many disputes in those years, is worth
talk separately, because today a girl with a full bouffant is not
causes no one’s surprise. �”Babette” from the 60s firmly occupied their
niche in the modern world of fashion. Especially often this hairstyle
used for special occasions, such as weddings, but quite
It also looks appropriate in everyday looks.

And in our country in the 60s, Babette was fiercely criticized and even
called harmful from the hygienic point of view. Indeed without
varnish, the former in the USSR in short supply, fix the hair was
impossible, therefore, adventurous women of fashion used to
fixing a pile of sugar syrup and not combed hair by
several days.

�”Babette” is created on long curls, as with bangs,
so without it.
The principle of implementation is as follows:
An intense bouffant is done on the hair, after which the strands are combed.
back and collect in a sloppy roll. Optional hairstyle
decorated with ribbons, original hairpins, bows.
Solemn option – the use of diadem, crown, sparkling
hoop and other exquisite accessories.

How to make “Babette” at home:

1. To collect hair in a high tail, to intercept it in two places
rubber bands and fold to the side.

2. Under the tail, put a roller and fix it with pins.

3. Lower the tail on the roller, tie a rubber band.

4. The resulting “babette” divided into two parts, secure
each of them invisible.

5. Each of the two parts combed and stabbed stealth in
center, forming a bow under the roller.

There are a lot of variations of “Babette”. For example, unshared volumetric
the tail, fixed in the form of a high cushion on top, will add
an image of style and charisma. Feminine and romantic looking
�”Babette”, in which only a portion of hair is collected on the top of its head,
the remaining strands fall freely on the shoulders.

To make an elegant hairstyle of the 60s look neat,
It is necessary to spray hair with varnish.

The attractive feature of Babette is that it goes
all women, without exception, the main thing – to choose the option according to
your type of appearance. So, the classic hairstyle will suit girls
with an oval face. The owners of diamond or triangular
persons need to choose the option with a bang, which starts at the very

Rare bangs help adjust and soften square
chin and massive cheekbones, and the side strands will hide the fullness

Not too lush “Babette” in the shape of a shell with a stylish
Asymmetrical bangs make a long or oblong skinny face

Hairstyles of the 60s in the style of style, photo

Speaking of styling methods that are relevant to the 60s,
note and special outrageous direction. Style dude followed
youth, protesting against the gray everyday life.

Female hairstyles amazed with a variety and courage of execution.
Curls gathered in a variety of bunches, which gave them a similarity
with the aforementioned “Babette”, located on the crown, nape,
at the side. Volumetric bouffant, cocci, curls were welcomed. The most
The most popular hairstyles were “Peace Corolla”, “Pipes”, “High Flight”,

How to make a lush tail

This is the easiest hairstyle in the style of style, perfect
suitable for young girls. Make it easy as opposed
from Babette, the execution of which requires certain

1. To collect hair in a high tail.

2. Comb the tail, giving it a maximum volume.

3. Slightly smooth hair to make hair look

4. Use hair strand to mask the gum.

5. If desired, you can give your hair a fluted structure with
using curling flute.

You can give a festive look to a hairstyle if you intercept the tail in
several places with pearl threads.

�”Flying high”

This elegant and stylish hairstyle can also be done
не имея определенных skills:

1. Apply to the hair spray with the function of thermal protection, pull
strands ironing so that they are perfectly smooth, with a mirror

2. Select a few strands on the crown.

3. Curls on temples start back and fasten on the back of the head
invisible crosswise.

4. The remaining hair strongly combed and comb back.

5. Fix styling varnish.

The hairstyle “High
flight, if you decorate it with a beautiful ribbon.

As you can see, today hairstyles in the style of the 60s are very relevant.
They are used by star stylists and fashionable hairdressers. Why
and you do not choose for themselves the appropriate option in a retro style?

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