52 manicure ideas for a New Year’s party orcorporate party

New Year holidays are coming, and every beauty is in advance
thinks out a spectacular party image. Nice dress,
styling, makeup … But do not forget, of course, about the manicure,
because it is a wonderful decoration of women’s hands. It is the quality and
the relevance of the manicure will tell a lot about your taste and grooming,
underline the festive look you created. Fortunately, modern
nail art trends are able to satisfy the most demanding
fashionistas. Whatever your wishes, in the coming year
manicure masters will be able to help you create a topical image with
taste and style.

Long or short?

The variety of popular techniques really surprises. For
lovers of long nails and bright design, bold color
decisions – this is the time for active creative implementation. Some
time long nails aren’t often attracted to nail art designers, and
preference was given to more natural forms.

Now at the peak of popularity of the form with a pointed end and
elongated oval. In combination with an elegant pattern and original
the color scheme such a manicure favorably emphasizes the beauty
female hands, visually lengthens the fingers, makes the image more elegant
and refined. Get back to fashion
false nails. Of course, these methods should be used with
caution because overstepping the line between fashion and tastelessness
pretty easy.

For любительниц более сдержанного повседневного маникюра тоже
there is good news. Short nails do not rush to yield
positions, especially when combined with trendy colors and elegant
decor. Such a manicure always adds tenderness and femininity.
its owner.

If in doubt what to choose, then experienced
the master will recommend exactly which length and shape is most beneficial.
will emphasize your hands, and will also correspond to the desired

What are the most popular coating colors?

Color solutions are now entirely dependent on the time of year. AT
particular, in the winter and in the New Year holidays you can’t go wrong if
Give preference to deep dark tones. AT моде насыщенный
wine, deep purple, warm yellow and chocolate shades.
Especially important is the use of iridescent coatings, as well as
metallized elements.

Designers warn that the use of colors such as
bright red and black should be skillfully played up in the image.
For example, do not give them preference for short nails or
in the case of a deep fit of the nail plate on the fingers. Same
should consider how such a manicure will be combined with the general
in a way.

Casual winter manicure is more restrained,
in contrast to the holiday. AT моде различные нюдовые оттенки и
Matte versions. They are not inferior to them and delicate pastel
shades with a cold midtone. It should be noted that such decisions
remain relevant throughout the coming year.

Actual decorations

AT моде остается и броский дизайн. Using glitter, rhinestone,
stickers and other decorations will help create a unique New Year
nail art. It is worth noting that overdoing this issue
very easy. Prefer bright accents, but not
let them eclipse your whole image. Let better
your smiles sparkle than overly decorated nails. how
practice shows, one or two decorative elements is enough,
to make your manicure different.

Monotonous staining of nails remains relevant. ATнимание в
This case is transferred to impeccable form and originality.
colors. This reception is suitable for a festive evening, and for
everyday wear. So, if you look at the issue with
from a practical point of view, then one-color dyeing in trendy colors
– the best solution for New Year’s manicure.

Do not forget about the right care!

Important is the condition of the skin of the hands. pay attention to
special care needed in winter. Because skin is light
dry out, pick the right moisturizer, and
but do not neglect scrubs and masks. ATедь даже самый
Fashionable manicure can be ruined with chapped hands.

Connect the fantasy and be sure to follow the advice
articles, at the New Year’s party, you will immediately stunning
way, and trend manicure will be its highlight.

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