50 best new year manicure ideas for shortnails!


  • New Year’s french short nails
  • Lunar New Year’s manicure
  • Blue New Year’s manicure for short nails
  • Red manicure
  • Manicure with sparkles
  • Green shades
  • Black shades
  • Gentle manicure

If initially complex designs preferred to create only
long nails, now everything has changed. Short length in 2-3
centimeter does not limit the flight of fantasy masters who create
complex and creative patterns. If the owner does not like bright or
�”Sophisticated” design, you can give preference to natural
option – it is a classic.

Popular winter manicure:

  1. For natural manicure choose natural and pastel.
    shades. The most popular remain: beige, peach and all
    shades of pink. Add a festive mood by using
    a small amount of sparkles, which conditionally resembles snow on
  2. In winter, the knitted effect on the nails is quite popular.
    sweater “, which is performed using a special acrylic
    powder This manicure looks very nice and cozy, and is performed.
    most often in soothing neutral shades.
  3. For short nails, shellac coating is often used,
    especially if the plate is not in perfect condition. To decorate
    rhinestones and stickers can be used. Shellac provides not only
    smooth and smooth surface, but also healing effect. Plus
    the covering differs in firmness throughout 2 weeks.

There are a lot of options and ideas for New Year’s manicure for short nails,
of them just need to choose the right one!

New Year’s french short nails

French – favorite French manicure. He won a special
Popular due to naturalness and versatility. On this
moment there are so many varieties of it: lunar, double,
reverse, striped or with a triangular hole. Therefore boring such
option not exactly name.

New Year’s manicure can be performed not in the classic
pink and white, for example, with a golden border or
silver elements. Often make a spectacular hole of rhinestones.
There are many other techniques: shiny snowflakes, highlighting
excellent color or gloss just one nail on the hand, etc. AT
In general, on the New Year you should not skimp on the glitter and shimmer, but not
it is necessary to apply several shades of “shine” at the same time –
make such a manicure stylish only by professionals.

�”Lunar” manicure for the New Year for short nails

A little away from the classic version, took a strong position
lunar french, which has another name – the opposite french or
�”back”. It involves focusing on the bottom of the nail. it
lunula, which is on the border with the cuticle. Usually her
emit a contrasting color in relation to the rest of the nail,
often with a “smile”.

With its performance there are several features. Since myself
manicure will be quite simple, then for a spectacular look nail
the plate must be in perfect condition, which requires high
professionalism. AT данном случае обработке кутикулы уделяется
the most attention, since any missteps will be greatly

For independent performance it is better to choose “lightweight”.
option that is performed using special templates and
stencils: arcuate, semicircular or triangular shape. With
time will develop the skill and it will be possible to draw a straight line without
use of these devices: first on the surface of the nail
a colored coating is applied, and then a “smile” is drawn. But for this
need patience and a little time!

New Year’s manicure in blue for short nails

ATремя года влияет не только на наряды и прически, но и на
color preferences. For example, in the winter more popular
becomes blue color that reminds of snow, ice and dark
long nights This trend is also seen in manicure, and
To decorate blue shades, the following colors are more often chosen:

  • white;
  • gold;
  • silver.

Additional elements are various kinds of sparkles,
rhinestones and stones.

ATлияют на выбор рисунка и модные веяния. For example, now often
use several shades of the same color at once. Not
rent positions and geometric patterns, definitely worth a try
Manicure with “Christmas motifs” in a bluish tint. Insofar as
this color is rather dark, it is “diluted” with light contrast

Red on short nails – perfect for the New Year

Probably there is no other more New Year and festive color,
than red! it классика не только в маникюре, но и в макияже,
which never goes out of fashion. In addition to femininity, which he
symbolizes, this color is able to attract the attention of others, and in
New Year’s atmosphere, he will fit perfectly with everything
surrounding space, not just with outfit.

  1. If red nails want to additionally decorate or slightly
    �”Mute”, then comes to the aid of “white” color in the form of patterns,
    stripes, dots or snowflakes, lace, etc. Trend of the last 2 years
    – вязаный узор на nails
  2. AT случае невозможности beautiful drawing of any patterns
    independently, your favorite stencils and specials come to the rescue
    stickers – sliders.
  3. Not забываем про «блеск и мерцание» — добавляем праздника с
    using rhinestones, foils, as well as gold and silver spangles.

AT любом случае, красный – беспроигрышный вариант для новогодней

�”Brilliant” option on short nails in the New Year

A variety of ways to decorate your nails does not go to any
Comparison with the popularity of different sparkles, rhinestone and glitter. it
almost mandatory element of any outfit or hairstyle.

  1. ATыбрав в качестве основы холодные оттенки «металлика» можно с
    ease to achieve the effect of refined luxury.
  2. If a fun youth party is scheduled, then brilliant
    elements can be combined with “leopard” or fashionable now
  3. Pastel shades of the base in combination with foil or rhinestones
    suitable for any image.

AT любом случае, если ваш наряд сдержанный, то можно не скупиться
and decorate short nails “to the fullest.”

�”Green” on short nails in the New Year

Another very New Year color after red is green. For
nails – this is not the most common palette, but for the New Year
manicure it fits perfectly, especially as green shades
blend beautifully with lots of colors:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • red;
  • blue and turquoise;
  • gold.

Emerald tones are great for a fashion effect now.
�”Cat’s eye”, with overflow of dark and light shades.

Notобычный маникюр в черном цвете

Black color along with red is considered classic not only in
manicure, but also in clothes, accessories, etc., but for New Year’s Eve
not many choose it. But if you decorate the dark
short nails with patterns or drawings using sparkles or rhinestones,
then you can get a wonderful holiday option.

Its peculiarity is that it combines black almost with
any other color, any length and shape of the nail plate.
Snow-white snowflakes or dots in
light colors that are made with a special tool –

Technique of performing New Year’s manicure for short nails in
delicate shades

Among the easiest for self-fulfillment are
images made in the form of ordinary colored dots. it могут
be snowflakes, snowmen or christmas trees. If you create yourself
such masterpieces seem rather difficult then you can purchase
special sets, for example, Stamping Nail Art. The set consists of
special stamps that are easy to use
decorate the nail plate with patterns.

ATажным моментов в этой процедуре является правильное сочетание
colors and shades. For example, the combination looks very gentle
a turquoise base and white stamping patterns, and
decoration of one of the nails on the hand with glitter.

From all this we can conclude that short nails are not
obstacle to decorating them.

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