Tretinoin as an effective treatmentacne

Acne is a fairly common disease that occurs.
not only in young people, but also in adults. Therapies it
amenable to difficult, and although doctors massively send patients to check
condition of the gastrointestinal tract, happy healing stories,
among test takers there are still extremely few.

The main cause of chronic inflammations on the face is abnormal.
desquamation of the skin epithelium, which results in clogged output
from the hair follicle. Every person has sebaceous glands constantly
secrete sebum into the lumen of the follicle, but if the mouth of the follicle
blocked by exfoliated epithelium, fat underneath begins
accumulates, clogged pores.

Normally, bacteria of the genus Propionibacterium acnes inhabit the skin,
usually not showing off. However, if the pH of the skin changes
(frequent topical use of alcohol-containing products, soap with
pH value other than 5.5, long-term use of antibiotics,
reduced immunity), these microorganisms begin to actively
breed in sebum. The immune system responds, and eventually
inflammations are formed on the skin – papules and pustules, which, together with
comedoons (clogged hair follicles) and form
знакомую всем клиническую картину acne.


A – the follicle is normal, B – open comedo (blackheads), C –
closed comedo (whiteheads), D – papule, E – pustule

The second, equally important reason for the appearance of acne –
excessive production of sebum under the action of male hormones.
First, there may be a genetically enhanced
sensitivity of sebaceous glands to male genital

Secondly, the sensitivity may be normal, but
hormones in the body for some reason a lot. Male surplus
hormones observed in all adolescents and usually passes to 25-30
years Also, some diseases (polycystic ovary, syndrome
Cushing) are accompanied by hormonal imbalance.

In addition, some foods may contain male
sex hormones, or stimulate the production of insulin, which
enhances their effect on the sebaceous glands.

Therapy of increased sebaceous excretion is extremely complex and is associated with
taking potent drugs that, firstly, are suitable
not all, have side effects, and secondly, can not be applied
constantly. Остается местное лечение acne, и тут важно выбрать
working external agent.


Самым эффективным наружным средством для лечение acne считаются
tretinoin-based creams and gels. This substance is
analogue of vitamin “A” and belongs to the class of retinoids. In the West
третионин используют для лечения acne уже более 25 лет. Trethionine
normalizes desquamation of the epithelium and thereby prevents
blockage of hair follicles.

One of the pleasant side effects of tertionine is –
anti-aging effect. Drugs based on it actively eliminate
fine wrinkles and polish the skin. You need to use the drug
long and first results wait six months

Epiduo Before After Acne

Trethionine выпускается под торговыми марками Aberela, Airol,
Aknemycin, Altinac, Atralin, Atrederm, Avita, Cordes, Locacid,
Rejuva-A, Renova, Retin-A, Retinova, Stieva-A, Tretinoin,
Tretinoine, Vesanoid.

The tubes are not only distinguished by manufacturers, but also
the concentration of the active substance is from 0.025 to 0.1%, not more.

The safest drugs on the basis of tertionine include 0.1%
gel “Retin-A Micro” and 0,025% cream “Avita”, dosage form
which was specially created to minimize side effects.
In the first case, these are microspheres, and in the second, a special polymer
the foundation.

In Russia, the fourth generation of retinoids are more known –
adapalen (“Differin”) and tazaroten (Zorak). However, confuse them with
tretinoin is not worth it – their effectiveness is somewhat lower. Besides,
they do not give rejuvenating effect.

Adapalen (Differin) is a naphthoic acid derivative that
in its effects on the skin, it only resembles the effect of tertionine.
The latter is a natural product of vitamin metabolism.
�”A”, that is, by its chemical structure is best
corresponds to vitamin “A”, which means that for the body it is more
physiological than other retinoids.

How to properly apply trethionine?

Carefully read the instructions to the drug. One hour before use
moisturize the skin. Wait until it is completely dry – wet
In no case should tretinoin be applied to the skin. Dry your skin and
apply cream, better at night. A small pea is usually enough for
all face When using tertionine first time (a couple of weeks)
redness, peeling, and perhaps even some
обострение acne, но это вполне нормально и ожидаемо. During
1-2 months comes a clear improvement.

Where to buy or order tretinoin?

In Russian pharmacies, tretinoin-based creams are not
shipped, look for it there is no use. Люди, страдающие acne,
get the drug from our dealers on the Internet, brought from
overseas trips in europe are ordered to western sites with
delivery to Russia. The cost of a tube from dealers – 1000-2000
rubles. In America, tretinoin can be bought for 20-70 dollars. Cream
Retin-A from the famous cosmetics company Obagi is sold on
English sites for about 50 pounds.

Before you start hunting for tretinoin, consult with
a doctor. The drug is strong, and in some countries only released
on prescription.

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