The most effective wraps fromcellulite

Although doctors and cosmetologists insist that cellulite is
just a cosmetic flaw, not a disease, all women of the world
no less stubbornly do not want to live with him. The trouble is that “orange
crust “does not depend on the weight category of the woman – she can
�”Decorate” the thighs and buttocks of both magnificent stately beauties and
slender graceful young ladies model appearance. Of course, with a lot
weight traces of cellite are most noticeable, but this does not prevent striving
get rid of it to all the girls. Cream of this problem are
exactly as much as they use, that is, cumulative
they have no effect, or it passes very quickly. Much
more effective and “durable” a variety of wraps from

It is best to perform such wraps in the cabin, but you can
use them for home procedures. You can apply as
ready-made tools, and made according to homemade recipes.
A variety of preparations for wrapping there is a great
many, among them famous for its quality and efficiency
cosmetics Guam. The main condition under which the wrap will give
good result is correct use and regularity
application. All types of procedures, both salon, and house, are carried out
courses. Their duration depends on the severity
Problems. Usually wraps perform a course of 10 procedures.


Rules for preparing the body for wrapping

Для того, чтобы все активные вещества из средства от cellulite
penetrated deep into the skin, it must be properly prepared. For this
you need to consistently perform the following manipulations:

  • Thorough cleansing of the body with a detergent
    suitable for skin type.
  • Treatment of the skin with a scrub or special peeling. This
    manipulation will remove the bedding of dead cells, and
    healing active substances can be completely absorbed by the skin
  • Для того, чтобы маска от cellulite стала еще более эффективной,
    do it best after a good warming up of the body, for example, in
    bath, shower or after a visit to the bath, sauna or hammam. Under
    heat and moisture make the pores open and the skin is like a sponge
    absorbs the remedy.
  • Strengthen the wrapping action can be covered with a warm blanket
    or using special coatings over the film,
    heating with an electric blanket or heaters.
  • After the procedure and washing off the mask you need to apply
    suitable cream or gel for strengthening and fixing

Seaweed wraps

One of the favorite salon procedures is wrapping from
seaweed They contain many healing minerals,
iodine, selenium, zinc and vitamins. Such drugs are very effective.
remove excess fluid, stimulate blood circulation and circulation
lymph, free the body from toxins. After the algal course
wraps skin is compacted and smoothed, the volumes are reduced
by a few centimeters.

Mud wraps

This type of anti-cellulite exposure is very popular since
they can be easily used at home. The most pronounced effect
can be obtained by taking advantage of the famous Dead Sea mud.
The healing effect of this substance has been known since ancient times, they
constantly treated skin diseases. Gradually people drew
note that after soiling the skin is cleansed and
getting younger right before your eyes, becoming more smooth and elastic.

For home use, you can purchase Dead Sea dirt
in different packaging – from single packs to large cans for the whole
course of procedures. This is a very high quality and proven tool. If a
perform all manipulations using training,
film and heating, you can get rid of 3-4 cm in one course
volumes and get perfectly smooth, even and elastic skin.

Использовать грязь можно не только против cellulite, но и для
rejuvenation of the whole body, for example, when a loose belly and sagging
skin back of the hands.

Clay based treatments

This substance is an excellent base for various masks, including
and for products intended for body care. Clay easy
smeared, when dried, acting as a skeleton,
designed to tighten and tighten the skin. You can add the most
various substances, from essential oils to various extracts. Can
purchase ready-made clay mass for wraps, or with
ease to cook it at home. For this в
clay diluted with good sour cream
oils, menthol for a cooling effect or pepper tincture
warming up. Clay can be diluted with ordinary or mineral
water, milk, decoction of medicinal plants and other drugs and

Mass with menthol is good to use in hot summer. Besides,
that this treatment will significantly improve the skin of the body, which is very important
in the summer, when all the clothes are very open, it will also perfectly refresh in
heat A warming wrap is best done in the cold, then
This procedure will be doubly enjoyable.

Chocolate happiness for body and soul

Этот тип лечения от cellulite – real pleasure. Thick
the weary mass smells divinely, making the cosmetic procedure still
and an extremely enjoyable “gourmet” process. Since chocolate
contains caffeine, theobromine and cocoa butter, such a mask under the film
extremely beneficial to the skin.

With the help of a course of “tasty” manipulations, you can quickly get rid of
lymph stagnation, smooth skin, make the body strong,
fit, improve the structure and color of the skin. Chocolate wraps
exceptionally beneficial, but you need to consider that for the procedure
no ordinary edible tiles from the supermarket. Chocolate for
wrappings is a specially designed cosmetology
high efficacy drug.

Мед для избавления от cellulite

Honey is widely used for cosmetic purposes, it is not suitable
only for masks and massages, but also copes with the role
anti-cellulite drug. For this его можно использовать в
pure form, just spreading it on the body and wrapping it in a thick layer
special elastic film. You can also add other honey.
active substances, including essential oils, caffeine, tincture
pepper or menthol.

Honey – a natural storehouse of vitamins and healing mineral
substances. It contains anti-inflammatory substances that
effectively fight skin defects. Also, honey has been used since ancient times
for cosmetic purposes as an excellent moisturizer. However
honey there are contraindications. This is a strong allergen, so people with
high sensitivity is better not to use it.

Oils for smooth and dense skin

Wrapping oil-based is perfect for dry and
дряблой кожи со следами cellulite. In olive, almond or
any other base oil add essential oils considered
active remedy against the “orange peel” – lemon,
orange, lavender, cedar, juniper or other coniferous
and citrus. The resulting mixture is applied to the prepared skin,
wrapped in a film and warm up the body. After the procedure and shower skin
it becomes literally tender like silk.

Популярность обертываний от cellulite обусловлена их высокой
efficiency and ease of use in home
conditions. For this необходимо иметь лишь подходящий состав,
elastic film, free time and a little patience. But in
the result will be a small price to get perfectly toned,
smooth and beautiful young body.

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