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В статье вы найдете рецепты масок для hair: с яйцом и медом, с
honey and burdock oil, with cinnamon and honey, with honey and brandy, with
mustard and honey, with honey and castor oil, with onions and honey, with
медом и витаминами, с кефиром и медом, для осветления hair с медом
и лимоном, с алоэ и медом,  с дрожжами и медом, с перцем и
honey, with milk and honey, with gelatin and honey, with honey and salt.

Honey is a versatile and tasty remedy. As soon as his
do not apply! And they drink tea with colds and skin in the sauna
rubbed to gain smoothness and get rid of cellulite, and even
маски для hair делают. It turns out this natural product
способен творить настоящие чудеса: избавлять hairы от излишней
fat content, eliminate brittleness and dryness, add shine to hair and

Specialists in the composition of honey up to 400 biologically
active substances. Here are just a small part of them:

  • – iodine;
  • – iron;
  • – zinc;
  • – vitamins.

You can use honey in its pure form, but it is especially good in
the composition of the masks when mixed with other ingredients. So,
try to apply some popular recipes.


Egg Honey Mask

The amount of nutrients in ordinary eggs

  • – magnesium;
  • – zinc;
  • – vitamins A, E, vitamins of group B, vitamin D;
  • – Calcium;
  • – fatty acid.

Все это необходимо нашим hairам, чтобы быть крепкими и красиво
to look like. Mixing egg yolk with two spoons of honey and a pair of spoons
olive oil, we get an excellent nutritional mass, which
нужно держать на hairах около 40 минут. Then all the necessary elements
have time to soak. Then wash off the mask with shampoo.

Burdock oil in the “community” with honey

A great helper to hairdressers and beauticians from old
times remains burdock oil. It would seem an ordinary burdock –
weed, and how much benefit from it! Rather, from the oil extracted from
certain parts of the plant.

Чтобы укрепить hairы, а также избавиться от перхоти и
склонности hair к поредению, возьмем столовую ложку масла, столько
liquid honey and heat it all together (but not until hot
condition, and so that the mixture just became warm).

Oleic acid, manganese, vitamins, ricinoleic and stearic
acids will interact with beneficial substances
contained in honey for an hour while you hold the mask. Then
wash off using shampoo.

Some cinnamon and honey for beauty

Cinnamon is most often used as an invigorating spice. She is
promotes warming up, enhance blood flow. Becoming a component
honey mask, cinnamon speeds up the metabolism, thereby helping
active blood supply to the scalp. Bulbs strengthened
начинается активный рост hair. The mask is perfect for brittle
hair, а также для тех, которые от природы не отличаются объемом.

  • – honey (pour a couple of tablespoons of liquid);
  • – ground cinnamon (a teaspoon);
  • – Two spoons (table) of olive oil.

We connect everything. For 45 minutes we put a mask on the hair, trying
distribute evenly. Then wash off, and to shine in the last
rinse (cool water) add a little vinegar.

«Пьянящая» маска: коньяк для hair

Cognac, ingested (in small quantities),
stimulates metabolism. Same action he turns out to be
produces on the scalp if used as an ingredient
honey mask We splash in a bowl:

  • – A tablespoon of brandy;
  • – A tablespoon of liquid honey.
  • and add an egg (you can only yolk).

This mixture should be applied to the scalp in a warm form. With
regular use of the mask you will see that the hair has become
much better and gained a healthy glow.

Mustard plus honey

Mustard can often be seen on the table as a hot spice.
And if you take the powder, and not paste in a tube, you can successfully
применять эту пряность при изготовлении масок для hair. Mustard
хорошо активизирует работу hairяных bulbs.

Spice should be diluted with warm, not hot, water.
the amount of one teaspoon. To the resulting suspension add
a tablespoon of liquid (or softened in a water bath) honey and
half a teaspoon of butter. This mask must be applied to
грязные hairы, а затем, подождав минут 30, смывать шампунем. If a
feel a burning sensation – do not wait for the allotted time, it is necessary
immediately go to the shower.

Castor oil honey mask

Этот рецепт похож на рецепт репейно-honey mask In the same
proportions should take honey and butter (only now – castor) and
нанести на hairы. You can add a little lemon juice and 1 yolk.
Rinse off in half an hour – an hour.

Onion mask

Peeling one onion, you need to grate it on a fine grater. Then к
add one or two tablespoons of honey and a spoon of olive oil. This
смесь наносится на чистые hairы на полчаса. There is one small
�”Minus”: of course, from the head of the hair will smell some time
onions. Чтобы уменьшить силу аромата, ополосните hairы

Мед и витамины – скорая помощь hairам

Vitamins of group B remarkably renew skin cells,
способствуют активизации «уснувших» hairяных bulbs. Buy at
pharmacy ampoules B2, B6, B12 and mix with a tablespoon of honey. BUT
If you add a spoon of burdock oil – the effect will increase. Keep
Mask can be half an hour.

Подпитаем hairы кефиром

This маска хороша тем, что определенный эффект вы заметите
almost immediately after the first use. The hair will be lush
and luxurious, like actresses on the screen. Take:

  • – half a cup of kefir;
  • – a teaspoon of dry yeast;
  • – A spoon of honey (dining room).

All mixed, waiting for the yeast “earn.” Then mix
нужно нанести на hairы и полчаса погулять в таком виде. In kefir
a lot of protein, which is a building material for cells, and
calcium. The mask works great.

Brunette turns … into a blonde

Using honey and lemon, you can not only feed, but also slightly
lighten strands. No, of course, natural brunette actually
after such a mask will not rise in the morning with a golden head of hair, but
шатенкам можно сделать hairы на 1, а то и 2 тона светлее.

Mix the juice of a whole lemon with two tablespoons of honey (table).
Keep маску нужно минут 10-15. With желании ее можно часто
повторять, и постепенно hairы станут заметно светлее.

BUTлоэ и мед

1 spoon (or large dessert, or table) juice of aloe and
liquid honey poured into a bowl, where stir with 1 egg yolk.
The resulting mask must be kept for 20 minutes.

Yeast Mask with Honey

Yeast contains large amounts of protein, as well as many
витаминов группы В. Поэтому их используют для лечения hair и кожи
heads quite often, and recipes are known for a long time,
when people could judge the benefits solely by practical
results, and not on the basis of theory.

It is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of yeast in milk, where
pre-added honey. About an hour you need to wait to
yeast “earned.” After that, we apply a mask for half an hour.
To do such a medical procedure can be 1-2 times a week.

Pepper and honey: hot couple

Red pepper – an excellent tool for warming and accelerating
metabolism. These properties are successfully used for
составлении масок для hair, помогающих сделать шевелюру гуще и
stronger. Tablespoon of ground red pepper combine with
four large spoons of honey.

Маску нужно наносить на чистые hairы на полчаса. If a будет
noticeably burn – immediately wash off with water.

Milk rivers, honey shores

Milk is a product found in every home. Let’s try
leave a little after cooking the morning porridge and use
это небольшое количество в маске для hair.

Молоко придаст hairам блеск и пышность, устранит ломкость.
It should be half a cup of milk mixed thoroughly with a large spoon of honey,
slightly warmed up. Pour a piece of white bread with this mixture,
leave for an hour. На hairах маску надо держать минут 40. Повторять
the procedure can be at least daily – there will be no harm, only benefit.

Gelatin and honey

Gelatin saturated with collagen, amino acids and iron is capable of
прекрасно ухаживать за hairами – не хуже иной дорогой промышленной
masks. BUT если соединить его с медом – польза будет двойной.
Шевелюра станет гладкой, мягкой, hairы будут послушными, с
lamination effect.

A tablespoon of gelatin should be filled with 3 spoons of warm water
(boiled). But the water should not be hot! Wait till
gelatin swell, add a spoonful of honey. Маску держать на hairах
30-40 minutes.

Honey mask, sweet and salty

You, probably, noticed, being on the sea: despite
cosmetologists warn that seawater is excessively
сушит hairы и делает их ломкими, шевелюра на самом деле часто
it becomes much better on vacation than at home, although you don’t need any masks
do not do. Withчина в том, что морская соль прекрасно укрепляет
hairы, помогает им быстро расти.

At home, you can make a mask of salt and honey (to heal
the effect was complete). Half a glass of sea salt from the pharmacy, half a glass
жидкого меда, можно добавить пару ложек коньяка – и ваши hairы
will become strong and beautiful. But the mask should be done regularly.

Медовые маски очень полезны для hair, доступны и не требуют
plenty of time to cook. Make it a rule at least once
week to do this or that mask – you can alternate them – and soon you
обнаружите, что hairы стали густыми, блестящими и пышными. Such
the magic power of honey is a sweet natural medicine!

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