Oriental eye makeup lesson

Today we look at this master class how to make
Oriental eye makeup. Perhaps this version will seem simple,
but you can safely increase the width and length of the arrow, change
colors on the necessary and then you get the result that you

макияж глаз в восточном стиле, фото

To create this makeup were used:

  • palette T01 Make up Atelier Paris;
  • black watercolor as a liner;
  • golden friable shadows;
  • shades of blue;
  • shades of white gold;
  • ink;
  • base shadows;
  • black kayal

We begin makeup with the guidance of purity on the face. Cleansing the skin and
we put base under a make-up. By the concealer we remove the imperfections of the skin and
after that we put a tone on the whole face.

We make a beautiful eyebrow. Since this is an oriental eye makeup, then
eyebrow should be clear and rich. If you do makeup for
image for a photo shoot or a party, then eyebrows can be made brighter
to get as close as possible to the eastern ideal.

If your eyelid is fat, it is best to apply a special base.
We fix everything with a half-empty brush with a tone and base shadows.

Draw a medium brown shade from the palette
a crease between a fixed and mobile eyelids. Do it
placing the mirror in front of him and looking straight at himself.

We extinguish this detail towards the temple. Shading should
repeat the shape of the eyebrow, and the tail look at the temple. bottom corner
details will recede from an external corner of an eye by 3 mm.

Fill the bottom of the shading along the entire length of dark brown

Now we need to make the bottom line of the part as clear as possible,
and the mobile eyelid is clean. Since shadows could fall on him,
erase them with a small brush in tone. Brush close to the line
the details. Without fully opening the eye, again fix all the base

Apply a light shade of eyebrow, easily extinguishing the color to brown.

White gold decorate the corner of the eye.

With a wide brush we decorate the mobile eyelid with golden shadows
впритык к чёткой линии the details. Shadows do not need to be smeared over the eyelids, but
just apply a swatting motion.

Due to the fact that we decorated the corner with white gold, we have achieved
smooth transition with gold color.

Легко тушуем тени под скосом верхней the details.

Draw an arrow on the upper eyelid. First we take it from the corner
eyes and gradually expand to the outside. But in this case will
the usual arrow that will serve as a template. We are her
we complement the tail like the inner corner of the eye, and
outdoor. Inner tail will extend the line of eyelash growth.
Наружный будет повторять направление хвостика the details.

Finish the arrow by drawing the bottom line of the inner
corner, bringing it to the line of growth of eyelashes. The end should be

If you need a more intense makeup, add to the top
detail deep into the corner of a black shade, extinguishing it up.

Lower eyelid we bring in blue shadows, and stain the mucous membrane
black kayal, smoothly connecting with the arrow.

Paint your eyelashes and our oriental eye makeup is ready!

восточный макияж глаз, фото

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