How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob andbob – caret

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - caretExists
Many ways of styling haircuts “bob” and “square”. For their implementation
Gel, varnish and styling foam are needed, which gives
hair volume, so that even with not too thick hair can
get a lush hairstyle.


Ways of laying a classic “caret” for everyday

When drying the hair, wrap the ends of the hair with a round comb inside,
separate the bangs, and comb the rest of the hair back. Form
bang and fix it with lacquer.

Highlight a small part from the main part of the hair
in the region of the crown (from one temple to another), the remaining hair
remain behind. Both pieces of hair lightly scoop up and make of them.
a small roller, which can be mounted on the back stealth or
spectacular barrette.

Wet hair divided into a side parting and blow-dry, with
This lift the comb strands on the back of his head to give the head
more rounded shape. When drying, you can use the gel or
foam in small quantities, but at the final stage of laying
Do not fix the hair – under the wind they will fall as it should.

If you have a long bang, then it will look very impressive
with hair divided into a straight parting. While dried
hair can be chaotically beaten with fingers greased with gel, and then
fix with lacquer.

If you have loose hair, divide them into a side parting and a little
beat with your fingers, wetted with the composition for laying. Thereafter
select a small strand of hair from the bang and release it on the forehead, and
rest hair back. This hairstyle can
fix with lacquer.

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - carethow
lay haircut bob. Evening hairstyle

Wind hair on curlers. After they dry,
carefully remove the curlers without touching the strands, and comb them
fingers from root to tip hair.

Apply a little gel on your fingers and brush your hair with your fingers.

In conclusion, make a side parting, shape your fingers
bang and fix the hair with lacquer.

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - caretHairstyle
for disco (short classic “square”)

Dry your hair, apply a little skin or gel on your fingers and
shake hair from the roots.

Comb with rare teeth, mix hair and distribute
round comb with rare teeth, accentuating the parietal part

The hair on the temples lower on the cheeks, forehead slightly open,
leaving short strands of bangs, and lay the rest of your hair in the form
The original cap, and the hair should look chaotic.

In conclusion, fix the hair with lacquer.

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - caret�”Care”
with a parting

Apply Nel or Foam to your hair and comb all hair.

Comb with fine teeth, draw the first line in
direction of the center of the head a few centimeters long,
divide the hair on this part.

From the end of this line, draw the same line the other way,
re-divide the hair.

Continue to make such small partings up to the top.
The number of partings – from 4 to 7, you should not do more, since
hair is very confused.

On one side of several small strands form

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - caretPiling
based on the classic “caret”

Moisten your hair with styling gel or wax and make it sideways.

Split the hair to the middle of the crown and smoothly comb them into both.

To the left of the parting, smoothly comb the small strand of bangs and
fasten it behind the ear.

Split the hair that remained, lower on the face. If they
already dried, apply an additional portion of the styling agent
divide the hair into small teeth and direct them to

On the back of the head you can make a comb and fix it with varnish.

How to put a bob haircut. How to lay bob and bob - caretNatural

If you want to get even a little styling
curly hair, almost dry hair, comb to one side and
dry it.

Now comb the hair to the other side and dry it too.

Head down and shake hair and then sharply
lift your head up. Hair will lie in the natural lush

Make a small part on the side and fix the hair

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