How to prepare for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can reduce hair growth on long time. The procedure is used to remove hair from face, back, legs, arms, fingers, armpits and intimate areas. In order for laser hair removal to be successful, preparation for The procedure must be performed correctly. Approach this subject with care to avoid complications. Be sure to consult a dermatologist to learn about personal tolerance based on your skin color and hair.

General recommendations

Let’s look at the standard recommendations you need. be sure to follow if you decide to visit the laser procedure hair removal:

  • 14 days before the procedure, it is forbidden to visit the solarium, skin contact with direct sunlight and even use sun creams;
  • In order for the procedure to be as effective as possible, do not pull out and do not lighten hair by any means. Otherwise they will germinate unevenly and slowly, and for the procedure is extremely it is important that the hair has a dense dark shaft.
  • At least 12-14 days before the procedure, try not to take antibiotics;
  • 2-3 days before the procedure, it is forbidden to wipe the skin, which will undergo laser hair removal, cosmetic alcohol-based products;
  • In about 5-9 hours, you must absolutely shave epilated area with a conventional machine tool. Shugaring or similar methods Depilation is better not to carry out.
  • Right before you start, you need to completely cleanse your skin from all means. If you carry out the procedure in the salon, then the master I must take care of this.

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Preparation for laser hair removal bikini includes a complete shaving hair a couple of days before the procedure so that its length was no more than one millimeter. This is necessary in order to the laser effect on the hair follicle was maximum, in otherwise, it will be spent only on the rod hair.

Many girls have a very high sensitivity to any pain impacts. That is why all experts advise for the first time make a classic bikini, and then, evaluating your strength and endurance, do deep.

If you had intimate diseases, then it is better to be safe and a few days before the procedure, start taking antiviral a drug. Better yet, consult your healthcare provider as prepare for laser hair removal deep bikini.

An anesthetic can be applied to the intimate area if you experience very unpleasant sensations. But it will not give full pain relief, and will reduce pain by about one third.

The first laser hair removal is undesirable to do directly before the onset of menstruation, since at this time it intensifies sensitivity of intimate zones. And during the menstruation procedure, Of course, conducting is prohibited.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

Do not entertain yourself with dreams of perfectly smooth skin for a long time after one procedure. To achieve the desired full effect to get rid of vegetation, you need to go through 5-10 sessions laser hair removal.

It is necessary to take care before starting the procedure in the salon about your safety: find out how the master processes nozzles and all objects that come in contact with the skin. Also need make sure that the master is wearing gloves during the procedure.

With all the rules, how to prepare for laser bikini hair removal, the procedure will be as painless and without complications.


Due to genetic predisposition or problems hormonal background, many women suffer from such trouble, like dark facial hair – it does not look aesthetically pleasing, and a woman may even begin to feel complex about this.

Laser hair removal can come to the rescue vegetation. The big plus of the procedure is that it does not leave severe irritation, hair becomes lighter and thinner. BUT if you complete the full course, then you can forget about such a problem as unpleasant facial hair.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

How to prepare for the procedure so that everything goes smoothly and as painless as possible:

  • It is strictly forbidden to visit the solarium or sunbathe under in direct sunlight;
  • It’s forbidden to take antibiotics in about two weeks, which belong to a number of tetracycline;
  • No need to pull the hair in the hair removal area – this is not will improve the situation, but only worsen the effect of the laser, as the hair will grow unevenly;
  • It is not allowed to wipe the face with creams, lotions, tonics and other cosmetic products that include alcohol;
  • In about 5-9 hours, it is necessary to shave the epilated area.


The skin in the armpits is very soft and sensitive, but the hair in this area is hard and thick. Namely laser Hair removal is the safest, most painless and effective. method in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

If you decide to epilate this particular zone, then without any exaggeration – the results will surprise you. In order to fully remove hair in the armpits, sessions need less and you will save money and time.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

Here are some suggestions to help you get ready. procedure

  1. About a day or two, you need to completely shave off the hairs. Than the smaller the length of the hairs, the more energy will be spent laser for follicle destruction during work, and as a result – more lasting effect.
  2. The day before the procedure, you do not need to apply creams, lotions and other cosmetics, it is advisable to even refrain from deodorant – this can lead to unpleasant consequences, up to a burn.
  3. If the procedure will be carried out with an alexandrite laser, then it is forbidden to sunbathe or go to the solarium for 14 days before it carrying out.


In the summer I so want to show off with smooth and beautiful legs, and I don’t really want to wield a machine every day and then clean irritations and ingrown hairs. And so that everything is so, follow simple but very effective recommendations and your legs will be grateful to you:

  • 14 days before the procedure, it is forbidden to visit the solarium, skin contact with direct sunlight and even use sun creams.
  • 4 days do not visit baths, saunas, pools where your skin will be in contact with chlorinated water;
  • Do not wipe your feet with creams, lotions, tonics and other cosmetic products that include alcohol.

How to prepare for laser hair removal


After the procedure, you must lubricate the skin lotions or creams. In the salon you will definitely be advised special cosmetics for quick rehabilitation. Not neglect this advice and don’t think that they’re just trying to take more money, because the skin really needs it.

Both “before” and “after” procedures are not allowed to sunbathe or go to the solarium, about 10-14 days. Also 3-5 days after laser hair removal you need to refrain from massage the area you depilated. It is undesirable to take about 4 days after the procedure bathing too hot is not good for skin that is completely recently irritated

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