How to permanently get rid of body hair whencream help?

Cream for hair removal forever – this is probably the dream of each
women. Alas, just a dream. Forever get rid of these
boring hair with some kind of magic cream will fail –
There is no such cream in nature.

So, again, take up the razor? Again irritations, cuts,
ingrown hairs, and in a few days – new hairs that
make the way out and spoil such smooth and silky skin? Not,
no and no again.

Today, there are many ways to remove body hair. But
as a rule, those that give a guaranteed result,
accompanied by severe pain. But из этого правила
There is one pleasant exception. Absolutely painlessly possible
remove unwanted vegetation with specialized


What is part of these creams?

Before you buy the cream, you should carefully read
its composition. So you can immediately identify those components on
which you may have an allergic reaction.

The active ingredients of these creams are thioglycolate.
calcium, sodium and keratin. They penetrate deep into the hair structure
and destroy it. These substances act on the skin enough
aggressively. After applying them, the pH level rises to 12. For
to restore the natural acid-base balance,
manufacturers are adding additional components to the product,
such as:

1. Vitamin complex. Thanks to their presence, the skin becomes
radiant and energized.

2. Essential oils. Most often in these creams are found
olive, peach, sea buckthorn and almond oils. They are helping
soften the skin, give it elasticity and velvety.

3. Herbal extracts, such as chamomile, hypericum, or
aloe vera. They are helping придать коже тонус и здоровый цвет.
At the same time, the extracts prevent skin aging and
contribute to its rapid regeneration.

4. Various components of natural origin. TO
These include milk, algae, propolis, honey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of creams for

The basis of the cream is the principle of destruction of the structure.
hair due to exposure to chemicals. Among
The main advantages of such funds can be highlighted:

  • 1. After using it, there are no scratches on the skin or
  • 2. Gives a positive effect when applied to any hair
  • 3. Suitable for removing hair from any parts of the body, including
    including from the bikini area.
  • 4. The feeling of smoothness stays for up to 5 days.
  • 5. Its use is not associated with any pain.
  • 6. Some manufacturers add components to their creams.
    slowing down hair growth.
  • 7. Easy to use, so it is easy to use in
    home conditions.
  • 8. It is relatively inexpensive.

But и у такого на первый взгляд идеального средства есть свои
limitations. If you keep it on the skin longer than the allotted time, then
it is possible to get a chemical burn. It is necessary to strictly follow
so that the cream does not fall on the mucous membranes. Similar creams
have a sharp bad smell that adds no pleasure to
the process of their application. In some cases, such funds may
cause a strong allergic reaction. Apply the cream must
only gloves, so he quickly damages the nail plate.

TOроме того, кремы для депиляции имеют ряд противопоказаний:

  • 1. Various skin diseases, such as acne, herpes and so on
  • 2. Do not apply the cream on the skin on which there are scratches
    or open wounds.
  • 3. The presence of birthmarks or warts.
  • 4. It may be unfavorable to use the cream and
    time of pregnancy and lactation. This may adversely affect
    health of your future baby.
  • 5. Individual intolerance to any components.
    facilities. To identify the presence of this contraindication is necessary
    do a little test. To do this, apply a small amount
    means on an imperceptible site of skin, sustain it specified in
    instructions to the cream time and rinse. Watch your reaction
    organism within a day. If a negative effect you do not
    noticed, then you can safely apply the cream.

Modern creams for hair removal

Today, cosmetic stores presented a fairly wide
assortment of similar means. In such a variety is easy
get confused. One of the most popular at the moment are
following brands:

  • 1. Byly. A distinctive feature of creams of this brand.
    is the high speed of their action. In order to completely
    Get rid of unwanted hair will need only about three
    minutes The composition of this cream is Hawaiian nut butter. it
    the substance has an excellent emollient effect and helps
    skin regeneration.
  • 2. Veet. itт крем подходит для удаления волос с любых частей
    bodies, including underarms and bikini areas. TO тюбику с кремом
    Attached is a special spatula with which the process
    Hair removal is greatly simplified. it средство содержит в своем
    composition of moisturizing ingredients. They make the skin smoother
    soft and attractive. Additionally added to the cream
    ingredients that slow down the growth of hairs.

Veet Depilatory Cream Spray does not claim to be the title
magical but how easy it helps to get rid of unnecessary
hair and how long the effect of smooth legs persists
really looks like a miracle!

No pain, no fuss, and most importantly – what a result!
Silk, smooth skin that will stay for such a long, long time.
No wonder the company Veet is considered the world leader in cosmetic
depilation, because its development is aimed not only at the maximum
efficiency, but also on the maximum convenience and simplicity
of use. Now do not have long and tedious smear
spatula cream on the problem area – just spray the spray, and
he will lay himself ideally even, thin layer. And he acts
so delicate that it can even be used for
sensitive armpit skin and bikini area.

Just a few minutes is enough to achieve the desired.
For this you need only:

  • lightly spray the cream on the appropriate area
  • wait 3-5 minutes for the cream to appear
  • remove the cream with a special Veet spatula
    Perfect touch.
  • wash off the remnants of the cream under the shower.

The result can be seen, felt and stroked, and ironed, and
ironing … After all, how nice is the touch of silk, and your skin is
it will look like him!

The advantage of Veet cream spray is that in the process
getting rid of unwanted hairs he gently cares for the skin
thanks to natural ingredients that have the property
soften and moisturize the skin, restore natural balance
moisture in the skin, and as a result, it becomes surprisingly soft,
smooth and silky.

  • 3. Eveline. itт крем оказывает самое мягкое воздействие на
    skin It is effective even for the removal of very short hairs.
    The tool can safely use even women with very
    sensitive skin. Its composition contains components that affect
    on skin regeneration.
  • 4. Velvet. it средство ценится за свою небольшую стоимость.
    At the same time, it is not inferior to its more expensive counterparts by
    efficiency. By using this cream you can get rid
    even the toughest, tough hairs. The remedy does not cause
    irritation and does not cause burns. Compared with
    the rest of the cream has a not so strong smell.
  • 5. Cliven. The composition of this cream includes such care
    skin components like glycerin, almond oil and lanolin.
    Thanks to this, after the procedure, the skin becomes perfectly smooth and
    velvety. TOрем обладает достаточно приятной консистенцией и
    moderate odor.
  • 6. Sally Hansen. it средство нельзя назвать дешевым, но, тем
    не менее, именно ему отдают предпочтение многие women. it
    due to its mild action and high efficiency. Him
    You can even apply on very sensitive skin. Together with
    cream sold a special brush, which greatly simplifies
    the process of its application. TOожа остается гладкой длительное время.
    The probability of an allergic reaction is reduced to
    the minimum.
  • 7. Silium. it средство можно использовать на любом участке
    bodies. It contains mallow extract, which has
    смягчающее и питательное действие на skin
  • 8. Shary. Such a tool is great for removing hard
    hair. TOожа становится гладкой и мягкой. TOрем оказывает очень
    quick action Thanks to its almond oil,
    the skin is quickly restored, acquiring a natural pH level.
    Menthol has a pleasant cooling effect. After use
    крема происходит значительное замедление роста hair.
  • 9. Opilca. itт крем оказывает мягкое действие, поэтому его
    can even be used to remove facial and bikini hair.
    The composition includes ingredients that provide nutritional,
    emollient and moisturizing effect.

TOак приготовить крем для депиляции в домашних условиях?

Means for depilation have a complex chemical composition. therefore
make yourself an equally effective cream
work out. But в домашних условиях можно сделать некоторое подобие
депиляционного cream There are several enough
effective recipes:

1. Walnuts. Walnut shells must be carefully
grind. In the resulting powder, add in small portions.
water until you get a smooth mush. So
cream should rub the skin 3 times a day. Such a procedure
should be carried out until the hair is finally
will disappear.

On the basis of a walnut it is possible to prepare another cream. For
This mix crushed nuts with a tablespoon of tar. To such
the agent must be allowed to infuse for two weeks.
Полученный крем следует ежедневно втирать в skin

2. TOедровые орехи. To prepare a cream based on them is extremely simple.
It is enough to turn a handful of pine nuts into flour and mix it with
small amount of hot water. Received remedy regularly
rub into the skin until until the hair is completely
will disappear.

3. Quicklime. it вещество способно отлично
stop hair growth on the body. For приготовления крема возьмите
10 grams of lime and mix it with calcium sulphite, which
sold in any modern pharmacy. Mix thoroughly
components until smooth. Apply the product to the skin.
and after half an hour, wash off.

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