How to make hair gorgeous at homeconditions?

Gorgeous hair – the dream of every woman. And for the exercise
dreams need to work hard, which means that hair also requires labor: their
need to nourish and moisturize, try to expose as little as possible
heat stress (blow dryer, heated hair rollers), use
sparing paints, protect from the sun and frost.

Hair is not a dead cloth, as some believe. is he
constantly growing from the hair follicle by dividing it
cells. To grow healthy, smooth and shiny hair, it needs
constantly nourish with vitamins, which are most fresh
vegetables and fruits, trace elements, and proteins, which are many in
milk, eggs, nuts. Iodine deficiency can cause a stop
hair growth and hair loss, so try to use the rich
iodine seafood, especially sea kale.

Raw potatoes for gorgeous hair

Very useful mask of raw potatoes.

  • Two medium potatoes without peel should be grated
    grater and add the beaten yolk, 1 teaspoon of any vegetable
    oil, 1 teaspoon liquid honey and 1 teaspoon fine salt.
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly and apply a mask before washing the hair.
    on the scalp, dividing the hair into partings, and the rest evenly
    spread over the entire length of the hair. Hair shook terry
    a towel.
  • Rinse off after 30-40 minutes with a mild shampoo, then rinse.
    hair water, acidified with vinegar or citric acid. Mask
    do once a week.

Potato helps rid greasy hair from increased
fat, dry hair, it nourishes and strengthens. Any hair after
masks with potatoes acquire shine and silkiness.

Mask from potatoes with yogurt for oily hair

  • Grate several peeled potatoes, squeeze
    juice and 6 tbsp. spoon to mix thoroughly with 200 ml of yogurt (more than
    greasy hair, the more acid must be yogurt).
  • The mixture is applied to the hair roots and the hair along the entire length, head
    покрывают полиэтиленом и утепляют a towel.
  • After 30 minutes, the mask is washed off with shampoo for oily hair.

Potato mask with yolk and honey for dry hair

  • Juice three medium potatoes, grated on a fine grater, mix
    with egg yolk and 20 g of liquid honey.
  • Mask нанести на вымытые, еще влажные волосы мягкими
    massaging movements.
  • After half an hour, rinse with warm water without shampoo.

Hair should dry without a hair dryer.

Massage is important for the growth and strengthening of hair.

At least once a week, massage the skin of your fingers
hair roots to stimulate blood circulation.

Fingers should be pressed to the skin of the scalp and perform
circular movements back and forth without moving your fingers from the spot.

Massage to do all over the scalp.

Careful combing of hair is very important.
For example, after combing high hairstyles with bouffant, head
need to tilt forward and massage your skin with fingertips for
increase blood circulation.

Be beautiful!

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