How to make a trendy, voluminous tail withon the back?

Как сделать хвост с on the back?Wool – one of the most fashionable
hairdressing trends this season. And it’s not just his
practicality, which can significantly increase, and most importantly –
keep the volume even on thin and sparse hair, but in that with
using it you can make the basis for many stylish and modern

Horsetail options

One of the most fashionable trends at all times has been and remains
hairstyle “horse tail”, which this spring becomes a special
relevance in combination with a light fleece. So, with just
one-piece versatile tail that is great for
business meetings, and for sports, and for celebrations,
turns into a fashionable elegant evening hairstyle.

There may be a lot of options for the ponytail and fleece, but
They are all based on the classic styling of this hairstyle. For
In order to keep your hair in shape well throughout the day, you need to
know the basic rules of its simulation.

  • For начала вымойте и высушите голову, т.к. on dirty slippery
    hair comb keeps very bad and quickly falls.
  • Then carefully comb your hair and comb it all.
  • Take a comb with a thin long handle and sparse teeth. WITH
    at the front of the head, separate the top strand about 1 cm thick and
    fix it with a clip.
  • WITHледующая прядь волос будет рабочей. Separate it with
    combs and nabeshte from the roots to the ends of the hair. If a
    you want to create volume only at the top of the head, do not comb over all
    length, it is enough to retreat from the roots of the order of 10 cm.
  • When finished with this strand, go to the next.
  • The number of combed strands will directly depend on
    how strong volume you want to create. For небольшого
    A neat pile up is enough for three strands.
  • To keep the hairstyle as long as possible, each strand can be
    lightly spray with varnish.

For укладки волос и придания прическе красивой формы возьмите
Massage comb or brush with natural bristles and lightly
comb the combed back straps, paying particular attention to the top
hair layer. Then remove the clip from the very first strand and cover it.
bouffant, modeling a beautiful shape hairstyles. At the end, fix
result with varnish.

хвост с начесом, фото

After creating a pile go to the final stage. WITHоберите
loose hair in the tail and secure it with a rubber band or barrette.
You can choose tail height at your discretion, but especially
looks horsetail, smoothly rolling from the pile and
collected on the back of his head.

A variety of this hairstyle can be given with the help of a beautiful
tail styling. For example, if you curl it in large curls or,
on the contrary, to give the perfect smoothness using the iron. Tail
can be collected very high at the crown or very low, while
bouffant is best done on the back of the head.

You can choose a non-standard solution and make the tail on the side, with
This bouffant will also change shape and will be directed towards

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