How to make a gradient makeup lips in bluetones

In this master class we will look at how to make a very interesting one.
lip makeup, where the color will smoothly change from black to blue, from
blue to white. This option, of course, is not suitable for
daily image, but for a photo shoot under a specific theme
will be what you need. Also, under a certain image such lips
suitable for a costume party on Halloween, New Year, etc.
But there is one option when such lips would be appropriate for a hike.
to a club or another party – if it is performed in-kind

To create such lip makeup, wax was used.
watercolor company Make up Atelier Paris.

Such a gradient is painted very simply. The main thing is to stock up
several comfortable lip brushes and patience. If you
decided to make gradient lips, it means makeup on the eyes and everything
face is made. This means that the tone is applied to the area around the lips and we
again cover them with a light layer, and then fix the powder. it
need for the texture to last longer.

The only caveat if you want to apply matte textures or
watercolor, it is better to pre-moisten the lips with balm.

Let’s start with black, as leaving it behind will be easier and
not so “scary” to work on. If you работаете акварелью, то
brush should be wetted, then blotted in a napkin and then typed

Draw on the side from which you are comfortable. Divide lips
visually into three equal sectors. Each sector has its own
Colour. First we trace the contour of the lips, leaving the feathered end in
sector limits for black. Then fill free
watercolor space. We achieve a smooth shading.

Note that you still need to go beyond the contour of the lips
only 1-2 mm. If the lips are thin, then go beyond the contour by 2-3 mm.
Also, if the lips are different in thickness, then try them.
adjust, subtract and add where you want the width.

We do the same thing on the other side in white
targeted sector. It’s okay if the shading is
go a little further.

Now we will work with the third color, which will be
create a gradient. For convenience, you can separate the center line of the lips and
shade first in the white side, and then in the black. In this way
we will achieve pure color on both sides. First we put blue
color in the middle, then smoothly distribute it to the corners of the lips, not
bringing to them. Due to the wet brush shading will be performed

Again, dial the blue color and stew from the middle to the corner of the lips.
We try to evenly distribute the blue color both on the left and
on right.

As a result, we apply pure blue on the center and quite a bit of it.
stew in different directions. With this we will achieve the desired blue depth.

Then you can gloss your lips with a glossy shine to give
volume and additional hydration, as a little watercolor
dry lips. In order to make a stable version of this
Makeup lips, it is best to paint their persistent lipstick.

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