How to avoid the harmful effects of cold on skin?

Attractive look to woman provide brilliant hair, beautiful nails, healthy skin. At the slightest violation of these factors, many are in a hurry to use medical cosmetics or mask imperfections with conventional cosmetics that worse than the first.

If your hair has lost strength, the nails are flaked, the skin peels off or too fat, then first of all see a family doctor and examine the body. Possibly in the body lack of biotin beauty vitamin. Supervised reception vitamin preparations will return you strength and beauty.


Protective cosmetics

In the cold season, protective cosmetics, application which will not allow peeling of the skin, cracking of the lips and skin of the hands, tarnishing and hair loss. Misuse cosmetics in winter can lead to premature aging of the skin. Low outside temperatures and dry indoor air adversely affects skin condition and hair, so use natural remedies with oil Coconut

To prevent skin tightening and dryness, for washing in winter, use gentle milk, which includes protective equipment. In the cold season, your skin needs protection, hydration and nutrition. To protect it at low temperatures cosmetologists recommend using a lipid-creating cream barrier.

Body care is first and foremost satisfying a woman

The captivating aroma of bergamot or jasmine in the bathroom will provide you with a good mood for the coming day. Floral ahava Israeli cosmetics fragrance will create a romantic mood and will cause a smile on his face. Shower gels and body milk with the aroma of flowers and fruits will be the best gift. Set high quality cosmetics help keep fit after cosmetic procedures in beauty salons.

When buying cosmetics, carefully read the composition of the product

Natural oils of medicinal plants provide nutritious action, and plant extracts tone the skin and soothe. Intensively regenerating natural remedies with the regenerating effect is argan oil and extract dates. For delicate hydration and cell stimulation cream, which includes myrrh and incense.

Skeptics have a lot of talk about cellulite. Cosmetic caffeine, bitter orange and guarana extracts help remove excess fluid from the skin and reduce body fat.

And remember – moments of joy delivered from the use of quality cosmetics, have beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

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