How to get golden hair? Or gold paintfor hair

The most annoying for newly appeared blondes is their condition
hair after bleaching. No matter how elegant the chosen one
shade – hair turns into lifeless straw. How to achieve
delicate golden hue to keep your hair
attractiveness and health?

First of all, determine the tone of light paint. Do not take
warm shades such as peach or rosewood. Warm shades in
home conditions dyeing almost always attached to hair
nasty reddishness. Ash shades will be the best.
option. However, the pale face is a silvery shade only
aggravate by giving an unpleasant ghost color to the image as a whole.

Starting the staining, remember that the scalp itself
produces heat. Under the influence of heat staining reaction
is faster, so it’s worth starting the staining from the ends,
applying paint on strands from the middle to the tips. Simple but
a little time consuming technique will allow you to get a uniform color
hair along the entire length.

After dyeing in any color, hair becomes similar to
a sponge that happily absorbs dust and sebum. To
to keep the original color, it is necessary to close the opened pores at
the help of special conditioners and sprays. Sun and hot hair dryer
able to etch the color, giving it a dull and dull shade.

How to get golden hair?

  • Cherished golden blond is achieved by gentle
    discoloration or toning with natural light gold paint
  • Bleached hair may have a reddish tint that
    can be etched with special acidic compounds, but not worth it
    try them at home.
  • Light blond or hazel hair can have a nice
    golden hue if you add a little gold to the paint
  • Glittering hair strings will attract admiring glances.
    others, and you – have a good mood and confidence in
    own attractiveness.
  • Rinsing hair with chamomile extract is the most inexpensive and
    proven folk remedy to make your hair golden
  • Various conditioners and shampoos for blond hair are directed
    to preserve the golden color of the curls and maintain their health
    after chemical procedures. In the summer, give preference to air conditioning
    with the UV filter – the elements fixed on hair will not give
    solar radiation burn out color and have a devastating effect on
  • Going to the beach, remember that some paints can
    give your hair an unpleasant greenish tint when in contact with
    sea ​​water. In a chlorinated pool, use a hat or
    just don’t wet your hair by picking it up with a hairpin.

Топ-красок for hair, которые помогут вам получить золотистый

  • L’Oreal Recital Preference “Pure Gold”,
  • Brillance 814 color – Golden blond,
  • Wella Wellaton 9/3 color – Golden blond,
  • Revlon Colorsilk 7G (71) цвет  — Золотистый блондин.

Take care of your hair, pampering your nutritional balms more often and
forget the straw. All hair bleaching procedures or even
light clarification is better to trust a professional. Master in the cabin
for sure will be able to evenly dye your hair, having achieved
noble shade of golden blond. Shine on health!

 Anna Patina

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