How to attach live flowers to hair?

Modern fashion offers a variety of decoration options
hair, and along with hairpins, tiaras and rhinestones to the fore
come true real flowers!

Those who want to decorate themselves with fresh flowers – you can understand
romance and flowers are inseparable, and women have always sought
look tender and romantic creatures.

And at all times, living white flowers in her hair were perceived as
a symbol of purity, innocence (remember Giselle and Ophelia!), and flowers
bright and saturated colors – as a call for action and
the promise of burning passion (no wonder the burning Carmen is always
portray with a scarlet rose in her hair!).

Stylists who have a special sense for what
wishes a woman, constantly delight us with new directions, among
which today – floristry, as a sensual stroke in

When most relevant are fresh flowers in a hairstyle?

Of course at the wedding! No one looks so romantic and
touching as a young bride, in whose hair lurked tender
roses, anemones or lilies!

прическа с цветами в волосах, фото

Before you attach fresh flowers to your hair, you need to be well
plan the whole image, and decide what the hairstyle will be, how will
flowers are arranged, in the form of small bouquets, single weaves,
or woven into a wreath? It all depends on your imagination and
mastery of the stylist – about the preservation of natural flowers in the hair is not
worth worrying about, modern technologies allow them to persist in
original form over two days!

For the bride, whose hair will be romantically dissolved by
Shoulders, forming large curls, a wreath of living
colors. How to attach live flowers to hair that is not styled
high hair? Do not worry about it, because the flowers,
designed for hairstyles, put on a wire and wrapped
a special decorative ribbon so that they can be easily woven
between themselves and secure with stealth on the head.

Hairstyles in the Greek style are very popular,
gathered in a high hairstyle, with hair falling down. AT
This hairstyle looks amazing orchids and lilies, they can
combine with rhinestones and gold wire.

For extravagant brides who go “to the altar” is not in traditional
white dresses, and in red and other saturated colors, you can
advise to attach to the hair burgundy or scarlet roses, especially
effectively this kind of delights look for brunettes! And for
blondes gathering for the “celebration of life” in a dress in the color of the sea
waves will look perfect violets, carelessly lost in
luxurious platinum curls!

Such simple materials will help you to create your own jewelry for
hair do it yourself

Before you attach live flowers to your hair, laid in
hairstyle, it should be fixed with hairspray, as from him
flowers can lose their color, and acquire a yellowish tint.
If the hairstyle involves the use of pins, then you can
buy a special comb, in which fresh flowers are woven – he
remarkably fasten curls.

Live flowers can be attached to the comb

Fresh flowers on the comb for hair

Если ATы выбрали прическу в стиле ракушка, то живые цветы и ей
will give a special delicacy and charm – a living large flower impaled on
the hairpin or wire will elegantly complement the created image.

Fresh flowers in your hair – not just a fad, it is an opportunity
show your personality and touch the eternal tradition
the adornment of women with flowers, for their tenderness and trembling are similar.
When creating your unique wedding style, remember that flowers do not
should be out of the general “context”, just have to lie in
той же цветовой гамме, что и платье, соответствовать ATашему типу,
hair color! In addition, the creation of a single image will be possible
only when the flowers in the hair match perfectly with
bouquet of the bride. And then everyone around will gasp: – “The bride is tender and
as beautiful as a barely blossoming bud! ”

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