How beautiful it is to stab your hair:invisible hairpins

No matter how hard you try to style your hair with a hair dryer, curling with a curling hair
or ironed out, you will never be able to create such
Variety of hairstyles, as with ordinary hair accessories.
Simply change one hairpin to another or add to
three gum four more – and you get a completely different hairstyle.
Hairpins, clips, stealth, bows, ribbons, rubber bands and pins for
Hair give unlimited space for fantasy. And, most importantly,
are very fashionable trend.

How beautiful to stab your hair?

A very popular option for stabbing long hair can
do if you select two small strands of the right and left
temple, and then slightly twist them at the base of the lungs flagella.
The right harness should be twisted to the left, and the left, respectively –
to the right. At the end, the finished harnesses connect at the back of the head, a little
twist together and fix a beautiful hairpin.

Such a fashionable accessory as “Chinese sticks” allows
Create some stylish hair styling options. Take
one stick and twist all your hair on it, then with the help
other sticks secure the result. The quality of this
laying, of course, is impossible without manual dexterity, however, having mastered it, you
create a slightly casual, but very feminine and romantic

With the help of “Chinese sticks” you can make a small one on the back of your head
a neat bunch, not all the hairpins are stabbed, but only their upper part.
The lower part of the hair remains loose. Light waves and
curls, created with the help of forceps, will give this hairstyle a special

How to stab hair invisible in the photo

How beautiful still to stab the hair?

Recently, a very fashionable option of hair pin-up has become
use a variety of pins and clips on one or more
strands. Hairpins are arranged along the entire length of the selected strand or
very tight, almost adhering to each other, or with some
intervals of 1, 2, 3, etc. see possible alternation of pins
color, size and shape. This strand decorated with hairpins can be
hairstyle detail (for example, a ponytail) or the only
decorative element in combination with flowing hair
absolutely any length. By the way, the selected strand is very often
becomes a long oblique bangs, which with the help of hairpins is attached
to the total mass of hair.

как заколоть волосы заколкой, фото

A very nice hairpinning option can be done in the form
wreath or rim. For this most often use small clips.
Comb the hair back, separate the front part of the hair that passes from
forehead line to the top, and break it into several small strands.
Twist each strand slightly into a bundle and secure with a clip. To fasten
hair can be in the form of a rim on one line, for example, from one
temple to another, but you can make something like a cap on your head,
stacking clamps staggered.

как заколоть короткие волосы, челку, фото

Accessories are able to decorate not only loose hair.
For example, from the usual tail can be made very elegant
evening hair, if secure it with rubber bands or hairpins is not
only at the base, but along the entire length at a distance of 8-10 cm each
from friend. In this case, the longer the tail, the more elegant it will be
Look such a hairstyle.

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