Forms bangs. How to choosebangs?

Форма челки. How to choose bangs?Run a string
centuries and decades, fashion changes, hairstyles change, and she
remains – kind heart bangs.

It would seem that you can change in this straight strand of hair,
dropping to the eyebrows? Do not tell me. The form of bangs is hardly less
variations than hairstyle. For each shape and size of the face, for
each age, if you wish, for each character and for each

Bangs, in principle, goes to all. It all depends on the desire and skill of her.
to wear.

How to choose bangs? You can consult at
ladies’ master, and you can choose the most suitable form,
guided by the simplest advice.

�”The pony has a long bang of delicate silk”

Charming children’s song like everyone. But to all
like, and most importantly, is there a long fringe for everyone? question

  • On the round face, such bangs will only cut the forehead, even more
    emphasizing the rounded lines of the cheeks and chin.
  • But on the elongated face just asking for a long strand on
    forehead, it visually shortens and expands the face.
  • Well, it will look on the oval face – here you can
    experiment with length. However, the girl with an oval face
    can afford any bangs, and everything will be for her to face.
  • There are square faces – nothing terrible, and here it can
    come to the aid of a straight, true, shortened or filleted
    bang. With her face will seem more rounded and small, to that
    the emphasis will be shifted to the eyes.

The shape of the bangs depends on the structure of the hair. One thing if hair
smooth. And if curly? From such hair you will not build a bang. Although
You can simply select not very thick strand and lay it on its side. BUT
if you really want a real bang, you have to use
ironing Straight bangs on curly hair also look very

Thick bangs, starting almost from the top, are made with
aim to give volume to the hairstyle. In addition, they can visually
widen too narrow face.

Graduated bangs in fashion

True, there is not always a need for it. BUT вот для
owners of a round face such a fringe – just a godsend.

Extremely short graduated bangs emphasize the beauty
face, without shortening it, and emphasize barely closed forehead.

Girls with a triangular face often make mistakes in
choosing bangs, further emphasizing the imbalance. They fit
only one form of bangs – arc-shaped, which will soften the corners. With
the elongated face is recommended to stop the selection on the long
graded bangs.

градуированная челка, фото

Oblique bangs

BUTссиметричная челка не только стильно смотрится, но и помогает
solve several problems, for example, cut off too sharp forms
square face. Long slanting bangs perfectly complement the hair and
with the correct oval structure of the face.

Good straight hair is good in itself. BUT если добавить к
the image of a rare or milled long bangs, slightly combed to the side
– That’s very beautiful.

косая bang. фото

Ladies of delicate age

There comes a moment when it’s time to disguise something. how
to choose the right bang, if it became noticeable slightly swollen oval
face or wrinkle on the forehead?

Not thick, but rather rare straight bangs successfully cope with
task: and the forehead is not visible, and the eyes are stressed. This technique helps
look much younger. True, with weak and without volume
hair bangs may not be clear, it will have a little
�“Set” with varnish or gel.

There is a small disclaimer: if a woman has a too small face,
bangs it is contraindicated – the face will be even smaller. Better to open
forehead and proud to wear minor time tags. Finally,
well-laid hair and proper makeup mean no less than
masking of defects.

We have already said that bangs go to almost every woman?
The main thing is to decide on your style and not to break the harmony in
your image. BUT если эксперимент все же оказался неудачным – что ж,
very soon the cropped strand will grow and you will be ready for new ones

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