Fashionable manicure 2018 – 30 photos of new products

The next year is the year of the Yellow Dog, and therefore all shades of yellow will be trendy. In addition, a talisman The coming year is a diamond. Decorations for nails can become bright rhinestones and stones that will create a unique manicure. Conservative nail solutions combined with bright design. And again at the peak of popularity unchanging red manicure.

Bright manicure 2017-2018

The whole of 2018 is impressive with a variety of colors:

  • Saturated gloss will go next to the matte shades;
  • May is marked by the application for the design of bright colors with floral motifs, Chinese painting will be popular;
  • French and moon manicure in a wide variety of variations and with the use of complex decor elements will become trendy at the beginning summers;
  • in the summer, geometry, fruits on nails
  • all next year the most popular color is yellow, symbolizing the sun. It can be perfectly combined with any other shades using the ombre technique for nails.

Winter manicure 2018

In the winter of 2018, fresh blue, bright saturated and pastel pink. Nail art also appropriate, they can be performed by combining and mixing various edemas Varnishes decorating with decor. The stellar trend will be matte varnishes in combination with rhinestones.

Winter manicure

In the cold season, the most stylish and relevant pattern it will be just the winter motive: snowflakes, Santas, patterns, Christmas trees. For this, gentle blue tones, calm gray shades, dark and deep blue. No less popular will be a manicure in nude style, that is, nails are determined by pastel colors and for example, only one nail is decorated.

Nude manicure for the winter

Winter 2018 will bring popularity to French manicure. This and classic version, and decorated with gold and emerald spangles marigolds, and the use of winter patterns on the edge of the nails.

New Year's manicure

The moon manicure, which in the classic version is made in red with a white base. But in winter on everything doesn’t stop in the classics, the moon can be equipped with any varnish on a nude manicure or use geometry when the moon will have the shape of a triangle instead of a semicircle.

Lunar manicure with geometry

The fashion trend in the winter of 2018 will remain an ombre, when on each nail the hue changes smoothly from light to dark or vice versa.

Variant of bright ombre manicure

The classic French is replaced by a more explicit manicure. So, transparent varnish is taken as the basis, and the upper strip or the whole the nail has an animalistic style: the print is serpentine, tiger, due to leopard spots.

snake skin manicure

Manicure spring-summer 2018

This season a moderate and restrained manicure prevails for everyday option, extravagant and bold – for exits to shine. A distinctive feature of the spring-summer design of nails unusual textures and complexity of execution will become. Relevant they will be very short, short and medium in length nails. Acceptable the shape is a natural oval. Square and long nails come out out of fashion, the only thing that can be attributed to them is slightly sharp.

Complex spring manicure

Among the popular in the warm season, the French is named, the opposite of it option, french manicure. A novelty in the design of nails will be horizontal strip. It should be alone, it can be performed anything: varnish, sparkles, stones. And don’t forget about matte version of the varnish, it will be very useful when used creating a manicure with a strip.

Complex manicure matte varnish with stones

Autumn manicure 2018

It is not strange, but gray autumn will bring a huge amount paints in the design of nails. The color palette is just amazing: Bordeaux, beige, gold, milky shades, bright red, plum colors. The lunar manicure will remain the constant leader, the style is also popular nude and manicure, which consists of two halves, when one part the nail is painted, for example, in yellow, the other is determined green.

Nude manicure for the fall

Solid nail polish will be popular, but it needs to be designed catchy, that is, prefer the most vibrant colors. Although soft shades are not forgotten. You can designate a manicure in red and its shades, wine colors, orange, bright yellow. Great on such a manicure shiny stickers or rhinestones will look.

Red-white manicure with a crown

In autumn, you can also use autumn flowers for manicure, vegetables, fruits, but this design is more suitable for young girls having thin fingers.

Manicure for the fall

Do not be afraid to experiment in 2018. This year will bring a lot of bright shades in our life in the form of extravagant manicure.

Photo of a fashionable manicure 2018

Autumn manicure in burgundy tones

Nail Stripes: Stylish Design

Bright summer manicure

Dark manicure on medium nails

French manicure design

Summer simple manicure

Geometric manicure

Animal print: stylish design

Ornament on the nails

Manicure with rhinestones

Winter manicure with stones

Autumn nail design

Bright nail design for the fall

Complex autumn manicure

Autumn design of manicure with modeling

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