Elegant hairstyles for medium and longhair

If there is a solemn event, we usually try
sign up to a professional hairdresser to make a beautiful
hairstyle or exquisite styling. But sometimes it just is not enough
of time. And sometimes you want to look even on a normal working day.
especially well-groomed and refined. But it is not difficult if
learn how to make elegant hairstyles for your long hair
by hands.

It may be difficult at first, and the result will be far from
ideal, but a little practice and patience – and your image will turn out
just adorable. Below we will talk about how to
Make some very showy hairstyles.

Элегантные прически для длинных волос своими руками

How to make a Greek knot?

  • The Greek knot is a classic and very feminine styling,
    inspired by the images of the beauties of ancient Hellas.
  • Hair should be combed in a straight part and curled into soft, not
    too steep curls with curling or curlers.
  • Then most of the hair is collected in a knot at the back of the head – tight
    or freer as you like. Node can be fixed
    hairpins, combs, ribbons.
  • Several thin light curls come out of the knot and frame

This hairstyle can be worn with bangs or without. If the forehead is open,
then a beautiful headband will work as an original accessory.
bandage or hoop.

Элегантные прически для длинных волос своими руками


«Shell» — еще один классический вариант. This hairstyle is on
the first glance may seem strict, but its sophistication is just
stunning. However, it is quite appropriate and in combination with
evening gown, and with a business suit.

There are several options for constructing “shells”,
bring to your attention one of them.

  • Hair is collected in a high tail, but not at the top, but a little
    to her side, to the left.
  • Now they need to start twisting into a bundle. As you twist,
    harness becomes denser, folding a small loop at the top
    parts. At this stage it needs to be fixed – best of all with the help
    regular small scallop.
  • With the concave side down, stick it into the harness on the left and then
    flip to the right – it will perfectly fix the “shell”.

Additionally, you can use studs. Hair tips you
you can hide it under a harness, or you can release it on the contrary, slightly
tousle or curl – it makes styling a little more relaxed
and frivolous.

Элегантные прически для длинных волос своими руками

Elegant horse tail

�”Horsetail” is a very famous hairstyle, and practically
universal. Like the “shell”, with the help of styling and
various accessories “tail” can be built for the solemn
case and every day.

Making this hairstyle is easy, but there are several
useful hairdressing techniques.

To make the tail seem more voluminous and lush, you need to separate it.
at the base with several studs.

It is better to fix the hair on the back of your head using hairpins or
Invisible clips – so the hairstyle will look neater.

To hide the gum and give the styling a special charming touch,
separate one strand from the tail and wrap it around the base
tail, hiding the tip with the help of small hairpins.

You can wrap the entire tail around the base and fasten,
thus obtaining the original high beam.

�”Horsetail” is equally good without bangs, and with a thick straight
either oblique bangs, and with a light, “torn”.

Variant of elegant hairstyle with a tail:

Элегантные прически для длинных волос своими руками

Weaving pads

The braiding is simple but elegant and charming.

Comb your hair in a straight parting and braid in two not too
tight braids, starting from the temples.

The ends of the braids on the back of the head secure in a knot or a bundle. You can release
several light strands on the cheeks or above the forehead.

Elegant hairstyles for long hair do it yourself business,
accessible to everyone, with plenty of room for
fantasy and creativity.

We wish you success and beautiful results!

A few more options for elegant hairstyles that you can
make yourself in the photo below. All these styling will not take away from
You have a lot of time, but they allow you to look like a real lady.

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