Does Pilates help against cellulite?

Пилатес от целлюлитаCellulite, this scourge of modern women,
comes, as a rule, for a long time – it is difficult to get rid of him, even
doing sports. Cellulite can only be defeated forever.
a combination of proper lifestyle and special exercises,
aimed at eliminating excess fat mass, improving
blood supply to the tissues and their tightening. Pilates from cellulite recognized
perhaps one of the most effective means of
achieve amazing results when combined
dedication and willpower!

Benefits and features of Pilates

Pilates – quite a young form of physical activity,
allowing to breathe properly, tighten the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and
stomach and eliminate cellulite, but he already got a well-deserved
recognition among the female population! Properly composed
The Pilates complex allows you to load all muscle groups,
pump them and strengthen the muscular corset as a whole.
Systematic pilates exercises help women cope
with weight gain after childbirth, age weight gain, give
necessary load that causes the body to acquire
fit shape and heal.

Pilates is best done with an instructor who does not
just show you how to do the exercises correctly, but it will
control the whole process, breathing, loads, adjusting in time

Pilates from cellulite has its own characteristics: firstly, it
the correct breathing, which is carried out by the chest, not the belly,
secondly, any exercise has from eight to twelve
repetitions. The number of classes per week is determined by the coach, but more often
only two or three classes a week is enough.


Before you start training, you need to study the following

  • 1. To start classes you will need to get a thin mat.
    Instead, the usual gymnastic mat will do. So occupations
    will be held with maximum comfort.
  • 2. During the workout, you can listen to a light relaxing
    music It will help you to relax and not to lose the smooth
    measured pace of employment.
  • 3. All exercises must be performed in the complex for one
    occupation. If you decide to try Pilates for the first time, then
    choose the five most suitable for you
  • 4. All actions must be performed as smoothly as possible.
    measuredly. All your actions should be monitored.
  • 5. During class, try not to look at the ceiling. It is better
    all, if your gaze is in the direction of travel
    of your body.
  • 6. If for some reason you need to do a long
    break in classes, then resume classes need to
    the intensity at which you stopped.

The most effective exercises

Among the most effective exercises for getting rid of cellulite
can highlight the following:

  • 1. Setting the legs shoulder-width apart, while inhaling, raise the arms and
    squat, knees while parallel to each other. Exhale –
    rise, hands down.
  • 2. The stand is the same, to unfold the socks, push the pelvis forward – inhale:
    squat, exhale – go up.
  • 3. Stand the same, crouched legs alternately climb on
  • 4. We lay down on the side, as much as possible by pulling in the stomach and feeling its muscles:
    inhale – the leg rises, exhale – feeling resistance,
    pull the heel down, not touching the opposite leg. Roll over
    and repeat with the other leg.
  • 5. Stand on the elbows and knees: move the leg back and pull
    heel up. Breath – heel up. Exhale down.
  • 6. Stand on the hands and knees, on the exhale, the heel goes up. On
    inhale down. Each movement to complete a series of springy
  • 7. Lying on the floor, hold your hands along the body, feet placed on
    seat next to the chair standing. Exhale – we lift the pelvis from the floor, inhale –
    return to the original position.
  • When performing the exercise, the back and shoulders are not strained.
  • 8. Lying, arms along the body, legs on a chair – raising the pelvis on
    exhale, fix at the extreme point for a few seconds and inhale
    we leave in a starting position. Simultaneously with the active action
    we pull in the stomach as much as possible.
  • 9. You need to lie down on your stomach, bending your legs at a right angle to your body.
    – on the exhale, raise the knee, inhale to return to normal
    position. Repeat for the second leg.
  • 10. Lying exactly on the back, lifts the knees in turns on the exhale.
    up, on a breath we lower. Onпрягаем мышцы бедер и ягодиц.
  • 11. Lying on your back and spreading your legs on the width of the hips, you need
    slowly on the exhale, raise the pelvis, feeling as they come off the floor
    vertebrae from the coccyx to the waist. At the same time we strain our buttocks and
    thighs. At the maximum point we inhale and strain the buttocks, squeezing them,
    on the exhale, we return to the starting position, just as slowly, “by
    vertebrae “.
  • 12. It is necessary to stand up straight, having bent one leg at the knee, the second
    we put a foot on a knee, at the same time having stretched hands forward –
    выполняем отведение таза назад и растягивание мышц thighs.
  • 13. It is necessary to sit up, having bent a leg so that the foot was located
    next to the thigh of the second leg – exhale and stretch the whole body
    вперед, растягивая мышцы thighs.
  • 14. Lie down on the side, having drawn the belly – we pull the upper leg on the exhale.
    forward to toe on the inhale back – on the heel. The case is fixed and
  • 15. Lying on your back you need to bend your knees, legs apart
    width thighs, belly strongly retracted. Pulling one leg forward on
    exhale, simultaneously lift the pelvis, inhale – return the leg
    into place. The case keeps stillness.
  • 16. Необходимо сесть на пол на боковую часть thighs. Wherein
    make sure your legs are bent at the knees. Pull hands
    so that the palm looked down. First lift your right leg and
    pull the hip back. Hold your leg for a few seconds in such
    position Then stretch your leg to the side and freeze again on
    some time. After that, bend your legs and take the original
    position. Repeat the same with the other foot.

Simple but effective exercises for cellulite can
perform and at home, however, it will be better if you perform them
will show the coach. Then you quickly and efficiently solve the problem and
again will get a beautiful and slim figure.

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