Diode laser hair removal: procedure description and girls reviews

Modern lasers have replaced the popular not so long ago photo- and electrolysis and have already managed to conquer a large number of women Worldwide. In this article you will learn in detail about the diode laser, its advantages and disadvantages, and also see reviews girls about the results of this type of hair removal.

Features of the procedure

The diode laser does not affect the layers of the skin, but only affects hair follicles, working in the mode of light flashes. Those in their turn, release the maximum amount of energy using which follicles heat up and undergo chemical reactions, as a result, the hair sacs are destroyed. Video procedure look here.

A diode laser acts on the melanin inside the bulb capsule, that is, the pigment that is responsible for the color of the hair. Melanin – the darkest element in the structure of the bulb, therefore, under the light the beam heats faster than others, raising the temperature of the whole cell, leading to her death.

diode laser hair removal

The wavelength is such that the rays act only on the follicles hair, bypassing cells even of swarthy and tanned skin. Advantage a diode laser is also that with its help are removed and dark and blond hair. Pure physics at the service of beauty!

Besides the perfect wavelength of light, to the benefits diode laser can add a number of technical properties that allow you to carry out the procedure comfortably for both the client and specialist. This is a large diameter of light scattering and frequency pulses up to 10 per second, which significantly reduces the time hair removal.

Video clip

Indications for use

  • Hair from dark to light color;
  • Dark spots at the place of hair ingrowth;
  • Shaving irritation;
  • Excessively stiff hair that grows back quickly;
  • Individual intolerance to wax or epilators.


  1. Excessive exposure to sunlight less than 24 hours before procedures: dryness, peeling, pigmentation are possible;
  2. Moles in the epilated area;
  3. Varicose veins (with shin procedure);
  4. Decompensation of diabetes;
  5. Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  6. Acute diseases of the cardiovascular system and others internal organs;
  7. Allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin diseases;
  8. Cold;
  9. The tendency to form keloid scars;
  10. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  11. Menstruation period;
  12. Diseases of the pelvic organs and mammary glands during epilation bikini and armpits.

Preparation for the procedure

At the time of preparation, completely refuse plucking, hair removal or shaving in the place where you want to spend procedure. Shave all hairs at least one day before hair removal. prospective zone.

Hair length should be minimal, not more than 1 mm.

Diode hair removal on long hair will be less effective, it obstructs the path of light rays to the follicles, which will lead to the need for additional sessions. Therefore it is better to do everything right the first time.

diode laser hair removal

The procedure will take from 10 to 60 minutes, the time depends on the area zones. If you plan to remove hair in several areas at once, the duration of the procedure can increase up to 4 hours.

For more information on how to prepare for laser hair removal, read here.


You are sitting on a cosmetology couch. The doctor puts on safety glasses and gives them to you to protect your eyes from light laser. Next, flash processing of the selected area occurs. You you can smell the burning – with each flash the hair in follicles burn out.

After epilation, apply Panthenol cream or another remedy that helps prevent burns and speedy healing of the skin. Specialist talks about caring for treated zone, recommendations are binding.

Available Zones

Diode hair removal is possible in the following areas:

  1. Bikini;
  2. Brazilian bikini
  3. Legs;
  4. Loin, back fully;
  5. Buttocks, the area between the buttocks;
  6. Hands;
  7. Brushes;
  8. Belly, strip from navel to groin;
  9. Collar area;
  10. Armpits
  11. Antennae over the upper lip, chin, cheeks;
  12. Chest area.

Read more about the features of laser hair removal of various areas of the body read this article.

diode laser hair removal

Diode laser

The cosmetology market is filled with companies that offer buy a diode laser for hair removal, and beauty salons, ready it to get and rather please your customers. Guided by purchase is necessary by the country of the manufacturer, laser power, area outbreaks, the resource of outbreaks, because safety depends on it, quality, speed of the procedure and satisfaction from the service. Prices quite high, from 400,000 rubles to a few millions.

It should be remembered that the diode laser, despite its effectiveness, does not promise complete hair removal after one procedures. Repeated manipulations are required because the hairs have three phases of growth that occur at different times.

The laser only affects bulbs that are in the growth stage. All other hair needs additional processing through a certain period of time.

The range of possible applications of a diode laser is not limited single hair removal, it is also used for leveling and rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body, smoothing small wrinkles.

Diode hair removal before and after photos

Among women

diode laser hair removal

In men

diode laser hair removal

Reviews about diode hair removal

Diode laser hair removal has many fans and fans, who willingly give us their feedback, here are some of them:

: “Tired of shaving, I started looking on the Internet clinics and salons where laser hair removal is performed. Stumbled upon the action “bikini + armpits”, a diode laser, I won’t say the name for sure. I decided that here it is, time! I liked the doctor, asked from and to about all chronic diseases, previous experience of hair removal. The procedure was anesthetized (it was included in the price) and absolutely painless. After the first session, as promised, the hairs grew a little, and in the second week they began to crumble without the slightest effort. After another two weeks, the hair began to grow again, it turned out about half of the previous volume. Second the procedure went the same way, however, after a month the hair regrown bushes. In total, I needed 7 procedures to achieve excellent result, after so much time only single hairs that I’ll soon go to “finish off”.

Valeria: “Girls, only diode! Having listened about the “most efficient” alexandrite laser, visited the procedure, and they burned me completely, without anesthesia! The skin is crusty was saved by Panthenol. Six months later, after reading all the same positive reviews on laser hair removal, I decided to try diode to prepare for the summer. I’ve never met anything better I see the result on myself. Good luck! ”

Laser hair removal soprano (soprano)

One of the most famous diode laser hair removal systems is Soprano XL, – allows you to get rid of unwanted hair for 5-7 procedures. Moreover, the session time will be reduced to a minimum. For example, another laser hair removal: the bikini zone takes 30-60 minutes, and with this unit the procedure will take only 3 minutes!

Hair removal with the Soprano system is a technological breakthrough from Israel, so it’s not surprising that she’s given preference, speaking of a diode laser.

diode laser hair removal

There is also a modification of Soprano Ice, the main advantage which is the long-awaited absolute painlessness of the procedure. It is achieved through SHR technology, which gradually heats up a hair bag that combines with a cooling system Sapphire tip DualChill.

Forget about anesthesia! Soprano Ice Diode Laser Hair Removal Created as comfortable as possible for customers.

In addition, the system can perform a skin tightening. Like this perhaps? By adding a special NIR module that increases the size of the light window to 18 sq.cm. Energy evenly distributed, causing deep dermis warming up without damage to the epidermis.

This module is also useful for muscle and joint pain. helps in the treatment of sedentary joints, sprained ligaments. The procedure is comfortable, can be used as in a medical practice, and in spa services.

Soprano Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Marina: “About Soprano I heard from my good a friend who is interested in all the latest in beauty. I AM once long ago heroically suffered an electro, which, although it decided a given problem, but made me stay away from all hair removal away. With the Soprano diode – just heaven and earth! For me absolutely painless. I recommend to everyone”

Olga: “Long chose a laser from the existing diversity, went to consult with specialists, was looking for a salon, where exactly is the doctor, and not just a cosmetologist. Found, she advised me Soprano Ice diode laser, told how it will pass procedure, how to prepare yourself for it. The main thing is to do hair removal, when the hair after wax has recovered, because the laser affects precisely the formed bulbs. Otherwise, there is no effect You will see and pay extra money. Two days before going to the salon shave hair, it should be no more than 5 mm. So, on day X, I I came, honestly, worried, did not have time to get comfortable on the couch, they told me – done. Isn’t this a miracle? After three procedures (I have shins) the result is clearly visible ”

laser hair removal contraindications and consequences

Which epilation is better diode or alexandrite

The difference between diode laser hair removal from a laser with alexandrite tip, consists in less absorbability of a light wave epidermis. Laser energy reaches and affects even those follicles that sit deep enough. This is reflected in the effectiveness of the procedure as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, a diode laser allows you to get rid of unwanted hair in just 5-7 repetitions, whereas alexandrite and neodymium hair removal the desired effect of smooth skin It turns out after ten sessions.


Diode hair removal is almost painless, and visible the results are not long in coming. Most clients Having tried this procedure, were satisfied. If you are looking a tool that permanently saves you from unwanted hair – here he is your chance!

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