Dark highlights with black strands (blackcolor)

Домашнее мелирование черными прядями. Highlighting черным цветомHighlighting
usually associated with delicate golden strands. But,
popular and highlight black. It can add to your
an image of some mystery, depth. It is not only original, but
also makes the hair look more voluminous and thick – this effect
give color transitions. In principle, such highlighting can be done
on the hair of any color.

Just remember that the contrast between the “base” is too bright.
hair color and streaked black strands may look
unnatural and vulgar.

Of course, the ideal option is to trust a skilled hairdresser,
however, home highlighting with black strands is quite affordable.


Dark highlighting technology

There are several technologies of highlighting.

  1. The first, the simplest – using the cap. On the head
    put on a cap with holes through which pulled out
    individual strands. The painting composition is applied on them. With this method
    hair often tangles, can even burst out.
  2. Most, perhaps, the most common highlighting technology –
    �”On the foil.” A coloring agent is applied to the selected locks,
    then they are wrapped in wide strips of foil (each strand in
    separately) and roll rollers.
  3. The most progressive method is the so-called brushing. In this
    case, a special comb is used – it is covered with paint, and then
    carry on hair. It turns out neat, smooth, thin

Before you highlight black, selected
strands must first be discolored. By the way, experts
It is recommended not to comb before selection of strands for highlighting.
hair – they should lie as usual. Then you choose
just those curls on which highlighting will look
the best way. Convenient, proven approach: moving from the face
towards the back of the head, separate and fasten 15 thin hairpins
strands, the distance between which – about two fingers.

With short hair, it is sometimes advised to apply dark paint on
tips of the order – it will emphasize and highlight a stylish haircut.

How to make at home?

It is worth noting that homemade highlight black strands require
special scrupulousness and accuracy, so as not to smudge the dark
coloring composition and do not add unplanned spots to hair.
If you do it yourself, choose only strands.
around the face and sides. If you want to tint and curls on the back of your head,
surely attract an assistant.

When applying paint, do not overdo it. Funds should be
just enough to cover the curl evenly. Excess paint
remove the application device (such tools often
sold with paint).

If you plan to highlight black, please note
what if this hairstyle bothers you, get rid of black strands
it will be possible only with the help of a complex procedure of washing off
using special means (and this often gives
unpredictable color effect and not very well reflected on
condition of hair) or completely recoloured in a dark color.

When is highlighting (any) undesirable?

First, if the condition of your hair can not be called healthy –
split, fall out, dull, etc. In this case, the first is better.
conduct a course of restorative medical procedures. (By the way,
careful hair care is also necessary after highlighting, since
it can weaken hair, especially long).

Secondly, if you recently did “chemistry” or dyed your hair
henna. After that, at least three weeks must pass, otherwise
the result of highlighting may be unpredictable. If you are not ready
to the exotic shades of your hair, better wait a while with

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