Brown smokey with turquoise accent and accenton the upper eyelid

If you do not want a very bright makeup with large volumes
�”Punching”, then this master class is for you. It happens that you want
make your eyes more expressive and emphasize individuality
any highlight. Just today, we look at eye makeup
Smokey in calm brown tones with active drawing only
upper eyelid. And we will emphasize the zest, decorating the lower eyelid
turquoise tint.

коричневый макияж глаз, фото

To create a brown makeup you will need:

  • brown No. 201 and turquoise No. 207 Cascade eye pencils
    of colors;
  • friable shadows of Inglot No. 14;
  • basic shadows in skin color;
  • dark and light brown shadows;
  • black shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • black pencil kayal;
  • mascara;
  • turquoise shadows.

To create any make-up you should make the face clean and
well maintained. If possible, apply a base under makeup with
reflective particles. Tone base pick light
so that it does not overload the skin and look as natural as possible.
Be sure to hide the dark circles under the eyes and raise eyebrows.
Go easy brush in tone for a century and fix the base

Since this makeup will not go too immobile
eyelid, then we will work out the fold zone with Inglot pearl shadows.
They will give shine and create a substrate for the main shadows. We extinguish
them 1 cm up and down from the fold.

On the ciliary row with a brown pencil draw an arrow
from the outer iris of the eye and repeat the shape of the lower eyelid.

We extinguish стрелку по ресничному ряду по направлению к головке
eyebrows. Constantly we type a pencil on a brush for depth of color.
Brush hold at an acute angle. We bring the inner shading
iris eyes. Please note that we must stick to that
arrow shape, which was originally drawn. Only then will
correct bevel pencil detail that fits exactly your
shaped eyes. Due to the fact that we are working on the arrow, shading
practically does not go to a fixed eyelid.

Apply brown shadows to the shading and simmer in the same way
as pencil detail. We work so far only with the upper part, and
lower eyelid will work out at the end.

We also apply a light brown tint of shadows to the area between
dark shade and corner of the eye. We seek a smooth transition.

Decorate the corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow with those crumbly
shadows that worked out the fold.

On the ciliary row draw an arrow with black eyeliner. She will be
thicken approximately from the pupil. We extinguish конец стрелочки,
so that there are no clear boundaries.

Cover the arrow with black shadows to brown. We extinguish таким же
образом, as pencil detail.

We designed the upper eyelid and now need to darken a little
brown shadows lower eyelid. As further we will add
a different color, it is best to choose dark brown. We draw eyelid and
connect with the top in a neat corner. We extinguish тени по направлению
to the middle of the ear. We bring color only to the pupil, making light

Now we decorate the lower eyelid with a turquoise shade with mother of pearl.
Smoothly combine with brown. We sum up the mucous turquoise
eyeliner, and the corner of the mucous brings black kayal for
depths. Paint the eyelashes.

Do not forget to clean the skin, since the shadows and your
makeup is ready!

макияж в коричневых тонах, фото

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