Zucchini with meat in a slow cooker – combining the benefitswith taste! Recipes разных блюд из кабачков с мясом вmulticooker

Чт, 28 июл 2016 Автор: Марина ATыходцева

Who said that the zucchini is empty? He never cooked a vegetable with meat!

This is a famous combination that is often used in
casseroles, stews, solyanka.

Zucchini with meat is fried, stewed, baked and all this can be done in
multicooker. Trust the kitchen assistant?

Кабачки с мясом в multicooker — общие принципы

The most valuable are young zucchini, weighing up to 0.5 kg. They
have a delicate skin, the seeds are small and soft. Such fruits do not require
cleaning up. Rinse them thoroughly, remove the tips and
cut the desired pieces.

Meat processing, its type and method of cutting depends on the dish. But
most often the product is poured into the slow cooker to the zucchini. His stew
or fried in oil. Then add other ingredients.

What is the preparation of zucchini and meat:

• potatoes;

• bow;

• carrot;

• cabbage;

• eggplants;

• tomatoes.

Sometimes different cereals, legumes, mushrooms are added to the dishes.
They can go cheese, various spices and ready-made sauces. Exact composition
блюда, как и технология preparations, определяется рецептурой. AT
multicooker обычно используют три режима: выпечка, жарка,

Рецепт 1: Тушеные кабачки с мясом в multicooker

ATариант легкого в приготовлении и для желудка блюда из кабачков
с мясом в multicooker. AT идеале используется нежирная телятина. But
You can take any other kind of meat.


• 0.5 kg of meat;

• 0.8 kg zucchini;

• 0.2 kg of carrots;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• some oil;

• garlic, spices.


1. Устанавливаем программу «ATыпечка», наливаем в чашу прибора
a thin layer of any oil, just a few spoons and
heat up

2. We wash the veal, cut into small pieces, throw
roast for twenty minutes.

3. Cut the onion in half rings, throw in veal. Shred
straw carrots and also send in the dish. Fry with veal
about ten minutes.

4. While vegetables are being cooked, chop the zucchini into pieces, add to
bowl, stir and close.

5. We put the extinguishing program for an hour. No liquid to add
do not need enough juice from zucchini. But если овощ не сильно
juicy, then you can pour 100 ml of boiling water or hot broth.

6. AT конце, минут за десять кладем чеснок, солим, перемешиваем и
we bring to full readiness.

Рецепт 2: Жареные кабачки с мясом в multicooker

ATариант очень ароматного блюда из жареных кабачков с мясом в
multicooker. Get two full servings. Immediately turn on
the program “Frying”, pour in some oil and heat it up.


• 0.3 kg of meat;

• 1 onion;

• 1 medium zucchini;

• 1 spoonful of flour;

• spices;

• butter.


1. Cut a piece of meat into several plates and beat off with a hammer.
Then shred each slice into thin straws.

2. Sprinkle the meat with salt and pepper. We put in a slow cooker, which
should already warm up a little. Fry the pieces to ruddy

3. Add the onion, also cut into strips, continue

4. Squash cut into cubes or cubes, slightly larger than meat.
Sprinkle with flour and lay the rest of the ingredients.

5. Fry the meat with a vegetable for about fifteen minutes, add salt,
season with other spices and bring to readiness. About another
same time.

Рецепт 3: Тушеные кабачки с мясом в multicooker с томатным
the sauce

Recipe amazing stew zucchini dishes with meat in
multicooker. Great idea for a wholesome and satisfying dinner.


• 0.4 kg of meat;

• 0.7 kg zucchini;

• 4 tomatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• 2 Bulgarian peppers;

• 40 ml of oil;

• various spices.


1. Cut meat into cubes, add to the slow cooker, pour in a couple
spoons of oil, simmer under the lid on the appropriate program
half an hour. Nothing more is added, we cook in our juice.

2. Open, pour in the remaining oil, set the program
frying and add chopped onion, cook another quarter of an hour.

3. We throw chopped peppers and grated tomatoes, stir and
heat the sauce.

4. Add sliced ​​zucchini, a little salt, completely
a little bit, close and prepare an hour on the program “Quenching”.

5. Open, add the right amount of salt, here already by
to taste. We throw a black pepper, any seasoning, you can add a little

6. Close and simmer another 20 minutes.

Recipe 4: Stews from potatoes and zucchini with meat in

ATариант изумительного рагу с картошкой и кабачками с мясом в
multicooker. Many people know a similar recipe, but vegetables turn out
steamed and not very tasty. To prevent this from happening, it’s important
правильно обfry.


• 0.4 kg of meat;

• 1 onion;

• 7 potatoes;

• 0.7 kg zucchini;

• 1 carrot;

• 60 ml of oil;

• 2 spoons of tomato paste (2-3 tomatoes are possible);

• spices.


1. Dice the meat in cubes of 1.5 centimeters, throw in
cooker and cook on the program “Frying” under the lid for 15 minutes,
butter add half.

2. We throw onion sticks to meat and also chopped
carrot. Жарим еще about ten minutes.

3. Add the potatoes, cut into any pieces. ATливаем
the remaining oil and продолжаем жарить еще about ten minutes.

4. Add sliced ​​zucchini and pour in a glass of boiling water with
divorced in it paste. Those who like more liquid dishes can
add more water.

5. Cover and simmer for an hour, rearranging to the appropriate
the program.

6. Open, fill the dish with spices, salt, carefully
Stir with a spatula and simmer for about twenty minutes.

Рецепт 5: Кабачки с мясом и баклажанами в multicooker

Another option vegetable zucchini stew with meat in
multicooker, но в этот раз без картофеля. The dish turns out less
high-calorie, but also tasty and nutritious.


• 0.4 kg of meat;

• 2 eggplants;

• 2 small zucchini;

• 2 tomatoes;

• onion head;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 40 ml of oil;

• 1 carrot.


1. Immediately engaged in eggplant. We cut a blue vegetable large
slices, soaked in salted water.

2. Cut into any pieces of meat, throws in a slow cooker,
pour the oil and fry until half ready, including the program
«ATыпечка» или «Жарка».

3. While the meat is being cooked, the remaining vegetables should be cut. Bow with
carrots are better than straws, zucchini with the same pieces as

4. Tomatoes need to pour over boiling water and remove the skin. Then
Tomatoes are cut into cubes or simply rubbed.

5. Add onion, meat and carrot to meat, give

6. Кидаем помидоры и готовим до проявления colors. Tomato mass
should become darker.

7. It’s time to remove the eggplant from salted water and squeeze.
We send to the main products.

8. Next throw zucchini and mix well.

9. Cover and cook on “Quenching” forty minutes.

10. Add spices, salt, throw chopped garlic and all

11. Close our assistant again and bring the dish to full

Рецепт 6: Кабачки с мясом и капустой multicooker

ATариант летней солянки из капусты с кабачками и мясом в
multicooker. You can add potatoes to this dish


• 0.5 kg zucchini;

• 0.5 kg of cabbage;

• 0.5 kg of meat;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 onion;

• butter.


1. Cut the meat into strips, throw in the slow cooker, add three
ложки масла и жарим до румяного colors.

2. Three carrots, cut onions and shift these vegetables to the meat.
Fry another five minutes

3. Shred соломкой капусту, закладываем в чашу к обжаренным
ingredient. Cook together.

4. While cabbage is fried, chop the zucchini into small cubes or
diced, shifted to vegetables.

5. Cut the tomatoes in half, rub the flesh, recline
skins. Pour tomato into a hodgepodge.

6. Блюдо солим, перчим, хорошо stir You can throw a little

7. Close and prepare a hodgepodge in the mode of “Quenching” about

Рецепт 7: Фаршированные кабачки с мясом в multicooker

ATариант блюда, которое может стать праздничным. For such
Zucchini with meat is used any stuffing, home or purchase.
We take zucchini of small size, and zucchini will do.


• 2 zucchini;

• 0.24 kg minced meat;

• 1 onion;

• 1 tomato;

• some oil;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• spices.

You will also need a small piece of foil.


1. immediately chop the onion and fry with butter, you can throw
дольку garlic. Leave to cool.

2. We wash the squash and cut across 5-7 pieces
centimeters. The size depends on the length of the vegetable. We do it so that it is
less scraps.

3. ATынимаем ложечкой все внутренности. Make a hole
pass-through, the hole does not hurt.

4. Mix the browned onions and twisted meat, finely
chop the tomato and add to them. Fill the filling with any
spices, you can throw a little green.

5. Fill the tubules of zucchini, the hole should be
perpendicular to the plane. That is, we do not lay on its side.

6. We put a piece of foil in a crock-pot

7. ATыкладываем начиненные кусочки кабачка, сверху кладем
grated cheese.

8. Закрываем мультиварку и готовим half an hour. Режим «ATыпечка». By
need time can be added, it depends on the used
meat and juiciness of the main vegetable.

Кабачки с мясом в multicooker — полезные советы и хитрости

• Zucchini very quickly lets the juice, so it is undesirable
солить в самом начале preparations. ATсе специи лучше добавлять в
the very end, when the dish remains only 10 minutes.

• If the zucchini is not very young, then it is better to remove the skin and
seeds, they are poorly prepared and remain hard for a long time. Take off
the skin is the most convenient vegetable peeler. And the seeds are the easiest to remove.
an ordinary spoon, cuts the fruit into two boats.

• If tomatoes are added to the dish, the zucchini will be cooked
longer. Acid inhibits fiber softening. If you need to cut
время preparations, то томаты лучше закинуть в почти готовое

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