Yellow clothes: what to wear, how to combine?

Modern women of fashion certainly know the fact that bright things
may be cunning. And as for the yellow things: they are clearly
attract attention, provoke a feeling of lightness and
cheerful mood. Therefore, no matter what subject
the wardrobe has a yellow color – you need to wear such things very
carefully, correctly combining with other things, accessories and

A fun walk … What can I wear with a yellow skirt?

Every woman of the fair sex, going for a walk
with friends, or just with friends, or even just to the store –
can stand for hours in front of the closet in search of suitable things. That
what a girl puts on often displays her psychological
condition and mood in general. Skirt lovers are often in their
The wardrobe has quite a wide selection in terms of color. AND
quite an urgent issue, especially in the summer – with what to wear
yellow skirt.

Certainly, depending on the degree of brightness of this thing, its
can be worn for any reason. AND отличная идея – надеть желтую
skirt for a walk.

Due to the peculiarities of the image that will arise due to
competent combination, you can relax and enjoy
nice time spent and also from approving views
surrounding ANDтак, с такой юбкой вне зависимости от ее фасона можно
put on:

  • – Blouse of the same color. In this case, there will be
    the need to dilute the image with some accessories.
  • – A turtleneck is quite a simple thing, so it’s extremely
    it is desirable that it was expressive color that blends
    with yellow.
  • – Yellow shoes would be appropriate for a yellow skirt.

In this case, it’s not always important what is put on together.
with a skirt. Much more important is the correct color combination. For example,
putting on a yellow skirt and diluting the image with black color – there is a risk
look like a bee – to someone this combination goes, and to someone –
absolutely not.

С чем носить желтое платье, фото

Romantic date – Why wear a yellow dress?

Thinking about what to wear on a date, you should carefully
review your wardrobe. AND если в гардеробе есть какая-то желтая
a little thing, especially a dress – it will be more than appropriate on a date.
The most important thing is to know exactly what to wear with a yellow dress. ANDсходя из
combinations, it can make a different impression:

  • – It can turn out an easy and romantic image. Depending on the
    the degree of brightness of the dress, depending on the fabric and cut. It is logical that
    light summer chiffon will look great in summer
    dress of bright lemon color. In the cooler season
    You can consider the option of a knitted dress of free fit,
    lighter shades.
  • – If you combine a bright dress with contrasting accessories or
    additional things, for example, with a jacket or cardigan –
    the finished image will be more mundane. AND кстати, если цвет платья
    allows – in this form, you can come not only to the rendezvous to
    beloved, but also for a business meeting – it will not leave
    indifferent potential customers or partners.
  • – Wearing a yellow dress with some eye-catching objects
    wardrobe, for example, with a hat – can be pretty outrageous
    form. Of course, it all depends on the dress itself and on
    how unusual accessories are selected.

A yellow dress, regardless of the cut, will provoke
the fair sex is a special feeling of lightness.
Surrounding hardly remain indifferent to any of the images,
where the base is exactly such a dress. It is intended to draw on themselves
Attention. Thus, it is easy to achieve that effect when
men turn around and other women are deep in the soul

At work … What to wear a yellow blouse?

Existing regulations concerning requirements for
appearance at work, sometimes they are so boring that
women just merge into some kind of gray mass. AND да, пусть
require a medium length skirt and some kind of blouse. But why necessarily
to give preference to classic combinations? Is there such
a job where a yellow blouse is not appropriate?

What to wear such a thing – every lover of this knows
cheerful color. It can be:

  • – Pants – any style. The main thing is to cover the blouse
    appropriate. For example, with wide trousers will look better
    tight-fitting blouse, and with tight-fitting pants that emphasize
    dignity of the legs – a little loose blouse would be more appropriate.
    Perfectly complement a business style matching jacket or
  • – Skirt. Needless to say that the cut can be absolutely
  • – Shorts. Oddly enough, but even in the office you can come in shorts –
    if they are of acceptable length. The only point: if the blouse is bright –
    black shorts are preferred. Since if you choose
    a brighter version – it may look defiant and that image
    better to postpone until walking with friends or for fun

The yellow color is just unique! It is bright and sunny. Questions about
what to wear with any yellow thing is actually pretty
lot. But it is necessary to abstract from it. Much more important learn to
чувствовать желтый цвет и его оттенки, а также learn to сочетать с
other colors of the existing wardrobe palette.

With what to wear yellow clothes, photo

С чем носить желтую юбку, фиолетовый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую блузку, фото

С чем носить желтую юбку, зеленый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую юбку, оранжевый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую юбку, черный + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую юбку, зеленый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтое платье, фото

С чем носить желтое платье, голубой + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтое платье, коричневый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтое платье, бежевый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую юбку, фото

С чем носить желтое платье, серый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую блузку, черный + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую блузку, красный + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую блузку, коричневый + желтый, фото

С чем носить желтую блузку, синий + желтый, фото

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