Yarrow – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Mon, 18 Jul 2016


Yarrow – General Description

Тысячелистник — травянистое многолетнее
plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae. This plant
possesses a straight single stalk that can at the top
branch. It grows up to 120 cm. On the bottom surface of the sheet
plants are numerous oil glands. Blooms
plant in June and August.

Yarrow can bloom twice in the summer. More common
white flowers, but there are also pink. Inflorescence – basket formed
reed male flowers located on the edges and tubular
women in the center. Numerous baskets form
corymbose inflorescence. Yarrow fruits – brown seeds.
They ripen in August or September.

In the Middle Ages, yarrow was used in magical rituals.
Today this plant is used as a spice and honey plant.
Florists include yarrow in the composition of bouquets of deadwood.
Good groundcover.

Yarrow – types and places of growth

The genus of yarrow consists of more than one hundred species of plants.
Yarrow and related species are

This species is common in Eurasia, is found on other
continents. In Russia, this plant can be found almost
everywhere. It grows both in the forest and forest-steppe and in the steppe
zones. Occurs among shrubs, along roads, on fallow lands, along
ravines, wastelands and landfills, along the perimeter of the fields and along the banks

Yarrow – healing properties

One of the remarkable properties of this plant is
activization and normalization of metabolism. Thanks to this
abilities, it is used in the composition of various means
intended for obesity, atherosclerosis and in hypertension.

Since ancient times, yarrow has been used as
hemostatic means. The mechanism of its action is concluded in
increasing the number of platelets in the blood without the risk of
thrombosis. This property of the plant is used in the treatment of
bleeding: uterine, gastric, pulmonary, intestinal,

Yarrow is used as an external remedy for wounds,
trophic ulcers, fistulas, furunculosis, as well as for different skin
diseases. Both the grass and the flowers of the plant help in treating
diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Antiallergic properties of the plant are used in eczema,
diathesis, asthma and urticaria. Yarrow is having
tonic effect on the nervous system.

Yarrow – Dosage Forms

Yarrow grass should be harvested when it begins
bloom. June and the first half of August are the best times. AT
as the raw materials are suitable only upper shoots, not exceeding
15 cm long. Rough stems should not be included in the collection.

The inflorescences are cut, leaving no more than 2 cm peduncle. After
sorting, the raw materials should be dried under canopies or in the dryer.
The optimum drying temperature is 35-40 ° C. More than 2 years
raw materials are not stored.

AT медицинских целях используют отвар, настой травы и цветов
yarrow. For wound healing, you can apply yarrow in
raw as well as lotions.

Yarrow Recipes

The lotion, with which you can stop the inflammation on the skin
is prepared from 2 tbsp. ложек измельченной травы yarrow. Grass
Pour 0.5 liters of water. 20-15 minutes simmer. After
infusion for 4 hours, add 1 to the glass of infusion
tsp vinegar and 100 ml of alcohol (alcohol can be replaced with the same volume
tincture of calendula). Moisten the affected skin. Use
in a week.

Ointment on the basis of a yarrow will relieve from furuncles. 2 s.l.
dry herb pour 50 ml of hot water. Heat the slurry
up to 60 (70) ° С. and cool. Mix with 20g of vaseline. The resulting ointment
lubricate the affected places.

Compresses from yarrow save from swelling, wounds and bruises.
You need 30g of yarrow flowers, 20g of thyme herb and 10g
eucalyptus leaves. A mixture of herbs brew boiling water and insist on for an hour.
The filtered solution is heated. The gauze moistened in it is put
on a sore point. From above the compress is covered with a towel and keeps
In one hour.

Yarrow is widely used in dentistry. With inflammation
gums and mucous membranes of the mouth, it is used together with sage to
rinse. Infusion do, based on the proportion: 1 teaspoon of herbs
on 1 glass of boiled water. Infusion must withstand at least 20

Yarrow – contraindications

Using yarrow for medical purposes, you should be aware that
the plant is poisonous. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it, after consulting with
a doctor. Observe the prescribed dose. Long reception
yarrow based medications can cause a rash and headache


Alla 05/10/2016 Thank you for this information. I often get inflamed
gum. Yarrow is an affordable plant. Be sure to use
this recipe. I bought a special rinse, but
somehow not very impressive … It helps for a while. Zhanna 05/10/2016 And I
saw decoction yarrow from stomach pain. I have it
spoiled, but I did not want to go to the doctor at all. I do not like
hospitals … Yes, and not so serious was … I read that
Yarrow can help, but at home there was a pharmacy pack with
this plant. I drank – really helped. Oksana 05/10/2016
Yarrow, just great helps with inflammation of the gums.
My son, constantly with this problem suffered. Just, time for
разом, воспалялись gum. Grandma Neighbor advised to rinse
this weed, I myself narwhal, brewed – the inflammation is gone!
Elena 05/08/2016 Almost every plant has its own area
treatment. Yarrow, for example, helps with various kinds
inflammations. And as far as I know, its healing properties,
quite often used. ATаля 08.05.2016 Как все таки странно
nature is arranged … I have always believed that the yarrow, some
super medicinal plant. Somehow it inspires confidence. And having read
article found nothing special. That is, it helps, of course,
but, not as serious as many other plants.

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