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  • 1 Wrap with slimming clay at home conditions
    • 1.1 How does wrapping help with slimming clay?
    • 1.2 Anti-cellulite wrap with clay and orange
    • 1.3 Clay blue wrap from cellulite
    • 1.4 Recipe with mustard for slimming belly
    • 1.5 Universal recipe with blue clay
    • 1.6 Recipe with Black Clay

On the effectiveness of cosmetic clay and its effect on the skin
have repeatedly been written by cosmetologists. Positive impact
This product was discovered back in antiquity. Famous Cleopatra
applied means for rejuvenation and clarification of skin. Today this
The component is widely used in cosmetology.

Wrap has a beneficial effect on the skin. This
The procedure offers many spas, however, to hold it in
домашних conditions несложно. It can contribute to weight loss.
It is also an effective remedy for cellulite.

Wrap with slimming clay at home conditions

You must first choose among the variety of cosmetic
clay that is best suited for wrapping. They all have
a specific composition that affects the skin in different ways.
Исходя из отзывов женщин, которые в домашних conditions проводят
procedure, any clay will do. Cosmetologists advise
use black or blue. They are best suited for
wraps, which is done to get rid of cellulite and to
lose weight They include many trace elements that are beneficial
enzymes, essential minerals,
которые положительно влияют на кожу тела. Blue contains
silicon is a component that promotes rapid
restoration of the desired connective tissue structure, which is extremely
important in dealing with cellulite.

How does wrapping help with slimming clay?

This procedure does not affect the metabolism, the amount
calories consumed and consumed, losing weight is unlikely
work out. However, you can significantly reduce the amount of hips or
waist. Важно регулярно и правильно делать это в домашних conditions.
Within a week, one can observe how the abdomen and hips have decreased.
This effect is not due to fat burning, but due to
outflow of fluid from the tissues. Remember that water lost is easy.
is returning.

With the help of hot wraps, blood circulation is activated, and
through the open pores go slags and toxins. Right after
procedures on the scales can be observed minus a couple of kilograms, however, in
during the day they can return.

For weight loss is important to apply an integrated approach. All this must
combined with other procedures. Proper nutrition, massage,
physical activity, the use of anti-cellulite – all this
together will contribute to weight loss.

Антицеллюлитное обертывание с глиной и апельсиновым oiled

There are many recipes based on
clay Considered the most effective with the addition of orange
oils. Before the procedure, you need to properly prepare the body. It is better
всего посетить баню, а в домашних conditions потребуется просто
soak in a nice hot bath. With a good scrub
horny cells should be removed.

After preparing the body, proceed to the preparation of the mixture itself.
This should be done immediately before the procedure. It is impossible
use ironware, it is better to take a glass. Blue or
120 grams of white clay is diluted with water before
masses similar to sour cream. Mix 4 drops of orange oil with
cinnamon (need 3 tablespoons). All carefully
mixed, then applied to the body (abdomen, legs and thighs).

Women’s testimonies suggest that even essential
Oil not only from orange, but any other. Skin needs to be wrapped
food wrap, and then wrap with a warm cloth (or lie down under
a blanket). Keeps on the body means 30 minutes. Carry out the procedure in
for two weeks every three days. This recipe is simple, but all
The ingredients are available to buy at a regular pharmacy.

Clay wrap blue from cellulite

Порошок в домашних conditions можно просто развести приятной
warm water, apply in a clean form and wrap a film.

This procedure has a positive effect on

  • skin looks taut;
  • cellulite decreases;
  • swelling disappear;
  • the body becomes matte, no greasy;
  • stretch marks decrease, they become not so noticeable;
  • reduced body fat.

You can make hot and cold with blue powder.
wraps. The first is effective against cellulite, the second is used
to give elasticity to the skin. The procedure is contraindicated in
certain gynecological diseases, tumors and diseases
vessels and heart.

You can prepare the following recipe, which is very effective
against cellulite. You will need to mix half a cup of blue clay with
the same amount of kelp powder. The mixture is filled with warm
water (take that amount to get creamy
consistency) and infused for 20 minutes. This mass is added
a teaspoon of lemon essential oil is applied to the body, after which
its wrapped film. The duration of the procedure is 40 minutes. After
you need to wash off all the water and lubricate the body with cream.

Looking online reviews of those who did a similar procedure, you can with
confidence to say that wrapping really helps
say goodbye to cellulite.

Mustard recipe for slimming belly

Blue clay is not only used to prevent
cellulite. There is an effective recipe for losing weight belly. Its easy
сделать в домашних conditions. Wrap clay and mustard for
slimming belly helps remove a few extra inches and
make your skin more elastic.

You must mix two tablespoons of blue or black clay with
a small spoon of mustard (it is necessary powder). Add this
same amount of honey. The mixture is applied on the stomach, after wrapping
film and cover with a warm cloth. According to reviews, this recipe
really effective and the belly becomes flatter and

Universal recipe with blue clay

Blue clay is a proven effective remedy against
extra centimeters on the body and cellulite. In the network you can find a lot
reviews that are proof of this. Wrapping with this
component for weight loss gives a wonderful effect. By doing
procedures regularly, you can remove a few unnecessary centimeters with
abdomen, legs and thighs due to the fact that the skin goes away extra

There are many recipes and reviews are difficult to determine
which is the most effective, so you have to experiment,
before there is the most suitable. As solvent
используют не только обычную, но и минеральную воду. Can
make mixtures with milk, kefir, vegetable oils. Besides,
coffee, honey, various essential are added to the blue powder

Blue Clay Slimming Wrap – Effective
смешать 120 грамм голубой глины со стаканом
mineral water. It should make a creamy mass.
Four drops of any essential oil of your choice are added.
(for example, orange grapefruit or lemon) and two spoons
table honey. The mixture is applied to certain areas and the body.
wrapped in film. Rinse off after 30 minutes with water.
After процедуры нужно нанести nutritious cream.

Black Clay Recipe

Reviews of visitors to beauty salons indicate that
except blue, it has a good effect on the skin and black clay. Wraps
легко делать в домашних. Clay powder is diluted with water,
how much to take it, it can be easily determined by eye. The main thing is
the mixture was thick enough and the more intense the color – the
more good. Для сухой кожи подойдет рецепты с оливковым oiled,
Sour cream, cream or yolks. If on the body often
greasy shine appears, it is better to add lemon juice, protein or

Black clay wrap recipe for
2 ст. l black clay mix with mustard (1
tea spoon). During the procedure, the body can pinch a little.
Such a mixture lasts for about an hour, after which it is washed off pleasant
warm water. After обертывания обязательно стоит нанести
nutritious cream.

Judging by the reviews of women, wraps are popular
procedure. Blue, white and black clay are most commonly used.
There is no consensus on what kind of this component is best suited for
избавления от cellulite. Few can be found reviews where
It is written that the procedure did not produce the expected effect. Probably,
this is either due to poor mixes, or
из-за нерегулярности проведения wraps. Important also
properly prepare the body and after the procedure do not forget
apply cream

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