Woman bought at a flea market for $ 50Renoir’s painting

Fri 09 Sep 2016

A resident of the United States acquired a picture at a flea market in just
a few dollars, but after a while it turned out that
unique canvas belongs to … famous artist – Pierre
Auguste Renoir.

According to the story of a woman living in Virginia, she
acquired the picture only because it was bundled with two
plastic toys: doll and cow. But most of all to her
I liked the beautiful frame. The canvas itself is the buyer
planned to throw it away, however, on the advice of the mother first decided
determine its real value.

Appraiser auction house Potomack Company, which turned
the woman conducted a thorough analysis of the picture and told
to the customer that she has been keeping the whole year at home
real treasure It turned out a picture called “Landscape on the shore
Seine “created in the nineteenth century by the hands of Pierre himself

As the appraiser later explained, the canvas immediately caused him a special
interest: “I found the name on the back of the picture, and then
checked data with documents and consulted with experts on
to the creativity of Renoir, ”a young man tells local journalists.
The buyer of renowned paintings Renoir plans to put it on
sale in the near future and bail out at least 100,000

Researchers suggest that the creation of a famous artist
was brought to the united states by collector herbert may in
1926 However, it still remains a mystery – how such a valuable
the canvas could fall into the hands of an ordinary flea market trader.

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