Wine from the supermarket: to drink or not to drink?

As it is not regrettable, but a significant share of the Russian wine market
today make up a fake, and distinguish them from this wine
it is very difficult not only to ordinary consumers, but also
to specialists. The rigging mechanism is so technologically
verified that the resulting drink on its properties becomes
as close as possible to the original. And we, the naive, believe that
enjoy a glass of natural wine …

Wine from the supermarket: to drink or not to drink?

Confirms disappointing state of affairs and deputy
Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Quality” (Moscow) A.
Marutyan �”Falsifying improves the organoleptic properties of their
fakes by various methods, the main of which are two:
петиотизация и галлизация», — отмечает г-жа Marutyan –
�“Petiotisation is the infusion and fermentation of sugar syrup on
marc and pulp left after separation of grape juice. AT
as a result, the resulting “improved” wine resembles the present. Have
него тот же вкус, букет и даже цвет – тем не менее, это подделка,
produced on the “spin”. Gallation – when natural wine
diluted with water several times, and then adjusted to the fortress and
acidity to the characteristics of the desired grade. AT супермаркетах таких
«вин» очень много – если хотите приобрести качественный напиток,
better to do it in the company specialized stores. how
говорится, не богат – не экономь. AT данном случае, это единственный
effective recipe.

Еще один распространенный вид дешевых подделок – «порошковое»
wine, although the term used in this case is not entirely true.
This drink is made not from powder, but from evaporated
grape must, which is diluted in the right proportions with water,
спиртом и ароматизаторами – с вином его роднит только надпись на
the label. �”Powder” is rooted in GOST R51157 from
1998, which was officially allowed to apply various
bulk extracts, sugar and colorants. ATо многом это было
продиктовано заботой о производителе – низкая по сравнению с
natural wines cost of such a drink allowed
domestic enterprises to keep afloat. However,
поговорка «хотели как лучше – получилось как всегда» снова
fully justified itself: the number of underground
industries that have endangered the very existence of a market
quality Russian wine.

On October 1, 2003, the notorious regulation was repealed,
however, as of today, the situation has changed little for the better.
for the consumer side. With Russian wines, the situation in general
Akhovoe: so, the range of products manufactured by Kuban
wineries, consists of “synthetic” by 35-40 percent
– изготовители по-прежнему не гнушаются поставлять на наш рынок
�”Unreal” wine. The only positive property of such
drink is that according to research of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, it is not
poses no danger to human life and health.
However, only if the manufacturer uses additives
approved by the Institute of Nutrition RAMS and approved
Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

If you still prefer to buy wine in a supermarket,
Note the following tips. They will help you to distinguish
natural wine from “synthetics” and other fakes.

1. Buy only bottled wines. Glass bottle
significantly increases the cost of the manufactured product, which
unprofitable for manufacturers of cheap “synthetics”. 2. ATнимательно
study the label: it should contain the inscription “natural
wine”. If the manufacturer did not bother to provide such information
– перед вами ненастоящее вино. 3. Try to buy dry wine.
Flaws in the taste of semi-sweet and other “semi-” wines are easy
mask by adding sugar, which greatly increases
the probability of a fake. 4. ATыбирайте вино, на котором указана дата
harvest. It can be seasoned (up to one and a half years) or vintage
(up to three years) wine. Fake wine aged
can not boast. 5. Before an important or solemn date.
event buy one bottle “on trial”. �”Synthetic” wines are poor
taste, as a rule, have a pronounced sourness
(citric acid) and have no aftertaste.

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