Why the child does not want to go to kindergarten?Reasons for not attending kindergarten and how to solve thisa problem?

Вт, 16 янв 2018 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

It often happens that children are capricious and do not want
go to kindergarten. There are many reasons: quarrel with a friend, broken
toy, cold weather.

But what if the child refuses to go to kindergarten regularly?
Является ли это тревожным звоночком и как решить эту a problem?


The child does not want to go to kindergarten: when this behavior

Children are emotional and sensitive creatures. Besides
global causes of child disobedience and dislike of kindergarten,
can be identified quite normal, which are familiar to any parent and

• The period of adaptation in kindergarten

Every child ever enters the threshold of kindergarten. it
may be the very first time in a kid’s life or a change of place
residence. What does the child feel? Fear, anxiety, excitement. Period
adaptation is a completely normal and commonplace phenomenon
occurs absolutely in any child and proceeds in a light,
moderate or severe. At this time, children only get acquainted with
conditions, peers, educators and group rules.
Experiencing the above negative emotions, the child may
for several months in a row refuse to go to kindergarten precisely for
reason for the adaptation period.

• Lack of active social life

In the modern world, the expression “home
child”. Often, it characterizes the baby, who is
spends time in the walls of his home, minimally contacting with
peers and adults. Such children suffer from egocentrism and
selfishness, believing that the whole family lives for it and by its rules.
Not surprisingly, “home children” avoid communication with
peers, because they just do not want to leave the comfort zone.
Naturally, a trip to kindergarten, where the daily routine is built and
the system of rules will not cause such a child anything
negative emotions.

• Lack of daily regimen

This item means only one thing – the child does not get enough sleep.
Day regimen does not mean life according to strict
list of rules and tight time limits. In nurturing
child can be limited to a fixed bedtime. Falling asleep
daily at the same time, the child adjusts its
biological clock and waking up to kindergarten he will be much

All these reasons, of course, require correction of behavior.
baby, but still, are physiological and can pass themselves
by oneself.

Reasons for not attending kindergarten

Whims, tantrums, tears, screams are daily scenes that
parents with serious problems in children are watching. If a child
fiercely fighting off kindergarten, then you should carefully
analyze the problem and dive into the origin of such
behavior. The most frequent reasons for refusing a child to visit
kindergarten are:

• Negative attitude of parents to children
the garden

Often, parents, without realizing it, set up the child
на негативное отношение к детскому the garden. Reasons why
parents treat children’s organization badly: high
charge, conflict with caregiver or tutor, personal
psychological trauma associated with kindergarten. In the end, seeing
a nervous mother, who with all the reluctance gathers the child in the nursery
the garden or, what’s worse, discusses with someone negative, in her opinion,
side of the institution, the child absorbs negative emotions. Which one
the baby will go there with pleasure where his mom doesn’t like or

• Diffidence

Постоянные сравнения дома и в детском the garden, унижения и упреки,
forms a child’s complexion and a sense of insecurity in
to myself. Such children feel uncomfortable among their peers,
occupations or even in the game. The appearance of such a problem may
provoke the following expressions by parents or
tutor: “Masha already says the sound” p “, and you do not,” “You could not
draw even an even triangle “,” Look at the pictures of others
children, and you have what?

• Nutrition

As for nutrition, the child may not like the elementary
еда, предлагаемая в детском the garden, или малыш слишком привык к
homemade food. As is known, kindergartens (in particular,
government) increasingly refuse to content full
food block. At this time, children are offered
semi-finished products that not everyone comes to taste. Not out
However, a child simply does not like this or that dish, or
a specific component in it (for example, carrots). Due to unnecessary
fastidiousness to food, children are also capable of whims and refusal
visiting kindergarten.

• Conflict with the teacher

Not the most common reason, but it also happens that
teachers bring the children to a complete refusal to visit a group of children
the garden. Reproaches, physical abuse, insults – all this can
cause psychological harm to the child and completely prevent him from
детского the garden. Of course, in such a situation should be organized
checks and in case of violations, the teacher must
incur punishment. But on the move to blame the whims of the child teacher
also not worth it.

• Lack of communication skills

There are children who are very difficult to build relationships with
peers. Why there are such children is a separate question. But
if a child is noted to be closed and love for loneliness, then
The baby is most likely just uncomfortable among other children. But в
In case of excessive detachment, it is better to consult with
child psychologist.

• Lack of daily regimen

Sometimes children just don’t like that at home you can do everything that
угодно и в любое время, а в детском the garden — нет. The problem is solved
the introduction of daily routine in the life of a child at home.

• Conflicts in the family

Sometimes conflicts in the family violate the internal state
child and unwillingness to go to kindergarten – only an indicator
the severity of family problems.

• Dislike for certain activities

Sometimes children oppose kindergarten because they don’t
like a particular kind of activity. For example, drawing
or physical education.

Как решить эту a problem?

The reasons are clear, but how to facilitate the child’s trip to the nursery

• Favorite toy

Favorite toy that will accompany to kindergarten and will be next
– soothe the child and give him a sense of security. Residing in
детском the garden с игрушкой, малыш не будет чувствовать себя

• Неполный день в детском the garden

If a child часто устраивает истерики перед детским садом, то
it is quite possible to reduce the time spent in the group and find
временную альтернативную замену детскому the garden на вторую половину
of the day

• Distraction

Talk on interesting topics for the child, it will distract him perfectly
from personal worries, and a good mood will prevent whims.

• Cooperation with kindergarten

Kindergarten is also part of the child’s life. You can consult with
tutor or psychologist to find a solution together
refused to attend kindergarten, in accordance with the experience
teachers, knowledge, methods of psychological influence.

Refusal to attend a kindergarten is completely decided. The main thing is to find
the cause of the problem and time to eliminate it.

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