Why not growing on the window sill dill? As neededto grow dill at home in winter to cut a lot of lushgreenery

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Conveniently, if there is at the right moment at hand
fragrant dill greens – dishes with this additive will be tastier and
more aromatic. Why do inexperienced gardeners often appear
Is the problem – there is no dill growing on the windowsill?

After all, this is an unpretentious plant that grows well on
garden bed, you only need to sow it in a box with the ground and at
need to water the seedlings. But often, instead of dense thickets
ароматной greenery, в горшке появляются бледные и тоненькие былинки,
completely without flavor. What is the reason how to grow this culture on
window sill to get the same greens as the market?

The first step is choosing the right variety.

Most often for the cultivation of dill in the apartment choose early
Gribovsky dill variety. It is resistant to temperature changes, not
demanding to care, good against disease and gives a good

These varieties are also good for this:

• Early Grenadier;

• Medium Richelieu with fragrant leaves that have a bluish

• Late Kibray, with wide large leaves.

They grow houses and southern varieties, very demanding plants with
spicy aroma. There are no special sorts for the windowsill,
therefore, when choosing, mainly pay attention to ripening
dill It is impossible to make a mistake here – the early variety will quickly give a little.
greenery, но сразу выбросит цветоносы и вырастит намного меньше
harvest than late variety. At the same time, a late variety in the garden can
do not have time to mature, but it grows well on the windowsill. Him
thick bushes will grow, which will additionally be thrown out of the sinuses
new shoots.

How to grow dill at home

Dill in the garden grows well on almost any soil, but on
the window sill requires a prepared soil mixture for it.
From the autumn you need to stock up loose, nutritious soil from the garden, in
soil mixture must have a sufficient amount of humic
acids, for this you can add biohumus.

For planting dill you need to choose a container with a volume of about 3 liters,
to dill enough free space. At the bottom poured
fine gravel or coarse sand drainage layer so you
Prevent overmoistening of the soil during watering.

Dill seeds due to the large amount of essential oil, long and
germinate badly to fix this problem they need to be 20 o’clock
soak in warm water. It is desirable at this time in a glass with
soaked seeds supply air using a compressor from
aquarium. Instead, the seeds are simply kept for 2 days in a warm
water, changing it every 6 hours. You need to plant the seeds that
when soaking drown, those that swim are considered unfit.

Sow the dill directly on the soil surface, previously
having moistened it, it is not necessary to do pits or grooves, they are covered with top
a mixture of humus and peat layer thickness of 0.7-10 mm. 10 cm2
enough to sow – 0.3 g of seeds. Boxes with sown dill,
cover with plastic wrap and transfer to a place with a temperature
20 degrees heat.

Dill leaves and stalks do not grow back; they can only grow
stepchildren need to be green every 3 weeks
sow a new batch of seeds in your mini-garden.

The reasons – why dill can not grow on the windowsill

For dill is very important lighting, this culture is very strong
loves the light Boxes with seedlings need to be placed on the brightest
sill, and additionally in the winter
plants, installing daylight lamps no higher than 50 cm above
boxes of dill. It is enough to include them additionally in the morning at 5
hours, if the plants are located in the depth of the room, then they need
cover 15 hours a day.

As needed ухаживать за укропом

For this culture you need to ensure regular watering, this
Especially important during seed germination and during emergence.
Once every 15 days it is tedious to feed the plants complex
fertilizer. The room must be kept at about 18
degrees, so the plants will develop better. Dill able
to withstand significant temperature drops, at 8 degrees of heat
on a glassed-in balcony, it develops normally.

Consider that when the temperature rises over 20 degrees,
it is necessary to increase the duration of extra illumination of plants, otherwise they
will be drawn, become faded and lethargic. After the appearance
seedlings so that they do not stretch out, the first week, at night
It is necessary to reduce the temperature in the room. It is possible for a while
open the window or you can move the boxes to the glazed

1. • To grow fluffy dill, and he did not begin to stretch into one
from the sides it is necessary from time to time to turn a little pot
around the axis;

2. • Water the dill bushes regularly, but little by little.
its roots may begin to rot and the plant will die;

3. • The pledge of a rich harvest, timely feeding, it is necessary
do 2 times a month.

The easiest way to get dill on a windowsill from March to
August, at this time to him and without additional lighting is enough
sunlight, only you need to provide fertile soil and
regular watering. In autumn and winter, get lush green without
backlight will not succeed, the plants will begin to stretch and fall.

The green mass needs to be sprayed with water every day, especially
relevant in a room with dry air and at high temperatures.
This operation will provide an opportunity to get tasty on the windowsill
fragrant and juicy greens. If this is not done and dill bushes
will grow in adverse conditions – in a warm room with
lack of light, the greens will grow pale, will begin to stretch, and
over time, plants can die from exhaustion.

When the first seedlings appear, it is necessary at night.
maintain the temperature in the room not higher than 18 degrees, so shoots
become juicy and strong. After 1.5 months in such conditions, you
can enjoy fresh greens. Under the root trim the twigs do not
standing, so will not form, and grow side shoots.

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